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  1. What about it broke the game? I'm really enjoying the new melee system. It's much better in my opinion.
  2. I agree with the heavy attacks except for gun blades which are fine as they are regarding heavy attack. Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds affect melee just fine as is. It's really ambiguous as to what is meant by "should count into normal attacks by 50% to balance out melee weapons that are lost without them". This bullet point needs more explanation. I'm not sure why you think gun blades are in a bad spot. Redeemer Prime still does a huge amount of damage. You need to use the Killing Blow mod to get the damage you expect. It's never a good idea to use acronyms when trying to make an argument because they are intrinsically ambiguous. I doubt many people know what is meant by PS. Also, the idea trying to be pushed here is really hard to understand. Haven't played Ember so I can't say anything about this one.
  3. I seriously believe any maxed or near maxed warframe should be able to solo missions up to a certain point. The only missions that a high level warframe like that shouldn't be able to solo should be endgame such as arbitration, kuva lich level 3 or above, elite sanctuary onslaught (which arguably isn't even endgame level but probably should be), and endless missions when the enemies get to about level 100. Everything else should be soloable if you have spent a considerable amount of time and resources maxing it out. Vauban can't do that. If I go to Mot (mid level gameplay at the start to about 30 minutes) with my Valkyr, I could stay there for 45 mins to 1 hour solo no problem. If I take Vauban, I can't stay longer than 5 or 10 minutes because he takes damage like a pansy and has no good mitigation.
  4. Whether or not its an improvement was not my point. I was just stating a fact. I don't think it's a bad design actually. Simply put, a vortex should not have to help out a suspension field. If it does, then the suspension field is too weak. On a side note, I thought if you had multiple suspension fields up and collapse them, they were supposed to collapse into a single vortex, but that isn't happening. At least for me it isn't.
  5. It is possible to throw out a vortex with the suspension field. You just need to hold 4 and you'll immediately throw out the vortex though you'll have to do this before throwing out the suspension field or convert your current suspension field into a vortex then throw out a new suspension field. I don't really like having to do this though because it's expensive and takes away from the suspension field's buffs for your team and debuffs for the enemy.
  6. Cool. I'm glad you could figure that part out with the damage. I wasn't trying to bash you. I was just surprised by your comment. And combos require no timing anymore. Just hold aim/block or hold W and spam melee. You can actually mix the combos now by holding aim/block in neutral, then holding W, then letting go of aim/block, etc for example. No timing required. Just spam melee while switching up aim/block and moving forward or standing still.
  7. I won't go as far as to say that it is all bad. As a whole, it isn't great, but there are certain aspects that are definitely keepers. Firstly, the combining of Bastille and Vortex into one ability was a good idea. Secondly, Tesla Nervos is actually a really good ability. Also, adding a damage buff in the form of Overdriver was a good choice. The rest is definitely not that great though. I'd say I even give Photon Strike a pass now that the cast time is better, but I think it may still be a little weak compared to other frames that have damage abilities.
  8. Yeah I'm actually aware of that one. I use it often, but he still loses health even though he gets a nice armor buff. Here's some warframes to contrast with him. Nidus has huge armor and health. He also loses health when attacked, but he has plenty of ways to regain that health in his kit. Valkyr has a ton of armor and good health. She gets hit and loses health, but her kit has a way of gaining back that health via Hysteria. Trinity gets a lot of damage reduction and can take a lot of punishment as well as any other tank. Still, she loses health, but gains it back from her kit with some of the best heals in the game. In the instance of tank frames without heals, we can look at Rhino. He doesn't have any direct healing to his health, but he has Iron Skin which takes the punishment for him and can be recast. It's a similar situation with Frost. Snowglobe and Icy Avalanche both completely mitigate damage. Also, at some point, 1000 extra armor means nothing to the enemies. With the armor that Vauban is able to get on his own, maybe 1500 max, it's pretty early when enemies start one or two shotting him.
  9. Hmmm. Can't say I 100% agree with the meme ability thing, but I get what you're saying. I guess dropping a vortex does the same thing by locking out access as I was saying, though Vector Pad costs considerably less to use. There's a lot of hallways in Warframe and where better to put a sideways bounce other than a choke-point. It ensures enemies don't reach you. Also, if you have the Zenith or Argonak with the Ropalolyst Amalgam mod, you can keep enemies behind a corner where they are exposed but you are not. If Vector Pad was influenced by ability range, it would be even better because then you could possibly do the same in corridors.
  10. Fair, but I honestly like the idea of the Vector Pad. It can actually be useful in certain situations even past the obvious speed boost. It can literally lockout access to critical areas for enemies. I think that Tether Coil or Flechette Orb need to be booted out for some sort of sustain ability like health or shield regen or even a personal bubble.
  11. Nice screenshot. I can't refute your argument. It needs to be fixed then.
  12. No way dude. Sure he has a lot of cc but there are always more enemies just around the corner that are not cc'd. Plus there are instances when his Bastille isn't working correctly. Enemies that are suspended all of a sudden get out of the suspension for no apparent reason. Enemies sucked into the vortex suddenly become unaffected by it. Also, anything outside Bastille or inside it not suspended has free reign to shoot Vauban. If I play Frost and put up a Snowglobe, nothing will hit me, cool. If I'm Zephyr and I use Turbulence, pretty much nothing will hit me. If I use Bastille, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm still getting pelted by bullets. I'm going to rebut your cheekiness because I don't think you've been playing Vauban. At least not in anything past moderate level. Here is my mod setup. I've forma'd him to death. The only other forma I would need is an Umbra Forma. MODS [5 Forma] Aura: Corrosive Projection Exilus: Cunning Drift Mod1: Transient Fortitude Mod2: Primed Continuity [rank 8] Mod3: Augur Message Mod4: Augur Reach Mod5: Stretch Mod6: Umbral Fiber [rank 7] Mod7: Umbral Intensify [rank 7] Mod8: Umbral Vitality [rank 7] STATS Armor: 240 Energy: 225 Health: 860 Shield: 300 Sprint Speed: 1.00 Duration: 142% Efficiency: 100% Range: 190% Strength: 203% The build is as balanced as it can get. I've been playing Warframe since early beta back in 2013. I'm what anyone would consider a veteran player so I highly doubt I'm playing Vauban wrong. I wouldn't dare take Vauban into Arbitration, but you know what? I would take my Loki. My Loki would be able to survive much longer than any Vauban. He simply doesn't have enough sustainability. His kit feels good. The animations are really good, a lot of the ideas in his kit are fun, but in all practicality, he dies too easily. Just because he has hard cc doesn't mean he doesn't get hit a lot. Warframe is a horde game and there are a lot of enemies out there with a lot more range with their guns than Vauban's abilities.
  13. So I've been diving deep into Vauban's rework since it released last week. I've commented on my thoughts on his ability changes here in the hotfix 26.0.4 thread. However, I've just noticed something a bit absurd and to be frank is probably a root cause to one of Vauban's biggest problems, survivability. Why the heck is his armor value so low? Base Vauban has an armor value of 50 and Vauban Prime has 100. I mean really? Look at Wisp. She has, in her base frame, 150 armor. Why? From what I can tell, she isn't meant to be a tanky warframe. Vauban is supposed to be a more tanky warframe. He needs an armor buff badly and Wisp needs a bit of an armor nerf. Even Gara, who is also a tank/defense warframe, has 125 armor. It doesn't make any sense. Base Loki has more armor than base Vauban. Give Vauban more armor and an ability that helps him sustain whether it regenerates health or shields. Then maybe he will actually be able to survive better. Wisp is officially more tanky than a tank warframe. Not only is her armor outrageously more than Vauban's but she also has an infinite healing ability that also buffs max health. DE please think about Vauban's role in the game. I will give credit where credit is due. Bastille has been a huge improvement, Tesla Nervos is great, Overdriver is really good, Vector Pad is fun (it could use an influence from power range), and Photon Strike is strong. But for the love of all that's good, give him the ability to sustain himself. I have a balanced build with umbral mods and he still has a hard time surviving even against lvl 40 enemies. It shouldn't be this way when we have warframes like Nidus who can outright face tank anything at any level with minimal defense mods. On top of all of this, he is one of the most difficult Primed frames to build. The effort to make him certainly outweighs his viability, even now with his rework. I love what you guys have done with him so far, but he needs more. EDIT: Decided to post my reply from the hotfix thread below in this thread. Since some are talking about his whole rework I figured it would be appropriate. So after playing Vauban's rework for the past week, I have some comments on his changes. This hotfix addresses his casting speed issues with Photon Strike so this is certainly a good start in making him viable, however it seems the community has some apprehensions about the effectiveness of his kit and for good reason. Being a defense warframe, his defense abilities suffer in actually protecting defense objectives and himself. Bastille does a lot in regards to stripping armor and immobilizing many of those units all while giving everyone in the field a nice armor buff. However, Bastille does not do a good job at protecting objectives. In any mission that involves any faction other than infested, Bastille does almost nothing for protecting an object from damage. Bastille is supposed to be a suspension field. It should suspend enemy projectiles as well. This way, the enemy units that are either outside the field or inside the field, but not being affected by the ability, are protected against. This would make choosing Vauban to protect objectives, especially from corpus, actually viable. Another glaring issue with Bastille's suspension field and vortex is that there are times where the ability doesn't seem to work correctly. I've seen enemies drop out of suspension for seemingly no reason and those that enter the field while the maximum number of units are suspended do not become suspended after the currently suspended units are killed. When enough suspended enemy units are killed, any non-suspended enemy units should then be suspended until the maximum number of affected units is reached again (the suspension field has a maximum number of units that can be suspended at any given time which scales based off ability strength). With the vortex aspect, I've seen Ancient infested units, though not limited to them, be pulled into the vortex then immediately get out of it, making them mobile again for seemingly no reason. These issues make Vauban's main defensive ability very unreliable. Vauban's Minelayer has issues as well. It seems to be universally agreed that the only viable part of this ability is Overdriver. Tether Coil does not do enough to be useful. Only a maximum of 2 units are affected by the ability at any point and the enemies cannot be chosen. What Tether Coil does is actually done much better by Vauban's Tesla Nervos. It's arguable that at the moment, Tesla Nervos is Vauban's best ability. Tether Coil needs to be replaced by something else that Vauban lacks in his kit. I will talk about what he lacks in his kit later. Just keep in mind that Tether Coil is the first of two abilities that should be replaced with new abilities. The second ability that needs to be replaced is Flechette Orb. This has a similar issue as Tether Coil in that it doesn't do enough. The damage output of this ability lacks severely when scaling with enemies. Tesla Nervos does a much better job than Flechette Orb for what Flechette Orb does, aoe damage. Both Tether Coil and Flechette Orb are redundant abilities that do not scale well at all. Vector Pad is a fun ability that does have its place in my opinion. I've seen some of the community say that it is a useless gimmick, but I think the idea of it is really good and not too trolly compared to it's previous jump pad variation as you and your allies have to actually run in the same direction the Vector Pad points to. Against enemies, it can repel them which could be a viable ability except that the effective area of the ability is too small. This could be fixed by letting it be affected by ability range. Higher ability range would increase the size of the pad which would allow the ability to affect a larger area. If this change is made, Vector Pad would actually become a unique viable option for defense because it would deny enemies access to critical areas. As replacements for Tether Coil and Flechette Orb, Vauban needs more sustainability. A simple healing mine would be a very good option to replace one of the abilities. Not only would it make Vauban more survivable, but it would also benefit the entire team. The second replacement ability is kind of up in the air in my opinion. An idea I've had comes from the fact that Vauban is supposed to be a warframe designed to fight the corpus. As he is now, none of his abilities reflect this aspect. A mine that deals with nullifier bubbles could be a viable option, though it is extremely situational so it would need a bit more available to it be more universally viable. I suggest that not only would it be capable of countering nullifier bubbles, but it could also deal aoe magnetic damage to help with handling enemies with large shields, especially against corpus. This rework has made Vauban one of my favorite warframes to play right now because he is so unique. However, the way he is currently, he is not as viable as other defense warframes. I believe that these specific changes to his kit would round out his abilities enough to make him 100% viable.
  14. I've been playing with Vauban today, and I didn't notice this. You have to aim upward to throw it farther. It literally detonates when it hits the ground. Plus, you can jump and throw it to make it go even further.
  15. What? Combos are way easier to do now. All the combos are literally the same input for all stances: E, E, E, E, E, E while moving forward and doing E, E, E, E, E, E while hold aim/block button and doing E, E, E, E, E, E while moving forward and hold aim/block button and doing E, E, E, E, E, E It can't get much easier than that. They did a great job with how the combos are executed. I'm not sure why you're having so much trouble with it. Plus every melee got a buff to their numbers. There were literally no nerfs. Even Bloodrush was buffed by the new combo counter system even though the mod's critical chance value increases were reduced. It's way easier to get 12x combo multiplier now than it was to get 3x combo multiplier before. Melee got an all around buff. No nerfs occurred, even for Condition Overload which now caps at 3 status effects but with higher damage per status (+120% compared to the previous +60% per status). Simply put, combo counter now ramps up much faster and the affected mods do as well. I literally solo'd an infested survival yesterday for an entire hour with only melee. I was red crit'ing constantly and utterly destroying the lvl 80 - 100 infested with relative ease.
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