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  1. You mean crimson king? Is this some kind of reference to something?
  2. Its a tower made of flesh known as the unum, she protects cetus and bla bla bla, there is no reason to go there, and the explosions are from the workers that break chunks of the tower to eat it
  3. The only thing i would keep is the new game +7
  4. I dont think that major changes will be done to our current solar system, now im just waiting for the TAU system to fulfill my survival-rogue like needs
  5. You should see region chat or the chats from private groups, we are fully fledged degenerates, but we hide it from space mama to not make her sad
  6. I just hope they only change him in the index, i have been upgrading my operator lately and having a lot of fun playing with umbra by my side
  7. Do the same as me, look how each part shoots in a youtube video, then spend many hours calculating the dps on a notebook, the you will be ready
  8. Might be too op, added skills and functions are a bit too overkill. I still feel that all warframes need 1 or 2 extra skills tho
  9. Dejando las bromas de lado, busca directamente en google: donde salen las partes de octavia r34 y deberias encontrarlo facilmente
  10. Las partes salen en derelicto cada 20 minutos, la otra sale en alijos de fuego cruzado en lua y la otra sale en un puzzle de memorizar en lua
  11. i spent 6 hours trying to get gyromags yestarday to rank up vox solaris, got several copies of the strain set mods instead
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