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  1. After 6 years, don't think this question will ever get a legitimate answer. Here goes nothing. Are the majority of Warframe players going to be able to earn Primed Chamber in the game? This mod has been exclusive for longer than half a decade now, let that sink in.
  2. When is Primed Chamber going to be obtainable in the game? It will be 6 years in a little over a month.
  3. I would like to bring this issue to your attention so you may pass the information provided in this thread to the right people. @[DE]Megan
  4. The year is 2019. Any update on Primed Chamber?
  5. How about this question? When is Primed Chamber going to be obtainable by the majority of the playerbase? 5 years and over 100 Devstreams ago since it has been confirmed to come back at some point.
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