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  1. After doing some research, I know for certain what the issue is. Warframe is still designed to run single-threaded processes for most of the runtime. For a CPU designed to multithread like mine, it's playing in the wrong ballpark, so when lots of processor-intense lights and shadows are on screen, the load it puts on a single core is too heavy and causes slowdowns. I may just need to switch off of the deferred renderer until it's better optimized, but does anybody know of any particularly processor-heavy settings that could be tuned down to improve CPU performance?
  2. Apparently this issue is not exclusive to me. Others have reported having troubles in open world segments, even with powerful parts (see Reddit thread below). The OP of this thread claims the new deferred renderer is the culprit in this, so I might just play with the old renderer if I'm planning to do some open world content for a while. Some users even explicitly mention the exact problem I'm having, ie. single thread graphics processes causing cores to hit ceilings. I'm not sure if there are any other solutions, as I am unwilling to start playing around with my processor's clock just yet. Regardless, thanks for all the help, guys. I turned on XMP from my BIOS and I imagine it will make a difference, even if it's not in this game specifically. If anything else has any suggestions, I'd still love to hear it.
  3. Okay, you were right about checking individual core processes. I'm hitting caps on some of my cores during these scenes like on PoE, so that's my bottleneck. It's likely due to running in the advanced engine with a lot of processor-intensive settings on, I suppose. There was a brief moment where I hit 100% utilization on the CPU, but that might just be from opening my capture software to snap a shot of my task manager. Any particular settings from my settings list you'd suggest turning off that would help reduce processor load while still keeping the game looking good? I'm still unconvinced I want to get into doing anything too advanced like overclocking.
  4. Hmmm. I'll do some more Plague Star runs with the graphs set to all cores to see if one of them hits a ceiling. Regardless, my specs should still be more than capable of handling this, so I'm not entirely convinced this is entirely on my end. This machine is built to be capable of streaming newer games, and it has. I've done plenty of streams of things like CoD: MW and DOOM: Eternal without things like this happening. If any of my cores hit a ceiling I'll get back to you guys, but at the moment I'm still apprehensive about if this is on my end or not. As for XMP on RAM, that seems like a good thing to enable either way so I will, but beyond that I don't want to do some serious micromanaging and deeply in-depth advanced user stuff if I don't have to. I'm happy to turn some in-game settings down or off if I need to.
  5. Yes, the GPU is barely breaking a sweat, so I think that can be ruled out. Base Processor Speed is 3 GHz, but Task Manager says it's running at roughly 4.4 GHz, which I think is its maximum safe speed without causing wear and tear from overclocking. I wouldn't feel comfortable clocking it any higher. As for checking XMP on RAM, is there a resource you could send me to have a look at this? I'm not sure it's necessary because I have 32 GB and it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere close to max utilization while I'm playing, even in zones like Empyrean and PoE.
  6. My Build: Intel i7-9700F 8 cores @ 3Ghz 32 GB DDR4 Memory 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 2080 8GB VRAM Windows 10 Home OS 1080p 75Hz gaming monitor, dual monitor setup Settings: DX Version: 11 Graphics Engine: Enhanced Borderless Fullscreen Scaled Mode FPS Limit: No Limit ingame (90 fps limit with NVIDIA control panel) Effect Intensity: 90% Reflections: On Volumetric Lighting: On Glare: Off Film Grain: Off Ambient Occlusion: On High Shader Quality: Off Dynamic Resolution: Off Geometry: High Particle System Quality: Medium GPU Particles: Medium Shadows: Medium Texture Memory: High Anisotropic Filtering: 8x Trilinear: Default Anti-Aliasing: TAA TAA Sharpening: 10 ingame (40 with NVIDIA control panel) Sharpen VFX: On DoF: Off Motion Blur: Off Distortions: On Bloom: On Bloom Intensity: 40 Color Correction: Off Dynamic Lighting: On Character Shadows: On Contact Shadows: Off Weapon Effects: On Optimized Flip-Model: On Problem: PoE begins to have frame slowdowns, dipping from my 90 cap to sometimes as low as 65fps or so, which is below my refresh rate. Problem seems to exacerbate with repeated excursions onto the Plains. The issue makes itself especially apparent during the final phase of Plague Star. Task manager reports that no component is hitting max utilization, with the processor being taxed the hardest but only hitting a high of 83% or so. Frame dips tend to also be at their worst during sunset or night, though this may be coincidental. I also occasionally get frame dips on light intense rooms that are not in open worlds, like assembly-line rooms in Corpus Empyrean. Issues seem to be a mixture of lighting and back-end framework, if I'd wager a guess. I heard in some cases that High Quality Shaders causes a lot of FPS issues regardless of build, and disabling it has reduced the severity of the frame dips to a certain degree, but they still happen. Has anyone else had this? Thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts or if there's some other setting that could possibly be the culprit.
  7. Thanks, that mostly answers it, the primary color makes the biggest difference and the secondary is an affectation or border, by and large. Much appreciated
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to ask if anyone has a concrete answer for how the second emissive color selection affects the appearance. I notice subtle variances when I change the second emissive color, but nowhere near as dramatic as changing the first, so I wanted to know in very specific terms what exactly it DOES so I can make more informed choices with my colors. I don't need a rundown on energy, that one is much more straightforward to understand, it's mostly just the emissive system that's making me scratch my head.
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