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  1. Just got finished with this amazing emblem. Need an emblem? Get in touch, I am available for commissions!
  2. @Incongruous Thank you so much for your kind comment. I highly appreciate it my man. Have a great day! -- Some recent projects I have completed. Feel free to check it out :)
  3. Some recent projects I have completed for {Dudes with Guns}, {The Tenno High Council}, and {Grind Don't Stop} Need an emblem? Get in touch, I am available for commissions!
  4. WIP for {Dudes with Guns}, {Maylin Dragon Tat}, and {The Tenno High Council} Need an emblem? Get in touch, I am available for commissions!
  5. Thank you @(PSN)SenkoPrime I really appreciate your kind comment. It really helps motivate me :) Have a nice day!
  6. Thank you so so much for your wonderful and kind feedback @(PSN)Aurum_Vulpes I really appreciate it! You have been one of the kindest customers I have got the chance to serve! --- I recently got to finish the emblems for {Will of the Iron Lotus} and {Guardians of Lohk}. Feel free to check them out! Need an emblem? Get in touch, I am available for commissions!
  7. Some recent projects I have completed for {Ordan Karris}, {Golden Tenno}, and {Orokin Acies} Need an emblem? Get in touch, I am available for commissions!
  8. Thank you @(PSN)Relentless_Adapt and @Nordjevel! I really appreciate your guys feedback! Please enjoy the artworks! WIP for {Ordan Karris} Need an emblem? Get in touch, I am available for commissions!
  9. Recently finished projects updated! Need an emblem/ logo? Feel free to reach out. I am available for commissions!
  10. Hey @(NSW)ShyGuyy Thank you for the kind comment. I personally would do anything to get the glyph in-game. Have a nice day will you! ;)
  11. Recently finished projects updated! Need an emblem/ logo? Feel free to reach out. I am available for commissions!
  12. Upping the topic! 🙌 𝗙𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗢𝗪 𝗠𝗘 𝗙𝗢𝗥 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 𝗔𝗥𝗧 🙌 𝕀𝔾: povo.844 𝕋𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣: povo844 𝔻𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝔸𝕣𝕥: povo844
  13. Working on a couple of sweet interesting projects. Need an emblem/ logo? Feel free to reach out. I am available for commissions!
  14. Hello Tennos! I am Paul. I am passionate about and committed to designing High-quality emblems for clans to showcase their pride, honor their heritage and recruit more loyal members. Almost all my previous clients are satisfied with the quality of work I am able to produce for their clans. Now, my need for more reach and exposure has led me to create this thread in hopes to offer my skillset to those needing a real face lift for their clan to show true love for their group and increase the number of loyal clan members in the future. Unlike many other clan emblem design services out there, which typically focuses on bulk collaborations, my service dovetails nicely with proud, passionate and committed clan warlords who are serious about having a high-quality emblem designed for their clan. My focus is on the end result which will surely reflect the meaning and core values of the clans that I get to work with, thus both visually appealing and contextually appropriate. My old thread (placed in the wrong Section, thus prompting me to create this new thread) has been featured by the awesome tenno HolyIcon in his extremely helpful thread [Guide] How Not To Emblem: A Cautionary Tale Here are some of the works I was able to produce working with amazing warlords: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** FOLLOW ME *** Instagram (@Povo.844) DeviantArt (@Povo844) Artstation (@Povo844) Discord (@Paulvo#7045) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morrigan's Crows - Owner: Mechelle The Eyes of ERRA - Owner: Brandon B The Guests of the Lighthouse - Owner: BigRedLeadHead The Pukish Rogues - Owner: GuessedTea Your Body My Disease - Owner: Incongruous Knights of the Last Oath - Owner: PostWarTacos The Tenno High Council - Owner: spaceageGecko Grind Don't Stop - Owner: fradarjo Dudes with Guns - Owner: Sixanto Nezha Prime Glyph - Povo844 Death at Will - Owner: Gabriel Herrera Neon Light Empire - Owner: Voljaras Swarzeblade Clan - Warlord: Michael Yanz Golden Harbingers - Owner: Strouff99 yoRHa Initiative Parttime Hero Dragon - Owner: Malicore LOrdre des Arcanes - Owner: Atsushii Shrouded - Owner: Relentless_Adapt Guardians of Lohk - Owner: Asterlohk Will of the Iron Lotus - Owner: Zodd Hunhow Acolytes Clan - Warlord: Ives Jessy La lance et le Bouclier Clan - Warlord: Narwaiin Jacklestar - Owner: Jacklestar Wraith of a God Clan - Warlord: er474 New Scoria Clan - Warlord: Mercy 99 Ronin (Redesign/ Revamp) - Owner: Michael Gods of the Orokin Clan - Warlords: Aaron, Blade and Anthony Doom Slayer Roman - Owner: ThatDoomGuy Zoe Ovadeline - Owner: Shinymelanie Ex Nihilo Resurgemus Alliance - Warlord: Rappy-Prime Orokin Acies - Owner: Victor Macklin Dances with Kubrows - Owner: Dixie Guardians of Nexus - Owner: Tracie Ordan Karris - Owner: Chris Moore Children of Clem - Owner: Sirhhaos Warden Wolf - Owner: Warden Menphina Raven - Owner: Vahsrin Tree of 7 Elements - Owner: Swagmiku Children of the Galaxy - Warlord: TheGreatKing Mikany Magic - Owner: Shin Mel N Synthwave - Owner: Ribben The 4 Horsemen - Owner: Weedle 442nd Mech Brigade - Owner: Bcom The Orokin Vault - Warlord: CoYoFroYo Lethal Reunion Clan - Warlord: LK-4T4 Cephalon Prometheus Clan - Warlord: lakshan Old Wolves of the Void Clan - Warlord: plasmite13 Seraphim Sol Clan - Warlord: Apocalypto Space Ninja Clan - Warlord: GOOBER__LORD Amethyst Spirits Clan - Warlord: Spot Legion of Knights Clan - Warlord: SOULFEEDER45 Vileblood Predators Clan - Warlord: Gaute Pure Instinct Clan - Warlord: iSnowyXD DeathsMinions Clan - Warlord: JoshuaVargas B3WB Clan - Warlord: Wolf-2458 Task Force Dagger Patch - Owner: Ethan Riley Warframe Community Discord Glyph Contest Entry Ruin's of Atonement Clan - Warlord: Kikuko_Senpai Team Exodus Clan - Warlord: DarkS0laris Summer Court Clan - Warlord: Nebryose Voidlight Armaments Clan - Warlord: Dracovision The VoidExiled Clan - Warlord: Atlantic575 The Nidus Syndicate Clan - Warlord: lCB2019l Vengeful Vipers Clan - Warlord: WalkingBio Shadow Morningstars Clan - Warlord: DMC4_Dante13 Sanguine Seraphim Clan - Warlord: Ragnarok Justicars of Sol Clan - Warlord: babygoestoChin F0X HOUND: SPECIAL FORCES Clan - Warlord: Anastasia Ophidian Clan - Warlord: xNakshx Black Sky Alliance - Warlord: Anonymys Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Children of Lotus Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 (Alternative Option) Umbruh Clan - Warlord: expelled_angel The Ashen Knights Clan - Warlord: Sethrox100 Trigger Warning Clan - Warlord: Whitewasher2 Rageing Tennoids Clan - Warlord: MrPotatoHead357 Tactica Imperialis Clan- Warlord: Agent M3tallion Venatores of Mars - Warlord: Raidershogunate Team Rose Family - Owner: Winelover213 Moth Airlines Clan - Warlord: DamagingMoth47 Hope to proudly showcase your clan's emblem as my next portfolio piece! Inquiry Method: In order for me to best serve you and your clan, I only ask of you a few things: Reach me through any way convenient for you: Discord: Paulvo#7045 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phumblev Instagram: povo.844 Forum Message To save time for both parties, in your inquiry, please include the form below with all information filled in: Once I receive your inquiry, we can discuss further then. Note: Since our potential project will be an art commission project that takes real work hours to complete, my payment method is Paypal. It is beneficial to note that you commission me for the project, you get my 100% effort and time in real life to create that good-quality emblem you and your clan deserve. To kickstart our project, a down-payment ought to be made. (as a token of commitment from both parties). My mission is to come up with a high-quality emblem that truly represents your clan and its core values, for your clan to wear and showcase to all Tennos out there. I am committed to the delivery of good end results, and I hope to receive your commitment and respect upon our collaboration. Looking forward to hearing from and serving you, Tenno!
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