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  1. Yessss Removed Platinum price being listed in the weapon selection screen when crafting a weapon that requires another weapon. I like this one a bunch.
  2. I know this is nitpicky, but is there anyway the gear wheel can always open on slot one? I keep messing up my energy pads and throwing clems all over the place, but I would love that option.
  3. Can't wait to see this hunt, and some of that sweet inktober art. I would rather melt glass than work with ink because it just seems so hard to me kudos to all the artists! ( and all you folks who can draw ;) )
  4. Can we have Voltaic Strike not be exclusively a baro item? Pretty please?
  5. Mesa's Shatter Shield doesn't work for me and another user I talked too in region. Tested it in simulation and it does nothing, sometimes I can't even recast it, and from what I've gathered you don't get the buff in the upper right.
  6. Holy , that prologue. Just holy goats.
  7. Can't wait for something neat for Sniper Sorties that isn't my Lanka! :D
  8. Will there be more recurring events for returning players who missed out the old stuff?
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