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  1. Could we get this added to the per-character loadout configs? It'd make swapping between activities, seemingly what loadouts are supposed to be for, a hell of a lot quicker and easier to manage.
  2. Ahh of course, Ivara the tree frog... war... bird? It looks decent but it doesn't look right for Ivara
  3. Reinstalled. 7 Armaros runs later I have the blueprint. That feels better.
  4. Have quit until problems like these get fixed
  5. I've lost count of how many juggernauts I've killed. Fortunately I counted a lot of them, so far up to 56 killed with no blueprint. That's less than a 0.3% chance to have NOT seen the blueprint drop. I tried submitting a bug report ticket but was given the same copy/paste reply twice and was told to post about it here if I want to contact developers.... This is utterly ridiculous. I see people have had the exact same issue and magically find a blueprint after they make a post here so here's hoping the magic response is a lot better than the support line (Sorry Jahn, you suck)
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