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  1. Please do time travel so that I can exchange my old tenno for younger ones.
  2. That's only for region/recruiting/trading. I got matched up with people from China, Japan or Korea when I'm using English client. You can tell that they're using other language client since their native languages will just show up as **** to different client. Not sure if it's different in Switch though.
  3. Just don't finish the mission? Plenty of mobile games to play while waiting for the others to give up and extract/abort. I'll counter it with community's favorite "Everything goes in pub. Want something done your way? Go solo/pre-made squad."
  4. Welcome to the real world where people will complain about just anything, and yes that includes you. The problem with Warframe is the community humans.
  5. ESO, POE, focus, yin yang alignment, The Sergeant, etc.
  6. Nah I'll continue to blame people who refuses to stab their lich while I refuse to stab mine. Fair and square.
  7. Because they can and they want to? That's like asking why humans pay thousands or millions for jewelry.
  8. What kind of rock did you crawl out from? That's like getting mad at employer for not hiring a high school dropout when they clearly require a master degree holder.
  9. 1 riven per weapon? OP sounds like a meta slave who only has 1 single build for every weapon out there.
  10. Bold of you to assume I'm not deliberately ignoring the lich.
  11. Nah, what we need is a friendly fire option for MR 30.
  12. Operator should be able to control liches temporarily so that the lich's host can choke the S#&$ out of their team mates.
  13. You're too late, Empyrean event ended last month.
  14. "Why can't the community let go of Excal Prime and auction house?" FTFY
  15. Time to spam #FreeHongKong #TianAnMenSquare in every squad.
  16. A day after you spend 10k platinum on God roll riven.
  17. Kuva Lich harem. Make daily threads about it until DE cave in.
  18. 2020: 5 Dev Streams 2021: 3 Dev Streams 2022: 1 Dev Streams 2023: Warframe server shutdown
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