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  1. The Riven Disposition (RD) on that weapon is 2 dots out of 5, so you don't get the full benefit of the Riven. R.D. sucks, btw.
  2. Was another game downloading an update? That has slowed down my games at times, but never that much lag.
  3. It might be a modding issue, or Steel Path might be a little too much right now. That's okay because it's not going away, and you can get better stuff and come back to it. And like others suggested, please tell us your setup or photos and maybe we can give more feedback.
  4. Why? Steel Path is meant to be challenging, and if you're struggling it means you may need to improve your mods or builds. I have had good success with Wukong Prime with Roar replacing his 4th ability. Good hunting Tenno.
  5. Really I'm fishing to up my Solaris rep but just chillin while doing so. I watch the cold/ warm cycles and adjust where I fish accordingly, trust me I've done this before.😀
  6. I like this idea, Gun Stances would be great! Although DE would have to create a slew of new animations but yeah it might add better balance.
  7. Out on Orb Vallis during cold weather and I want to catch Tromyzon, so I head northwest and find a lake with activity. Get my gear out, throw bait and dye, wait for a minute and nothing. I look into the water and I see nothing, no bait or dye. Try it again, just disappears. I hate wasting Solaris rep on bait only to have it bug out, but is it worth opening a help ticket? And why can't we buy a blueprint for the bait for that matter?
  8. Crafting Warframes requires 4 blueprints plus a resource of some kind. The blueprints will be the Warframe you want to build (Ash blueprint for example), then the Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics. The latter 3 will need to be crafted individually (with a 12 hour build time) then you will be able to make your Warframe ( 72 hour build time.)
  9. I just wish the landing craft other than the Liset had better animations on the loading screen- Mantis looks like it's having spasms, Night Wave resembles a turkey, etc- like they need a more solid body with flaps/vents that open and close.
  10. Recently I acquired Wisp and she is fun to play with a good suite of Abilities. So as the title says, I would like some advice on the missions that Wisp mains feel are best suited for her. Also, I haven't maxed her out so I don't have access to all her Motes yet and I just unlocked her 4. Thank you and good hunting!
  11. There's no such thing as a dumb question, especially with Warframe. I did this very thing too when I first tried to Forma something, so you are definitely not alone.
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