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  1. Loki is immensely fun to play IMHO. Invisibility is the BOMB but don't ignore his other abilities they can be very useful. Like others have said, ability duration will help tremendously with Invisibility, and sneak killing enemies while invisible grants an extra bonus to xp for that weapon. The only other advice I could give is have situational awareness. Be aware of your invisibility timer, where the enemies are, etc because Loki can't take many hits. Also, the Aura mod Energy Siphon is your best friend.
  2. Yeah, MR11 was a bad one. Practice, practice, practice. That's the only reason I got through it. Also look up YouTube videos about it and familiarize yourself with the test. Best of luck Tenno!
  3. I ignore them too. I had to play to get everything I have currently, why can't they put in the same time and effort?
  4. It will go on my Inaros to match the one I have on it already, then pump up Umbral Vitality and Fibre to the max!
  5. Seriously. He all up in my business so much I can hardly see around the clingy weirdo. Makes it difficult to see the prompt to talk to him. DE, can you have a little chat with him, maybe get him to back off a bit?
  6. I would absolutely LOVE a way to turn off the flashlight, it would make mining so much easier. You paying attention DE?
  7. Quick question- the Doma spawn in missions of level 30+, right? And is there any particular hot spots for spawns or is it completely random? Thank you!
  8. Greetings Tenno! I have started noticing that lately my companion, Carrier, has been getting right in the way of the camera. I mean like "I can't see anything for a few seconds until it moves" in the way. I don't remember this ever being an issue until just recently, is anyone else noticing this too? For now it isn't a huge issue but at higher levels a few seconds can make a lot of difference.
  9. Get ready for the grind, but if you have played any Free to Play games the you know what you're in for. Welcome back Tenno!
  10. I just wanted to get the maximum bonus for health and armor, so that's why I use all 3. I figured extra ability strength couldn't hurt.
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