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  1. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Most Loved / Most Avoided Warframes you have

    People here all have their favorites and dislikes when it comes to warframes they use, and yet I maybe the only one here that loves all my frames equally.
  2. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Question on Status damage types and damage

    Actually the correct term for “status damage” is elemental damage or damage over time for bleed, heat and toxin. Answering your question though, is yes it does. Critical hits multiplies all damage and that includes elemental damage.
  3. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Noob in nees of guidance.

    Helios is a sentinel that scans stuff for you and is useful if you want to complete the codex. It has deconstructor as its weapon and its actually a pretty damaging sentinel weapon. Carrier on the other hand is all about ammo economy. Carrier makes your ammo problems go away with his ammo case and is also really useful for vacuum since he breaks containers with looter.
  4. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Bulk Prime?

    When I got ash prime from Tennocon twitch drop, the first thing that came to mind when I equipped him was of course “fashionframe”. However, surprsingly that may not be the case. So is it just me or is ash prime really bulky? For me it was to the point that I felt like armor on him just seemed redundant.
  5. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    You guys are great

    Swazdo-lah Surah! Warframe has a good community, so don’t be afraid to ask anything even if its a little bit stupid or even crazy. Just don’t go too far okay? As for me, I’m just your typical player that just so happens to like the Ostron language. Well, not that it matters much anyway... Well good talk Tenno, Sho-lah Saw this last sentence? Well dah-dap for reading as well.
  6. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Need good beginners build for rhino

    Well at least don’t do nothing otherwise they’ll call you a leecher.
  7. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Aten in The Void is whooping me!

    Long grind? Lol I didn’t even care and I magically got all of her parts to build her. Hek I had already done it yesterday. No offense though.
  8. (PS4)KyleXY12345


    This is a broad topic, but I’m wondering how many hours into the game you need to have in order to be “experienced” and be called a veteran. I myself have 300 hours poured into the game as well as being MR13 but I don’t feel experienced at all and that I also still don’t know about a lot of stuff. 300 hours may not be enough but I want to hear what you think it should be, for now I think I’m just an average MR13 warframe player. How many hours have you spent on the game and do you feel like your “experienced” enough to be called a veteran?
  9. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Need good beginners build for rhino

    Actually because they are new to the game its best that they DO NOT go to the Plains because its essentially a noob trap since there are a lot of stuff that newer players may find difficult. People should only go there when they are confident of their skills to essentially “not die” and able to kill high level enemies because even the easiest bounties are lvl 10-15 and with bombs, rockets and everything. I can tell from experience that I never went into the plains until I got to Pluto and already had a good grasp of the movement system and surviving. Really don’t understand why some players recommend these kinds of things when they’re just in Ceres and need time to fully understand the game as a whole.
  10. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Sands of Nonsense

    The Archwing Interception part is what gets them everytime, since they only have the starting archwing gear.
  11. Same logic goes for basically any prime stuff that are out of your MR reach as well
  12. If you are talking about if you buy Nyx’s prime accessories pack will give what that pack has as well as the same stuff from Rhino’s prime accessories pack, then unfortuantely that is not the case. Short answer, no.
  13. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Difference between Prime and non-Prime Exalted Weapons?

    1. No there is no difference in stats. 2. Exalted weapons from primed warframes and exalted weapons from non primed warframes are completely seperate and different even though they share similar names and are not connected. That means whatever forma you use on one won’t affect the other. 3. Yes Valkyr Prime’s Talons and normal valkyr’s talons come with a V and two dashes. Also yes, it should be the same case for Mesa and her Regulators as well including (in the future) Mesa Prime.
  14. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Advice on smart platinum use

    Slots will always be worth it whether it be weapon, frame, sentinel, stasis or archwing slots. Colour Palletes will also be a pretty good choice, I suggest you buy all the colour packs instead of buying them one by one since it saves you plat. However, if you don’t want all of those palletes then just by the Classic Saturated color pallette for the most clang for your plat. Armor sets aren’t that important but if you want your frames to look cool, you can check them out although I recommend you leave those for endgame 😉 Last but not least, you can use your plat to trade and buy prime warframes in the trade chat. Prime warframes are essentially the same frame as their OG version but a tad bit stronger. Would I recommend buying prime warframes? At your stage of the game, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Do not worry about getting prime warframes for now and just focus on going through planets and acquiring prime warframe’s OG version since like I said, their just a tad bit stronger from them.
  15. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    [XBOX 1] I Need Help With Getting Syran Systems...

    Pretty sure most people that farm saryn just bring an op weapon and kill her pretty easily so they just go solo for maximum efficiency, which is one of the reason why you can’t see anybody recruiting in recruitment chat. You probably just need to bring a tankier frame and a strong weapon to kill Kayla De Thaym easily so you can go solo and won’t have to sit in recruitment chat all day waiting.