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  1. I just wish the landing craft other than the Liset had better animations on the loading screen- Mantis looks like it's having spasms, Night Wave resembles a turkey, etc- like they need a more solid body with flaps/vents that open and close.
  2. Recently I acquired Wisp and she is fun to play with a good suite of Abilities. So as the title says, I would like some advice on the missions that Wisp mains feel are best suited for her. Also, I haven't maxed her out so I don't have access to all her Motes yet and I just unlocked her 4. Thank you and good hunting!
  3. There's no such thing as a dumb question, especially with Warframe. I did this very thing too when I first tried to Forma something, so you are definitely not alone.
  4. When you installed the Forma did you cycle through the polarities by pressing the appropriate button? I'm not sure which button it is on Nintendo though, so can anyone on Nintendo give them that info?
  5. Combo Efficiency While heavy attacks consume all of the combo counter by default, the Combo Efficiency stat preserves a flat percentage of this amount. For example, a +40% Melee Combo Efficiency retains 40% of the combo counter, with 60% consumed instead of 100%. The cap for Melee Combo Efficiency is 90%, leaving a minimum 10% heavy attack cost. Sources of Combo Efficiency include Mods, such as Focus Energy, and the Zenurik Way of Inner Might. A heavy attack always resets the combo timer regardless of the amount consumed or whether an enemy is struck. When enemies are unreachable, a
  6. I ran the first mission of DP, was successful and now the game says to talk to Eudico so I go to Fortuna and the yellow quest marker is on Little Duck's Backroom. I talk to both of them, no quest dialog options. Also I can't start the Call of the Temestarii because you made it where I have to complete DP first, so thanks for locking me out of new content because of bugs you can't fix.
  7. First time trying Volatile mission, did great up until I needed to destroy some vents that aren't marked, so what exactly am I supposed to hit? I failed and wasted a fun 30 minute session. smh
  8. You know what? Forget it. Moderator please delete this topic, I'm sorry I ever brought it up.
  9. I can't hire crew yet as I can't complete Deadlock Protocol because of a bug so I can't start the Duvirii Paradox . I've posted it in the PS4 bug forums but nothing yet.
  10. I chose a Void Storm mission as my first, so that was a bad choice on my part
  11. What are mod setups on Warframes called? BUILDS I.E., REBUILD FROM SCRATCH IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU SLOW PEOPLE?
  12. So I don't have to put anything in all those blank spaces where my Avionics used to be? Hell, some of my Avionics are completely gone so how about you stop calling people liars.
  13. When Railjack first hit PS4 I was stoked- space combat in Warframe? HELL YES! My setups in the past were great and I had loads of fun. You know what's not fun? Flash forward to the present, and I'm looking at rebuilding my RJ from scratch for a third time. Oh, I know they gave us stuff to try to make it sting less, but it would have been better appreciated if my RJ didn't feel like it was made of paper after the update. So again I will do due diligence to my beloved Void Storm and get her back to the bruiser that she was and hopefully never have to do it again.
  14. I started the quest, ran the first mission and completed it. I got sidetracked with Rivens and other things then came back to finish it. My Active Quest is "The Deadlock Protocol Visit Eudico in Fortuna" Press X and select a server and when I pop in I get a quest marker on the door to Little Duck's Backroom. If I talk to Eudico my only dialog options are "Solaris United Standing" and "Bounties". I've cleared the Quest log, tried switching Quests, nada. I would really like to complete this quest so I can partake of The Druvirii Paradox that just dropped. Please fix this.
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