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  1. +1 this doesn't work for me either i cant use different holster styles in dual sword mode
  2. Many people still ridicule me for using him and called him weak rhino so I think my statement was somewhat called for
  3. Nezha just Nezha he is just everything good about crazy and fun can and have pushed to level 260's but died after that cuz nullifier, he is ridiculously fun to play and love him to bits😁
  4. You know that it's called a trade system not a selling system even tough it's used for selling, the stream like solution is not trading but instead selling also your"amendment" is completely proposterous your initial problem was with people using alt accounts to bypass trade limit now you're against resellers as well.(use Mario's bazaar if you have problem with trade limit there ain't no limit there iirc) Do tell me ... Why? What problem do you have with resellers? How is it unfair to some people? And isn't that because of their own ignorance and clearly not the system's fault when you're so desperately trying to pin it on the system? Both the buyer party and seller party are completely aware of what the details of the transaction would be. If I bought a riven and want to sell it I can do so at any time I want you just need a willing buyer it's mine the moment i finish the trade for it and am free to do with it as I do so. So please do tell me why do you have a problem with the stuff I bought and now own so much that you want it never leaving my inventory even if I don't have any more need for it and would like to get some plats for it(here I would technically be"reselling") Go on I'm waiting
  5. IMHO hasn't this gone for long enough everyone here that has had any words to say here has agreed that your suggestion is a bit nono and (god forbid) if implemented would cause the entire market that currently exists to completely and utterly break yes riven flippers are annoying(like the 13 people trying to buy gram rivens for 200 plat in trade chat) but if you look away from the worse part(that's like 3% maybe? Too low 7%?)of the trade you can see people selling at genuinely good and reasonable prices I do see once or twice someone selling for quite low(normally it's a fairly inexperienced player (around mr7 or so)) so I tell them about how to valuate what they are selling and do offer them a fair price along with some of my stuff I have in excess like gems and other stuff of the sort just as a gesture of friendship and it usually cheers them up flippers/resellers/one person using 3 accounts to make some more amount of plat may be a problem that you have but even in the real world where is it told that one man can't own more than one business company and stuff of the sorts it is done in real life and if they can manage it more power to them(also DE's tos allows multiple accounts as long as they are separate entities not working to boost your main account but their progress being seperate so I don't see much problem) Then there comes along supply and demand if for example I bought out 80 sets of loki prime for 200 plat each(just an example) and then sat on them for 6 or so months when the supply goes lower and the demand increases the prices of the sets that I bought(figuratively as again I don't own enough plat smh) will skyrocket to at least double that what I bought it at sitting at about 360-450 platinum per set this is normal in real life too and from what I read you seem to think that this is taking advantage of the seller in all honesty I could go on but I feel like I've made my point that this doesn't need to continue your defences to individual points don't respond to the problem they point out the answers fell like they just say "yeah...but I say we do this cuz this is a thing that happens and I'm annoyed about it so we should just rework the ENTIRE trade system so that instead of being able to find someone with the patience to hoard on to wares we buy directly from the person who is generating the product" can you not matey there's a reason shops like supermarket's,etc exist they provide convenience at an odd time like for example it's 5months after the acolyte event when maiming strike was 90 and now it's 300 etc etc(see inflation) K thx bye!
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