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  1. Positives and negatives, like in all games honestly, just to different degrees. Like I'm glad of the catch-up mechanic for Nightwave, since I missed a few weeks. Then again I'm rank 27 now and the season got extended so I guess I didn't need to rush so much? I'm happy that the current relics are also obtainable through bounties after emptying like 450 medallions each syndicate to Volt/Loki relics. And yet I'm reminded of RNG hell opening closer to ten Axis with a friend and getting zero Hikou stars drops. *shrug* I guess my in-game worries are mostly just nitpicky, since honestly I play this game 95 percent solo. Yeah I'd love to get that slider for full team difficulty, but it's pretty unlikely for a game that wants you to team up. So I'm curbing my expectations, since I'm not exactly in the main target audience. Tl;dr I mainly play other types of games, so I don't expect Warframe to cater to all mah needs 😛 Sure I have gripes, but who doesn't.
  2. I hope the Twitch frames make a relic/other in-game return at some point, I'm old and only watch a certain D&D stream over there :P +1 wishing for Carrier Prime sooner rather than later. Still, I'm happy for those who are missing parts from Saryn and Valkyr sets :)
  3. I have this issue as well. It only happens sometimes (otherwise I would have complained about it a lot sooner), but it's extremely annoying when it does. The loadout window is frozen, but I can check my profile from the top left icon, and the chat area works. Sadly you can't exit to different functions from the profile, maybe that would bypass the screen. As it is, the only "solution" is to exit the game.
  4. I won't miss "Tenno, there's a time limited mission available, check navigation" 😉 Looks interesting. I could definitely use more reactors, I was always online for catalysts.
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