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  1. I noticed that when you're on a lobby and someone leaves, your archweapon doesn't apply mods after host migration. Works fine while using the archweapon with a warframe though.
  2. Hello everyone, I play on a laptop and I noticed these past days since last update that even though I have my charger on battery keeps draining while playing warframe. Is there anyone else that experiences the same "problem"? Edit: After testing with other games I figured that this happens only in Warframe. Edit2: After hotfix 29.5.6 battery issue seems to be fixed. Also, I use DX12 this time as in previous updates-hotfixes my game kept crashing.
  3. I made a thread some days ago about this with a video showing exactly the problem I'm experiencing. After some playtime performance seems to deteriorate. FPS go from 144 to 10-30, when you aim sometimes FPS are getting back to normal but when you stop aiming it's back there waiting to ruin your experience. I can't find a pattern as to what is causing all of that, sometimes it happens on grineer ships, sometimes on corpus or in a free roam map. Restarting the game seems to fixing the issues.
  4. I disabled steam overlay and MSI afterburner, ran the same mission and it was fixed, never thought that they play a role concerning performance, will test further to confirm. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I began playing the game after a yearlong break and I've been getting a very annoying issue which you can witness on the video. While I can maintain on the highest settings stable 144 fps after sometime or at specific places my FPS are getting massacred. I'm playing on a DELL G5 laptop with an i7 9750h, NVIDIA RTX 2070maxQ and 16GB RAM. I tried verifying and optimising from the launcher with no luck. My nvidia drivers are 457.09. Is there a fix or something to help me with this problem? Video Edit: I disabled steam overlay and MSI afterburner, ran the same mission and it
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