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  1. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Noob question

    Thank you very much!
  2. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Noob question

    Sent a support ticket to DE a yesterday about something. They replied and they said I should reply in return so they can fix my problem, but I don’t know how to reply to them. There was no reply option and the only thing I can do was leave a comment. I know you guys probably facepalmed by now, but I just need to know how to reply to them.
  3. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Wait... Is Violence already gone?

    Quality entertainment, for random people just browsing the forums.
  4. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    How do you play Mirage and/or what is her niche?

    This should help you, skip to 6:00 for the build. Basically to summarize the video, building mirage for full damage is one of the ways you can play her. This means no survival mods and as much as power strength and duration as possible. Efficiency won’t matter much since the build focuses on her 1 and 3 which costs 31 energy with the build. In order to survive though, and this is where it might be a little hard, you will need to constantly move. The clones will keep you safe for most of the time, but you’re not invulnerable so you need to move and keep moving. Using an aoe weapon and a utility secondary is also recommended as well.
  5. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Use Orokin Reactor on Frame or Syndicate Mod?

    If you’re like me and like every frame and keeps them prime or not, I say use it on your frame otherwise like what’s already said is get its prime. Ranking up with syndicates is also a good idea since you will be able to sell they syndicate mods for plat.
  6. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Good ways to make plat? Still somewhat new to trading, dont have much

    If you’re new and don’t have much, I suggest selling prime junk by cracking relics open. Junk normally goes for 1p each. Some and rare parts can net you a pretty penny so watch out for them when you see them. Vault runs are also an option once you can farm nano spores to make the derelict keys that will grant you access to the orokin derelict. You can go in vault runs and get corrupted mods that can also be sold for 10-30p depending on the mod. For this you need dragon keys, and their blueprints can be obtained from your clan’s (if not, join a clan already) orokin lab. They require 10 void traces which can be acquired easily through fissure missions and a little bit of ferrite. Once you get going you should be golden since its not really that complicated, but here are some pointers though: You’re on PS4 so ps4.warframe.market will be your essential guide in order to know the general price of things. I said general price because trade chat is a open market in which there is no, “fixed price”, anyone can sell something for as low or as high as they want (though setting it up higher means longer wait times) Speaking of wait times, you also need a lot of patience. It normally takes more than 15-30 minutes of wait time just to get someone to buy what you’re selling although it is entirely possible to get someone quicker. Once you get going, its important to observe the trade chat to see what people want and how much people are selling stuff for. This will be valuable information if you want to make a lot of plat by selling stuff people want and not something like an archwing mod (nobody wants those). Also one last thing, I highly suggest you watch neoness007 on youtube. He has really helpful guides on how to make plat in the long or short run, how new players can make plat and much more. With that out of the way, thanks for reading this far lol, good luck Tenno.
  7. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Accidental multiplayer

    Its a hub, there should be other players there even if you’re going solo
  8. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    I need help defeating rail specters

    They have not yet witnessed the power of Excaligod to solve their rail spectre problems.
  9. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    A Guide for New Players: Mods

    Make this permanent and pin this ASAP
  10. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    I need help defeating rail specters

    Easy steps: 1. Chill out. 2. Get Excalibur. 3. Use 2. 4. Come close and press melee button. 5.??? 6. Profit.
  11. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Bad weapons

    If thats so, then learn to parkour and dodge well to avoid being killed because that will be the only way you’ll survive unless you’re warframe has any abilities that aid in survivability.
  12. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Help with interception alert

    Did this with Limbo, hek I always do Interceptions with Limbo solo because its the easiest way to do it without even trying.
  13. No, these relics are exclusive to the void,
  14. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    Ok what's the drop rate on this thing

    If you are feeling really hopeless, don't burn yourself out and take a break once in a while. RNG is Rng, so you could just ask some of your clanmates for one since I'm sure they have some extras.
  15. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    How do you make some big plats?

    If you want big plat, FARM the heck out of rhino prime. Get as many sets as you can get before the 2 month unvaulting period is over. Once he gets vaulted his price will skyrocket since he is a high demand frame. I suggest waiting at least until 3-5 months before you start selling your sets. For the most profit, you should sell him after 6 months or after the winter prime unvaulting. If he is given away in twitch drops between those times, the price will freeze but will go up after a good while after that. I suggest watching Neoness007 on YouTube, he has excellent guides for on how to make loads of plat.