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  1. Hmm...I wonder who was it that asked me to explain my side of story. They are casuals too.
  2. The problem is that people whine whenever there's something just a tad challenging. Remember when they introduced Grineer Manic for the first time? His laugh would actually make you tense up and prepare to face him, but now? He's no more than a laughing joke. What is wrong with content that's only clearable by a certain portion of the player base? You wouldn't expect a level 10 Paladin to clear a level 999 raid dungeon in other MMORPG would you? So why is it different when it comes to Warframe? We're not even asking for content that's equivalent to Dark Souls difficulty. People forget that they have their own limit. The game is already easy as it is, if they can't get past rotation A then accept that they're bad and move on instead of asking for nerfs to suit their skill level.
  3. -AiLuoLi-


    Best hero in Moo Moo Generation X 4.08?
  4. Rewards in long survival won't happen because this game is full of casuals that never play past rotation A.
  5. Change your client language to chinese and voila, you're in another world.
  6. That's why I've been selling rivens to the Chinese. They sure ain't *@##$ing about the price since they know how valuable the stats are and how free market works.
  7. So that people with fragile ego gets to stroke their e-peen.
  8. They even had to nerf that one hole in kuva fortress because people seemed to had a hard time bullet jumping out. Like, come on.
  9. Don't worry, I got 10 riven mods in a row so it evens out. RNG is fine.
  10. Why would I go when it will be the best Warframe drama show ever? Nothing more satisfying than watching them crash and burn.
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