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  1. Why is waiting for your enemies to die from bleed better than just shooting them to death? It’s not like they won’t attack you while they are bleeding to death either.
  2. Simple, think what makes bramma good. No, it isn’t the damage, and no it isn’t the usability. If its good because of the damage then the opticor would be a better weapon because of its higher damage. It also can’t be good because of its usability because its easier to hit enemies with literally any hit scan weapon in the game. No, its the AOE that makes bramma good and what makes all other aoe weapons good. In warframe, there are a lot of enemies, and there is so much enemies that aoe weapons are 99% of the time better because you can kill them faster, thus giving you more survivability and being able to finish the mission faster. Now take something like the Soma Prime. If you compare it to bramma you can see that there is no competition on which is better. Why? Because soma doesn’t have aoe, it’s because soma’s bullets doesn’t EXPLODE. While you’re out there shooting people in the face with your soma, your teammate is busy nuking the entire freaking map. The only way Soma can ever compare to bramma is by making its bullets gain aoe which is you can probably agree is stupid. YoU CaN’t CoMpArE bOwS tO rIfLeS Yes, yes I can and we should because they’re both primaries. The problem that bramma is causing is that it’s being spammed everywhere because it’s literally the best weapon to use. No other primary can kill faster than the bramma and even if you prefer another primary you will be still technically sabotaging yourself by not using bramma because it’s lightyears better. Bramma creates a lack of choice meaning people have no reason to use other weapons, and honestly that just tells you its overpowered straight up. So what do we do? Do we turn every single primary into something like the bramma to balance everything out? NO, because that will remove the identity of the other primaries in the game and they will literally become a poor man’s bramma. So what’s an easier solution? Nerf the weapon to be on line with everything else. Done.
  3. It’s safe to say that many have already left this dying game.
  4. It’s been a problem on ps4 from the start of the unvaulting where nova prime vault and accessories pack doesn’t appear in the playstation store. I don’t know if xbox has the same problem, but does anyone know the status on this and when it’s gonna be fixed?
  5. Also, I recommend you use inspiration halls for connecting your dojo, they cost the same amount of forma as cross connectors but has 5 usable doors instead of 3. It’s pretty big so just build transporters in the labs for quick travel.
  6. I’m also building a solo dojo on my pc account, and here is the website I’m currently using: https://xplainthegame.com/warframe-solo-or-ghost-clan-layout-and-forma-cost/ Just scroll down the page if you only want the layout, but otherwise I recommend reading all of it since it’s really helpful.
  7. Trying to survive and doing your best drains you really quickly if you play for an extended period of time. So people just use inaros in order to have a chill and fun experience without having to worry about anything.
  8. If you use Zenurik as your main focus school then yes, otherwise just get the waybounds.
  9. For future reference, in order to start the process lights will flicker. If you do Cassini this will happen after you capture the target and head a bit towards extraction. After that you have a minute to kill 10 enemies to spawn the larvling. Fail to do that and you won’t be able to spawn one.
  10. If you’re smart, you can buy all of the important mods he has, wait a couple of months after, and sell said mods for a huge profit. You will essentially get more bang for your buck that way.
  11. For everyone here complaining about prime, who says they HAVE to give it a prime? For all we know they will give us a new variant type we have never seen before or give it an umbral form. Just because tradition is there doesn’t mean they have to follow it to the teeth. Innovation drives progress and they can use this chance to break the mold and do something different and new for this warframe. I don’t know about any of you, but this is a major plus. Also if you haven’t realized it, the broken theme is literally the MOST flexible theme possible from the voting selection because it can apply in numerous ways. That is because the broken theme is very general and very vague on what it can be and this gives the designers a lot of creative freedom with the frame. Whether this is something you like or dislike is up to you, but it is undeniable that whether or not the final product is something you wanted, it will be made with the utmost creativity possible under the theme guideline of broken.
  12. Not really, its just really hard to pull off although even if you do mess up, it still gives a fair amount if you were able to do a decent enough job to keep the multiplier going. Right now with an eidolon lens and lua lens and the affinity booster as well as naramon, I can get 120k+ per run so I max out my cap in 3 runs. As for Lua Lens... I don’t really think it’s worth farming disruption over and over again for something that will eventually be useless once I max out my focus schools. I stopped at eidolon lens because it was less of an investment, and because I’ve been doing eidolon hunts in tandem with adaro so I didn’t really need the extra time saved from lua lens.
  13. Well I can also do ESO runs with saryn, but I prefer this since it’s been working well for me so far.
  14. I’m currently farming the heck out of adaro with sleep equinox for grinding out my focus schools and I went ahead and made two eidolon lenses. My question is whether its worth putting an eidolon lens on equinox and on my melee weapon or I should just save it and just give her a normal lens.
  15. Exalted Blade is fine. It makes me feel like a god whenever I use it and I prefer to keep it that way.
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