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  1. Just did a quick fix for one of the Warlords 🙂Feel free to reach out.
  2. The client specifically wanted to use the font that resembles the WARFRAME wordmark. Modifications were made on top to make it unique. Thank you for your inspection. ^^
  3. Paypal works for me. Please check out the Post for more details ^^
  4. @(XB1)KiruKamikaze If you need help creating a kickass emblem for your clan (IMMORTALS OF THE TENNO), feel free to check out my Emblem Shop. I am more than happy to work on it for you. ^^
  5. Just got done with this sweet project. I am available for more projects. Feel free to reach out.
  6. My DeviantArt recently hit this page view ^^. Please show it some love! Thank you. Deviantart.com/povo844
  7. Just got done with this sweet emblem. Feel free to reach me. ^^
  8. Fingers crossed it comes out ok. If it doesn't, feel free to reach me buddy @(PS4)Da_Kine_99 ^^
  9. Hey @Toolboxio, Feel free to check out my Emblem Shop down below. I may be able to help you with your project ^^
  10. My clients always have the most striking ideas XD (not complaining though)
  11. New works added. Feel free to reach out. I am Open for commission slots!
  12. My Warframe Community Discord Glyph Contest Entry. Now that it's over, I am open for more commission! Feel free to reach me for that next great emblem you and your clan deserve!
  13. I have responded to your in the private message. I look forward to our collaboration, @Magister_Zel
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