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  1. Wanna hear a joke? CHECKING FOR NEW CONTENT...
  2. That's how DE operates. New content always gets priority. Then there are two priority periods. 2-4 weeks after release where it gets a lot of attention, like fixes and small-medium sized changes. The second period begins after about a year where said "new" content can end up getting reworked or added upon. If nothing happens within the next 2 years after that, you can abandon all hope. Just look at, say, Rifle Aptitude which was unchanged since Damage 1.0 was killed dead and remains completely useless since. Or things like Wisp's animations (not just idles, but entirety of it) which are deemed "good enough" and thus will not get any further additions despite being half finished.
  3. Wall running was removed from the game with Update 17.0. Did those lockers also became nigh-indistinguishable from each other for people without color-related sight deficiencies like the last set?
  4. The irony. You can already do that. Roll for Limbo and backflip for Volt. You can do block combos without any problems. Inputs are the same.
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