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  1. that's completely wrong. 100% status with only corrosive on a purely elemental weapon is just going to get you overstripping to the point where you do less damage on the target since the damage bonus from corrosive on the ferrite and the inherent radiation on the alloy are gone. 100% status with corrosive heat is significantly better because you're reducing armor without overstripping while simultaneously getting a damage bonus on flesh thanks to the heat. In the case of the mara detron if you run all 4 dual stats you get the inherent radiation and the added corrosive & blast. If you got to 100% with just radiation and corrosive you'd just overstrip everything and lose the damage bonus from both elements.
  2. fact check false. mara detron has 32% base status. it can already reach 100% status before multishot without a riven if you use all dual stat mods.
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