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  1. It isn't that anyone is telling me something is bad, just that I've noticed a shift in the way weapons are judged.
  2. I hear a lot of people weigh in on whether a weapon is good or not, and the general consensus is if you can one shot enemies then it's good, if not then it's mediocre. Case in point, Seeker Volley for RJ. I recently acquired this and it has made a world of difference for solo play in Saturn Proxima. Yes, I have to launch multiple volleys of S.V. to take the fighters down but it's better than not having S.V. It has given me another tool to damage the many fighters which are so bothersome. So do most players judge a weapon by the "one shot" standard?
  3. I'm on pretty consistently, but I do have a 40+ hour job so I can't be on as much as I'd like. Maybe I did miss them this time around. Shucks.
  4. There are other Acolytes than Mania, Malice and Angst, but when I'm playing those are the only ones that show up. Why is that? I looked at the wiki and it doesn't say anything about how the rotations work, or did I miss it? Are Misery, Torment and Violence ever going to show up?
  5. No such option in the controller settings menu, I'm not sure if console users will get that.
  6. Nothing in the PS4 under "Customize Controller", are you on PC?
  7. Keep in mind the first part of my paragraph This is the main point of my post. Yes, there are.
  8. DE, I really need to control the roll in my Railjack. Right now it feels like I'm a ship bobbing on the ocean with all the constant arbitrary righting of the ship. There are times when I need to fit my ship a certain way through obstacles and I can't right now. I know you have a lot on your plate, but please consider this.
  9. Thank you. Is it proper etiquette to tell the others what armaments are on my RJ, in case they have a preference?
  10. Hey Tenno! I'm finding it difficult to Solo the last Earth mission so I'm going to try to get help from my Clan, but what is the process to do that? I know you can ask for help on Clan chat and you can invite players who volunteer but then what? Sorry for the dumb question.
  11. You call people nuts for grinding then admit to grinding. HILARIOUS. Gee maybe, just maybe, I actually LIKE Railjack. If you dislike it that's fine, but don't call people idiots and nuts for liking things you don't.
  12. As I've heard from others, Warframe is a Marathon not a Sprint. Why the rush?
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