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  1. Not good on riven prices, hope you could help. https://imgur.com/a/EzioBRT
  2. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    The reason why the people at Solaris have robot heads

    Add the fact that they never will get them back, just makes the Corpus a lot more evil than they already are.
  3. (PS4)KyleXY12345

    The reason why the people at Solaris have robot heads

    I think the corpus just took away their body parts because they haven’t payed off their debt. They probably promised them to give those back after they payed off their debt which we know Corpus being complete meanies lied. The main reason is probably because so that they can work for them longer, corpus machines are top-notch and by replacing their fragile bodies with machine parts essentially makes them able to work for longer which is what exactly what the Corpus want. Also if you look closely when Fortuna comes up, there is a bunch of words below it saying stuff like, repossessions, fixed interest rates, and wages that are rigged in a way that the debt slaves will forever be in debt no matter how hard they work.