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  1. I was doing a kuva siphon mission with loki and i noticed that when being invisible, if i get out from the warframe and when i returned from the transference, loki was visible and the enemies were looking me and they started to attack me, and the ui was showing me that i was still invisible. Loki saw like being covered by energy but he was clearly visible to me. I hope this is a not permanent issue.
  2. Please, please.... don't forget to fix the Adaptation Mod that is not working until now!!! (and DE, thanks for your hard work. I love your game!)
  3. yeah man, i feel the same about what you said about the redeemer... but, wasn't that already fixed in a previous patch?... honestly i didn't test it. You know what i miss about the previous melee 2.0?, the ability to walk backwards blocking the damage without exposing your back to the enemies. I also miss to be able to side step while blocking.
  4. I'm a little sad right now because everyone is talking about the explorer orb and nobody seems to notice that the Adaptation mod is not working. I like that mod a lot. I feel a little bit defenseless without it. I had to say that i noticed this bug latety by accident. I usually depend with abilities, a lot of movement and the melee blocking to mitigate the damage and i tend to do these things by instint, but recently i noticed that i was being knockouted too easy in lower levels when i was going to revive someone (you know, why to use the operator void form against enemies with level 30 or below?), and when i tested my usual warframe survavility against high level enemies letting myself to be punished a little, i was surprised to find that the adaptation mod mitigation didn't work. I went to the simulacrum to test it and yeah, the mod got broken in the buried depts patch (or maybe before that?). Here's a short video with the issue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D8cNxlrUuTOGGZi5TEpMuiGQAlylNrOW/view?usp=sharing (posted in the pc performance issues forum) I hope our devs find this info useful
  5. That could be nice. Actually when you go to the vallis in public, you depend on luck since you don't know if the people that are already in the vallis are sealing fractures, farming toroids, fishing, hunting, taking pictures... etc.
  6. As a suggestion, maybe it will be more fun if the vents could be unfreezed with only one thermia canister. Currently you need 2 hits to unfreeze a vent and (in my opinion) that can be stressing. To compesate, the orb can move more, forcing you to be as close as you can. That adds tension for the perfect throw and that could be more fun. The current mechanics doesn't defy you but instead are stressing. It's even worse if you go solo (since the coolant racknoids spawn to much and there's almost imposible to stop them all by yourself), of course, if the activity was not intented to do solo in the first place, i can understand that. Instead to say that something is garbage or that's hateful, maybe it's better to apport ideas to change it so the activity could be more fun.
  7. Si manejabas ataque cuerpo a cuerpo personalizado (por ejemplo, que cuando entrabas a modo cuerpo a cuerpo antes del parche manteniendo presionado el botón de cambio de arma, y habías cambiado el mapa de botones a tu gusto cuando estabas en ese modo), es posible que hayan entrado en conflicto dicha configuración de botones con el cambio actual del melee 2.9. Te sugiero entrar a la configuración de teclado (o mando) y reestablecer todo a predeterminado. Pruebas, y si sirve ahí si puedes experimentar cambiando las cosas a tu gusto
  8. Currently the mod is not working as intended. The damage mitigation is not being applied in any case, no matter how much mitigation is accumulated. I already posted it in the performance issues forums. I'm worried about that mod since it's a wonderful mod to do high ranked missions and it's the only way to apply damage mitigation to the shields in the game (as far as i know). The only thing besides this mod is to cover yourself with a melee weapon in blocking mode. It's a mod that you can have doing arbritation missions.
  9. The left and right in the directional pad could be used for channeling (since is more effective to use the power wheel holding the RB button instead to select the powers with these buttons)
  10. lol. (howerer... nova is cool, but she can be even cooler. We only need to wait until DE kindly fix the adaptation mod that is not working right now)
  11. Thanky DE for all your efforts in this game that i like so much. Please don't forget to check the forums frecuently. The adaptation mod is not working and there's a post there with the details. Cheers
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