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  1. One does not find any difficulty in seeing the prestige and growth you guys have been able to build. Thank you for getting back to me. I still hope many growth spurts to come for you and your Warframe family, Whiskey! If you or any of your friends have a need for clan emblem design, feel free to reach me. I will always be at your service! Until we talk again!
  2. Very nice clan dojo and structure you got there Whiskey! I hope you will be able to recruit more folks for your family soon. That said, if you need an upgrade in regards to the clan emblem, so that you can even attract more warframe players and increase the overall loyalty of the member, feel free to pay my forum portfolio page a visit and reach me as I am available for clan emblem design commission. I think this is a worthy investment for the long run. Either way, I hope none but the best to head your way!
  3. Hey Wevis, hope your clan ARDENT can recruit more folks soon. To be honest, you are sure to recruit more members, gain more attention from prospective warframe players and maintain greater overall loyalty by simply equipping yourself with a high quality emblem - the face of the clan. If you are looking for some help with designing the emblem, I am offering my commission-based service of professional emblem design. You can choose to pay my forum post portfolio a visit through the link below. Either way, hope none but the best to head your way!
  4. Hi Val, I have responded to your inquiry, looking for your reaching back. Until then, please take care.
  5. Hi DarkenPrime, I have conferred with you through email and am on my way to creating the design.
  6. Hi Shadowlord, I've replied to you through email. I am waiting for your response. It could indeed be an interesting collaboration.
  7. Hi Shadowlord, I am indeed available for clan emblem commission. Please email me (my email is in the initial post) your detailed inquiries. Hope to speak with you soon.
  8. Thank you for you pointers, CarbonSX. I greatly appreciate your time viewing my post.
  9. Hi Qstlyz, thank you for reaching out. As you can tell from my initial post, the best way to reach me is through my email, written in the post, since I now have a full time job and often check my email more than this forum post. I look forward to speaking with you soon! 🙂
  10. Thank you so much Expelled_angel. It has been a true blessing working with you for your clan :). A very patient, friendly, approachable and generous warlord. Again, thank you for choosing my service. Cheers for the good looking emblem in-game.
  11. Up the Antie! 🙂 More clients coming soon. Please feel free to contact me, I am waiting to serve your clan. 🙂
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