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  1. I kind of like and hate her design at the same time. It's unique, and the semi transparent parts are beautiful. But at the same time the overall design feels too busy, as if it could have been understated a bit. Less is often more in design, and Ivara prime proves it.
  2. Ivara is good (broken actually) for spy missions, in all other mission types you have better alternatives. BTW, if you like Garuda, wait until you'll get yourself Saryn Prime
  3. That's not how a release should work, bugs are expected, and as you can notice I didn't even mention them in my report. My issue is with the lack of actual understanding how the game is really played. Time and time again, DE pulls of seemingly-random numbers, and then fixes them (sometimes, looking at you Hema) after months of upraor from the community. Something in their internal process is broken, and seeing them fail in such basic things (like weapon balance), is just getting ridiculous after all this time
  4. 1700+ hours recorded in-game, more then that on steam. So, no, not first time
  5. Not only the gameplay is unpolished, repetitive and unbalanced, the amount of grind is BEYOND terrible, and worst off - RJ feels WORTHLESS and upgrades are WORTHLESS all by themselves. I'm not sure anyone in DE actually played through their own game, numbers everywhere seems completely random, from damage to crafting costs, nothing makes even the least sense. and don't tell me to just buy upgrades, I got more then 10k plat in my account, but if I just buy everything, well, there isn't any reason to play the game, is it? I was going to write a long and detailed post, pointing out the (many) flaws of the system, but you know what, your game does not worth my attention, DE definitely did not pay a lot of attention when they rushed to release it (after 2 years in development), so why should I? All and all, disappointing, and not because it's a bad concept, but there's obviously a lack of a critical eye inside DE, as they keep fumbling with the basics in any recent update
  6. Going back to orbit sometimes fixes it and it comes back. Sometimes I restart the game and it comes back. sometimes it doesnt at all
  7. Issue reported: on some occasions, going to the drydock your railjack is missing. Had it happen to me several times, on time I get to the drydock and everything is fine, the I come back to it some time later and there's no railjack. sometimes going back to orbit and coming back to drydock fixes it. sometimes not. No idea if this is a game feature, I haven't done any missions with my railjack (sometimes with others') in between the times it's there and the times it's not.
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