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  1. OMG I'm sorry that life is beating you down like this. If I lost my sight I would seriously want to die as I'm an artist and I love video games , movies, etc. Farewell Tenno, I hope life gets better for you.
  2. I'm trying to do SP but the Acolytes are giving me fits. So it's more like "silly ways Acolytes mess with me". I guess I need to get more Primed mods and high level stuff.
  3. I wish people would know the difference between "to" and "too".
  4. It seems the last couple of times I tried to start a Sortie the game gives me a message of "you must unlock that node" but I've cleared the Star Chart. So I load into that mission, exit out for another "mission fail" on my record *yay*, then go back to the Sortie and then it will load. WTH is this? Does the game FORGET that I cleared the Star Chart? How does that happen, exactly? So I'm not sure if I should make a support ticket on this one. What do you think, has this happened to others frequently?
  5. Ideas? No, I try not to have those. Safer for everyone that way.
  6. Yeah, stealth tests suck. Though for real, she makes it so much better. I think I practiced twice then aced the test first time through.
  7. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY HOW MUCH ENDO IS THAT?!? Maroo would have kittens seeing that many Ayatans!
  8. Just used Banshee and Redeemer to pass the MR 19 test, which is a stealth test. She made Redeemer's shots silent and I just pew pew the guards. I'll keep her in case there's another stealth test she might be useful for.
  9. It does that on PS4 too, maybe it's just the game loading in the players and all their fashion! I mean look at how many customization choices we have, no wonder it takes a bit.
  10. Are you using Arcanes? Because I just got Arcane Grace to rank 4 and when I use it on Inaros that pops healing all the time. I know the % chance seems low but on strictly health based frames it makes a huge difference.
  11. Your Warframe, weapons and vehicles all use Mods to make them more effective and this is truly the way to make your Warframe experience a good one. Look up Mod configurations on YouTube, Google or whatever and get used to how the system works. Endo is a resource you use to improve Mods which can be obtained by finding Ayatan Sculptures, Ayatan Stars, and from Mods themselves, if you have extras lying around. Ayatan Sculptures and Stars can be found in missions but are random, so they aren't always guaranteed. Ayatan Sculptures are powered by the Stars, and to get the max amount of
  12. Good God I hope not. Glassmaker went on ridiculously long, I hope it doesn't return.
  13. Did it impact your game, other than the pop up notices? Did you fail the mission or anything? If not, I'm not totally sure they're breaking any rules technically. I can see how it could be annoying though.
  14. I love when Death Squads show up when Nightwave has their "kill x Eximus", as every member of the squad is Eximus you can get most if not all of that challenge in one go.
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