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  1. Lol, for someone who only knows the alternate path, I am clueless about the "skippable Puzzle part". Is there a way to do C by doing a puzzle or something ?
  2. As others have mentioned, add Arcanes in the mix and the list will have major shake up. Inaros and Chroma will easily take up the 1st and 2nd position in the ranking.
  3. Vectis Prime works horrible without a Riven. Without Riven best option is Rubico Prime or Lanka.
  4. Have you never fought with fan-fav Tyl Regor in Uranus? If you have been to saturn atleast, then it's extremely unlikely that you have never fought a Grineer Manic.
  5. Never seen Manics !! 😲 How long have you been playing ?
  6. Rivens are a mild version of lootboxes. Don't loose your sanity over a God roll. But do roll if you want to use that weapon. Rolling just for the sake of that God roll that would fetch you 1k+ plats only leads to insanity. Now coming to the Rivens at hand, Panthera one is a good. Flight Speed is a excellent QoL stat that most people tends ignore due proliferation of various Price Checking Bots. Nikana Riven is frustratingly bad, it urges you to reroll with the caution that you might have to roll 10+ to get a decent stat, just to get rid off that aweful negative.
  7. Stop wasting your time posting these kinda issues on General Discussions. All you will be getting is "Constructive Criticism" by some acolytes.
  8. Trust me the feeling of emptiness after hitting MR27 is real and exactly how you think it is. I only have 3 items left to master Brakk, Zenith, Sigma & Ocantis. Since 2 of them are log in rewards, that can't be helped. But for brakk I am just tired to do the grind anymore, wasted 10 Beacons still no BP. These days I just log in and log out.
  9. IMO his 1, 3 & 4 is okay as it is. For 2 I would like if they tweak or add a augment to let us throw giant rock boulders at group of enemies.
  10. I am pretty sure it has been patched. Does not matter much, use the one for which You have a riven. Prisma Dual Clevers / Dual Clevers is also another good candidate for stat stick.
  11. different play style mate. I have high str, negative eff, low duration build, and I only use her 1 + 2. There is even another immortal build with really low amount of shield.
  12. Play Atlas, fun + highest DPS /kill count all wrapped in one, a complete package.
  13. I really would like to see what Atlas build needs 9 Forma.
  14. another bump! same as OP, I maintained a map but now it stuck at 21/22.
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