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  1. I recommend watching Snapmatic, he has excellent eidolon guides that ACTUALLY tells you and shows you what to do during the fights. He also covers all of the focus trees and what each focus node does.
  2. All 4 relics will have their own separate chances. So if each relic has a 10% chance to drop a radiant, then each relic will have a 10% to drop a radiant and having 4 in a squad will not affect those chances in anyway. Meaning if your relic drops a common the other person will also have the same chance to drop a common which means that there is a chance for all of you to only get a common. The reason why there are 4 man squad radshares is not because it increases the chances of a radiant from dropping, but to make opening them faster since opening them one by one like what people did in the past with void keys will have the same chance as opening 4 of them simultaneously.
  3. Then I guess it all down to luck. For me stalker always appears in hydron while leveling up gear and I managed to get 2 ephemera.
  4. What do you mean? The smoking body one is pretty cool since it's emitted all around your frame.
  5. I want a gigantic final archwing boss fight with Space grandma and possibly a part where you use the rail jack.
  6. Does it matter? Whether we are a hero depends on the perspective. To the people of Fortuna we are since we help them get better lives, but to the corpus we are a monster that cuts down their brethren without remorse. Sure they worship money and do everything they can to acquire vast amounts of it, but it is never black and white. Some corpus are friendly like Better Name Pending and those that you see in Cetus. They do stuff in the name of profit yes, but sometimes they profit by being the good guys, although more often than not they profit by exploiting others. Does doing good but doing bad on for the most part make you evil? Or is it simply just you doing the best way to achieve your goals? Same with grineer. Yes they are commanded by the Queens, but that is exactly why they aren't entirely wrong. Some grineer serve the Queen out of genuine obedience, but some follow them simply because they don't want to get served up on a silver platter. They're just cloned soldiers after all that have deteriorating bodies and with nowhere to go other than stay with the Queens. Cressa Tal has been taking actions though and is now taking in and sheltering all the other grineer from the Queen's that want to defect and providing them a home without living in fear. Heck, if you don't believe me then what about those grineer defectors in defection missions? They admit that they don't want to serve the Queens anymore and that they want to live a peaceful life. Now ask yourself, does killing people like these who are forced to fight makes you a hero? I like to think that we are simply just that, an anti-hero. We serve and protect those who need help gallantly with honor. We also cut down and kill indiscriminately without mercy if need be. We don't care about the possibility of a good grineer and corpus in the ones we kill since all we know is that every single one of them is bad unless we are told the opposite.
  7. I'll go with synoid gammacor. Why? Because you can run magnetic and corossive on it, meaning you can shred shields and armor at the same time. This build will destroy both corpus and grineer very easily, and anything that screws grineer and corpus over is great in my books. It's also pinpoint accurate unless you have magnum force so getting headshots is also really easy.
  8. People recommend zaws because you can make the kind of melee you exactly want, but if you don't know what you want then it's quite a problem. It would really just be best for you to try out everything and see what you like.
  9. Well there is so only so much nitain that you really need in this game which is 180. Unless you're going on a nitain crafting spree, I doubt that the 30 nitain we got during the first few weeks of Nightwave is not a good amount.
  10. Nightwave needs improvement? No shiz Sherlock. Anyways yeah, some missions needs rethinking such as complete 5 sorties in a week which is literally impossible to do if you didn't play for 3 bloody days.
  11. You can have all waybound focus nodes unbounded and active on your active focus tree.
  12. You need to select them to use them and those things on the sides are waybound focus nodes that can be unbounded from their original focus tree and be usable by all the other focus trees. For example, Enduring Tides in Vazarin when unbounded will be able to be used by Zenurik, Madurai, Naramon and Unairu. It costs 1M focus points and 1 brilliant eidolon shard and the nodes take up 10 space on the focus pool on the focus tree you activate it on.
  13. Looks like using Forma on my octavia will still be worth it.
  14. Overstripping is basically removing all of the enemy's armor. Sound good right? No more armor that reduces your damage. Well yeah but actually no, you see the goal of a corossive build is to remove armor but never all of it. Why not remove all of the enemy's armor? It's because corossive deals 75% more damage to enemies with ferrite armor while they STILL have it. Meaning, if you remove it you will lose that 75% bonus damage which means you will be dealing less damage overall. It also doesn't help that grineer have cloned flesh under that armor which is resistant to corossive damage. You may have noticed I specifically said ferrite armor, its because corossive isn't actually dealing any bonus damage to alloy armor, but the same logic still applies. Why? It's because of the cloned flesh under that armor which is again resistant to corossive damage. Alloy armor is neither resistant nor weak to corossive damage while cloned flesh is resistant to corossive damage, and from there you can figure why keeping that armor intact is beneficial. This concept applies to all corossive builds, although it may be more of a problem for weapons that does not do enough damage to kill the enemy before corossive procs completely strips the enemy of its armor. In which case, I recommend diluting it by adding another elemental to reduce the chance corossive will proc.
  15. I love the opticor and the vandal. I hear the ferrox is quite similar to it so you may want to give it a try. Another one I can think of is the Lenz which is an explosive weapon like the zaar. For secondaries the pyrana prime is cool because its gimmick I found to be fun, the synoid gammacor because being able to destroy both grineer and bad corpus is really useful, and sonicor because ragdolling enemies is totally hilarious.
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