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  1. Time to build a max duration + natural talent nidus and bring him into survival/defense to troll.
  2. Make intermission permanent and bring back alerts. Problem solved.
  3. These minor inconvenience are the reason why I never play any fissure unless I badly needs ducats. Want to crack just 1 relic but login at the wrong time? All endless fissure for you. Joined the mission too late? Mission load too slow? No reactants for you. Finish the mission too fast? No reactants for you. Wrong tileset? No enemies for you. Want to crack open old/unpopular relics? No squad for you. Select fissure>Please wait prompt>30 seconds passed>Nothing happened>Repeat ad nauseum. Joined squad>Mission starts countdown>Relic unequipped. But it's fine since relic system is the best thing to happen in warframe right?
  4. It's funny how the one that claims "elitists" "plat mafia" being toxic are actually the one that are being the most toxic in this thread. Oh humanity are truly amusing.
  5. This thread pretty much sums up "If I can't be special snowflake, then no one can be." And I'm not talking about OP or those "elitists" here.
  6. This virus is a disappointment. Thought it'd be strong enough to cause worldwide panic/chaos but meh.
  7. Alerts were the best since you miss nothing much even if you stopped playing for a year.
  8. 7) Warframe will be destroyed after dying without revive. You have to farm another one. 8) Immune to all abilities including operator's arcane. 9) Actually hunts you down instead of playing hide and seek. 10) Reduces damage dealt by non-owner by 95% 11) Gains a GLOBAL aura that drain X% of Max hp per second(The more Hp you have, the more it drains) and block any source of healing. (Bye Inaros) 12) Spawns with 5 Un-nerfed Grineer Manic. 13) Gains +1 level with every thralls killed (Only thralls that they convert/spawn with)
  9. By taking Limbo into public squad and press shift when your lich spawn while your teammates fight them for you.
  10. I got average of 20-25 fps on Earth node, can barely play open world. But I've been using Bramma with Mirage without a problem at all.
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