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  1. Giant Sentient Chicken Monster wants to kill us. All of us. Kill Giant Sentient Chicken Monster.
  2. A lot of the Conservation on Deimos seems bugged. Many instances of no scat (despite being on the map), Avichea has lots of issues (flying too high, stuck in terrain), and the Infested routinely kill my targets while I'm searching for them. I like the Conservation part of the game, just wish the bugs in Deimos would get fixed.
  3. I've been playing WF for about 5 years now, and I just discovered that Syndicate Sigils give rep just for wearing it on non- Syndicate missions. So, I feel like a big dummy. All this time I could have been amassing rep from ANY mission, not just Syndicate specific missions. So. Yeah.
  4. Haha yes. I remember being really excited when I got War bp and the let down was enormous. Makes me want to try Broken War out again in 3.0, since that was a great weapon.
  5. He was a terror at low levels, now it's like "Really? You want another butt whuppin'? Well, okay...". But if you don't want him showing up, don't run Assassinate missions. That's what gives him a chance at showing up in your missions.
  6. Thanks y'all. Did a couple of high level bounties and now I have the parts.
  7. Because I would really like to pick up the Plague parts. I tried Isolation Vault runs this morning and encountered some of the same bugs that made it impossible to finish them last time.
  8. Rhino is a great frame to progress through the Star Chart. Make sure to mod your WF and weapons so you can take more damage and dish it out. Lots of YouTube videos out there about how to tackle the game at a beginner level. Just remember Warframe is a marathon, not a sprint. I've been playing for years and I'm still learning new things about the game I didn't know. Hood hunting Tenno!
  9. SneakyErvin- I don't think it was a latency issue because there wasn't the usual stuttering and freezes. It was just that stuff didn't work like it was supposed to, like being stuck in Operator mode and Warframes disappearing. Can latency issues cause problems like that?
  10. When HoD came out, the Isolation Vault runs really got my interest so I jumped in with feet first. Early on, there were no issues that I can remember and the pub games were fun to do. Gradually though, little bugs started appearing but not enough to ruin the mission. Then it turned ugly- getting stuck in Operator mode, bait thrown at the monster door not working, etc- and I kept thinking "How did this get so messed up?". And I think the problem is the Necramechs. The more I, and others, started using them the more problems surfaced. It's a shame too, because Isolation Vaults and Necr
  11. When the facehuggers get on your Warframe, go into Operator mode and shoot that thing off your WF's head.
  12. I just hope they find the bugs that are making Necramechs not worth playing.
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