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  1. I just wanna say one thing. I condemn your even 'temporary' move to nerf covert lethality to ground, DE. Why do this to a mod now? Was it not unintended when launched? Didn't you guys bring about 8 to 9 major updates and a sea of other minor ones following it's introduction? Why now?! Its too late to nerf it now. Everything has its time.
  2. Thank you for all the informative replies! I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge ^_^ Also: Requesting closure of thread. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for all the informative replies! I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge ^_^ Also: Requesting closure of thread. Thank you.
  4. Hmm. You are an angel! I was so worried that chroma might turn out to be bad! Also, would you mind sharing your strategy during normal missions, eidolon hunts etc ? According to online sources, Ice Chroma is better than other types. Your take?
  5. Hello Tenno! I have my Chroma Prime in the oven as my 5th frame! I really love casters but wanted to try out crazy buffers so I went ahead with chroma as I saw it splattered all over google when I searched about good buffing warframes. But then on the wiki, I saw the comments and found it was nerfed almost to ground. So my question is, is it still good or I shouldn't expect too much? And if it is, advice on what to use when is appreciated! Thank you, abhidec1
  6. I did mention I was unaware of the meaning until after I googled it after being banned.
  7. I am from a south Asian country (won't specify which) and English isn't my 1st language so I don't converse in English in everyday life so much that I would know its meaning. Also, I did mention in my post that I knew the plat part was not gonna happen
  8. I do know that I should be patient. If only DE have said they can't investigate for 1week due to Legal restrictions (as you mentioned) imposed by Sony, I would have been patient. They didn't say a word about it. Naturally it felt as if they were being evasive and my experience would be ruined for a week because of a troll and that, in itself is quite frustrating so I demanded an immediate investigation. Also, I do think DE can access chat logs of the time I was banned. I strongly believe DE should mend it ways of responding to tickets and provide more information.
  9. I do understand. But support should lift it and do the needful by awarding the punishment to the troll. That's all I ask.
  10. They should take care of the troll, and lift the ban from my account. They aren't superfluous. DE is avoiding and closing tickets so I had to send in another one. My experience is getting ruined because of it. I am social. I cant play without chat. It was not even my fault 😞
  11. Not thoughtlessly. I thought that person wanted to spell sky.
  12. I got a reply in 5-6 hours but they said they want me to wait it out for a week and said only after that could they investigate. And when I asked them to investigate immediately in a reply, they closed the ticket. When I made a follow up, it was auto closed. DE is showing draconian behaviour.
  13. I don't play warframe to have to exert myself thinking all the deep meaning of whatever is said in chat. I play it to have fun.
  14. But I was banned so there is no way I could find who it was. Also, I explained whatever happened but DE was pretty cold about it saying I should wait for a week.
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