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  1. Pressing F (or whatever you have it bound) to go into full melee mode as a workaround to get EB to block does not seem to work if you only have a melee weapon equipped and no primaries/secondaries. Effectively, the game has already put you by default into full melee mode, but it seems EB does not recognize the state.
  2. So for those that have been tinkering around with this problem - does the workaround of removing any multishot mods from ranged (and silenced either by mods or abilities) weapons work and actually provide the stealth kill affinity bonus? I do agree with the sentiments that releasing Ivara Prime would have been the perfect opportunity to have stated in the patch notes that "Stealth kill affinity not being granted have now been fixed."
  3. @DE The Warframe store page on Steam still has Atlas Prime Access packs listed. Same with the Prime Access bundles store page (https://store.steampowered.com/sale/warframeprime/). The Ivara Prime Access pack bundles don't seem to have an option to be purchased in Steam at the moment.
  4. You're referring to the Observatory? No, I don't think so. The Dry Dock is a very large room and easily dwarfs the Observatory when it comes to both horizontal and vertical floor areas required.
  5. Just to update you guys, I was able to build the Dry Dock on top of my Observatory. The entrance to the Dry Dock when it was built is 2 floors above where the Observatory was, so basically: - Observatory on the North end of a cross-connector - Elevator going up attached to the West end of the same cross-connector - Extended hallway going from West to East attached to top of previous elevator - Elevator going up attached to the East end of previous extended hallway - Elbow/cross connector gong from East to West attached to previous elevator - Dry Dock attached to North end of previous connector (although it already allowed me to place it, I just personally opted to add a straight hallway before placing down the dock for "aesthetic" purposes) So yeah, it was a pain to try out considering the resources, and build times. Sacrificed a few plat too just to see how many floors up and how "far" away it should be from other hallways/rooms - not to mention the wait time involved when destroying undesired "test" rooms/hallways. I didn't bother trying how many floors up from the "imagined" ceiling of the Dry Dock will it start allowing me to build rooms/halls directly on top of it. A bit disappointed though considering the size and scale of the Dry Dock that you can't see it from the Obervatory balcony when you look up, and I couldn't see the Observatory when I look down below from all that huge hangar space in the Dry Dock. Not really game breaking but it would have been a nice visual touch if they did.
  6. I'm currently trying to see if I could build the dry dock a few (2, 3, 4, maybe 5) floors (elevator connected to hallway leading to another elevator connected to hallway leading...etc) above my observatory. Just waiting to destroy one stupid room accidentally built on a floor above the observatory. Hopefully this will give an idea on how large the dry dock is, vertically.
  7. Exactly why DE needs to overhaul the room planner and convert it into a 3D rendition. The current one provided does not do a good job at indicating the vertical space required by a desired room to be constructed.
  8. Imo, this problem clearly shows how much is lacking with the available UI for Dojo "floor planning" which is well overdue for a major overhaul. Dojo rooms are constructed in 3D with not just the floor area taken into account but includes the vertical space it consumes.This recent dry dock release obviously would benefit from a more intuitive and visual 3D room planner instead of the now archaic 2D floor plan. The latter would still have made sense if all large rooms had the same maximum ceiling height but instead we get this - a guessing game. As for the dry dock I have some questions for the more seasoned dojo builders out there: I run a solo clan and only build rooms and halls as needed, thus if i wanted to build this dry dock on top of my current Dojo floor, do i need to build it 2 floors above just to accommodate the vertical space required? I already built an extra floor (just an elevator with a cross-connector hallway) above my current floor so given the current discussion I would infer that this is insufficient and must build another elevator that goes up to another new floor?
  9. I was wondering whether something broke in the recent updates and this thread came up. I ran Adaro several times using Loki with hushed invisibility and kept attempting to kill Grineer using a sniper rifle that insta-kills yet no stealth multiplier appears even if it was a single, unalerted enemy that had no other mobs around.
  10. Oh, interesting regarding the opt-out. I didn't notice that one. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks. I'm still curious though about DE's feedback regarding the other questions I've posted.
  11. TO DE: Hi. I casually play Warframe solo and the upkeep of this new Kuva Lich systems seems too hands-on and intrusive from the feedback that I've been reading, especially the "reward tax" system where the Lich will randomly steal any of the drops and/or rewards that you earned in any mission (of ANY type) when playing in a planet that has their influence. What I would like to get a response from DE is whether the reward tax system has a cap where if the Lich has stolen too many of your rewards that it will no longer steal any further? The reason for this question are as follows: What is the maximum level that a Kuva Lich can attain? (Some have said that the higher the level, the more drops / rewards are stolen) How many, or what percentage, of the drops and/or rewards from a mission are stolen as "reward tax"? If I play a few hours a day and have my drops / rewards stolen, BUT I put off from killing said iteration of Lich for more than a few months: Will it reach a level that I will be barely able to kill it when playing solo? (If the Lich has no level cap) Will I be able to get back all of the drops / rewards stolen as reward tax - especially if it's worth more than a few months of play? These are some of the questions that I would like to get some definitive answers from DE. At this point, I no longer feel any incentive to play further as this new system has no option to opt-out (eidolons i can choose not to do, orb mothers i can choose not to do - why not this?). This system looks like a skewed FOMO mechanic - "if you don't play it, then that rare reward you tediously grinded for a good number of sessions which was stolen - you won't get it back unless you play this other game type that we have." Don't get me wrong. I have played this game for a good number of hours, and have actually willingly spent and purchased more than a few Prime Access packs as I do enjoy the game and would like to support DE. The recent Melee update feels refreshing. However, this new Lich and reward tax gameplay system feels too heavy-handed and excessively grindy.
  12. Question for DE: When Atlas Prime access launched, it wasn't immediately available on Steam. After an hour or so it was made available on Steam but I observed that the price for the Tectonics, and the Rumblers packs were more expensive in Steam that what were listed in the Warframe Prime Access store page. The prices listed for Atlas Prime Access packs in the Waframe PA store page were identical to the previous Wukong Prime Access packs. Now upon checking after a few hours have passed, I noticed that the prices listed for the Tectonics, and the Rumblers packs in the Warframe PA store page have increased - and are now identical to the previously, more expensive listings in the Steam store page. Was this price increase correct? Was the adjustment made only for regionally priced store pages? I hail from Philippines so I see the regional prices on both Steam and Warframe store pages. I saw another user (hailing from Malaysia) ask about a similar price increase observed for the packs here:
  13. Wukong Prime Access still up in Warframe Steam store page instead of Atlas Prime Access. What's the release schedule for this on Steam?
  14. Why not just bring back the option for a "Full Melee Mode" as a manual toggle like before? This way the default mode is the new, quick firearm-to-melee and vice-versa (not the old "quick melee"), and then the old "full melee mode" which is purely melee that has manual blocking and doesn't switch out to primary/secondary weapons automatically. The latter lead to the loss of controlled aerial blocking with melee weapons unless you went in mission having only a melee weapon equipped. It's been 6 months since this gameplay change was implemented and no further concrete plans seem to have been given in response to the feedback in this thread. Hopefully something before this year ends?
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