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  1. Nah, the game will never be the same old Warframe anymore no matter how much we chase it. It's better to move on if you dislike the new changes.
  2. - Dude was selling something for 30p. - I put in 32p because I was feeling generous. - Dude cancelled trade and said "Nice try scammer."
  3. They don't, but I do. Tell me, what do you truly desire?
  4. Nah, I'd rather they change it to proc after you bleedout.
  5. Real answer: Casuals are the one who say that relic system is better than void key.
  6. Doesn't matter if it's coming. Parkour is still gonna be mindless ctrl+space spam.
  7. DE: "Earth remaster will not have any significant performance drop. It's just some graphic enhancement, totally no performance issue." Anyway, I found that Directx 10 and Dynamic Resolution helps a lot if you're playing on potato. Still needs a good amount of ram for open world though.
  8. Miss the time when the game meta isn't leave at rotation A.
  9. My body is ready too...for delicious new R34 model. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Better spend it all now before this week ends to not get laughed at should you make a "My WoLf cReDIT iS GOnE???!!" next week.
  11. Take Limbo and press shift.
  12. You forget "Tenno can look handsome/beautiful." and proceed to insert image of a shot with tons of lighting and special effects in captura. It's basically photoshop at this point.
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