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  1. I'm still not seeing the issue here. It's not some bad of honor. It's a mod and not exactly the greatest mod at that. It's not some cosmetic that you got to flash to the public (and anyone who actually tried would easily qualify as attention seeking). I mean short of sharing you build or announcing it to the public via post no one would even know you had it. It was, was a way for people to put themselves on a pedestal and act all high and mighty because they had something others didn't. Again what I refer to as the collectors effect.
  2. Good. There is absolutely no reason for something to be selling at asinine prices simply because of some collectors effect. It's bad for the economy and it's bad for the game in general. Not to mention the fact that those who have it seem to have a habit of getting a swelled head as you yourself prove. Get over it. Besides it's not like the mod is that big of a deal. I mean paired with the right mods on a vectis/vectis prime it might make for a potent combo or with the right rolls on a rivened rubico/rubico prime it might be good to, but otherwise it's nothing to write home about.
  3. My biggest criticism of railjack is that for a game that is near infinite in diversity, in loadout and play style (42 frames + Umbra + primed versions, and I can eve begin to guess the amount of different weapons. Then we also have companions, and then there's modding it all), the railjack and the related piece of the game is very linear, cookie cutter, and forces you to play a certain way. I mean yes you can mod it, but the railjack is only a single design, style, setup, etc. I for one am someone who has always been an adaptive player of games, see a situation from multiple perspectives and adjust accordingly, but at the same also being able finding what works best for me and then take that to it's limit, regardless of whether people say it won't work, and I have made a real habit of being successful in making it actually be good. That's one of the reason why I keep coming back to warframe is because this game allows me to do both of those things in abundance and pushing those boundaries. With railjack thus far I don't feel like it has followed that same theme, and in fact is contradictive to it.
  4. I'm all for it. Personally I feel like that makes more sense for the circumstance. Had they made it so the enemy was using like a Corvus, Grineer, etc. of arcwing, then I say arcwings were fine and the whole trying to give arcwings a real purpose would have been a successful one. But to try and pin arcwings which are already a so so system to begin with against these enemy fighters for me just isn't working out. I mean I have never had the greatest aim while flying an arcwing (railjack and other games with flight I do great). But trying to hit the fighters that are doing circles around me, its just a royal pain. Unfortunately, that being said, I know a lot of people are against the idea for one reason or another, and DE's had one of the main piece of railjack be to give arcwings that purpose as they've been a small joke mechanic in the community's eyes until now. So the likelihood of something like this happening is not to great.
  5. I'm right there with you. I remember back in 2018 before my hiatus a endless fissure was never below 30 minutes with a non-noob group. But lately I have been seeing the same thing and I do not get it either. I've also noticed the same thing with doing the Kuva runs on Taveuni. back in 2018 the average run was between 30-45 minutes and it was even common to go as high as 11/2 hours (Personal longest to go, before melee 2.9/3.0, was 3 1/2 before my group and I decided we were done and wanted to leave. Still could have easily have gone long) But since I've come back to the game 30 minutes is about the max most groups want to go for. I really just don't get it. I mean why even bother going into the continues mission if you're not planing to go for an extended period of time.
  6. I was going to but as I went on the post just start to feel like it was dragging on and looked bloated so I did it this way in order to clean it up.
  7. With TennoCon now being marked on the calendar, I wanted to answer some question that come up every year in the months prior to the event, so as to help make it a bit easier for those who will be asking, as we've all been there at one time or another and would have apprecaited it to have such a resource. What Is TennoCon? When & Where Is It? Can Anyone Go & If So How Much? What If I Can't Go? Does This Mean Anything For The Game Itself? What All Baro Be Selling? Since You Trade Primed Items For Ducats, What Items Should I and Shouldn't I Trade In? What Primed Items Are Considered Junk? What If My Question Isn't Answered Here?
  8. @Steeldragonz It's because the modern era of gaming has become about what is new and shiny, games don't last more than 1-2 years. As a result the moment you have everything or have completed the main piece you stop playing. People don't play just to play or for the community anymore. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (original trilogy) and Black Ops ll lasted for years despite many other games releasing and the amount of what I best sum up to as cheating (modding, hacking, glitching, etc.) that is done with it, because at it's core the game was a well made game, the community despite it's rather vulgar and distasteful side, was enjoyable to interact with, and it was just fun to play. While Warframe has such a community and FAR more content, most peoples perception of things is been tainted. I myself will even admit to having been infected with this I guess what you could call the nostalgia virus.
  9. The problem is that the release to many more "new" frames and they're all going to blend together because their abilities and appearances will be slightly tweaked variations of each others, or are going to become flat out outrageous. A bad analogy would be that they have x amount of string tied end to end that they are twisting, bending, knotting, etc. but they can only do so much with said string before it all starts to look alike. They can't add or remove more string because doing so would create an imbalance between the different forms, so eventually they have to stop messing with it or risk the prior.
  10. I really doubt it. I wish they would at least give us the ability to finish up our specter research. As far as the whole PvP piece that was nothing but a brutally painful dumpster fire to say the least.
  11. What you need my friend is the mod Blood Rush and the mod set called Gladiator. All together they create a 120% multiplier of a melee's base crit chance based on your combo counter making a vary potent combination in the fight without requiring heavy attacks. While they do not hit for what they use to pre melee 2.9/3.0, they are easily the go to for crit builds and for light attack based builds. Blood rush mainly as depending on how you build some of the gladiator mods are better off being substituted for others but they still have their place among the community.
  12. Well right now for some things there's a large demand and the supply isn't able to keep up at the moment, so people are milking that for everything it's worth. It also doesn't help the fact that half the time people go to websites like warframe market and nexus stat see PC prices and think that it's the same or that they can get the same on consoles. PC's market is WAY more inflated than on console. A lot of people act as if those are concrete prices when they are guidelines at best.
  13. Honestly I could go with them not making any more frame right now and just focusing on getting primed frames out and focusing the man power elsewhere. I mean like the OP said, we have 41 frames and maybe 1/3 - 1/2 of them aren't even being used, at least not by a respectable amount. A lot of them it's because prime frames and/or the metas are chosen over everything else. To continue adding to that when that time and man power can be better spent in other departments makes little sense. No other game has a class and build diversity as great as warframe and I highly doubt any ever will being the fact that no other game has lived and continued to grow as much ad Warframe has (at least very few others have and none in the same category of game). Honestly they can't really push much further without frames starting to overlap if they haven't already begun to do so ( I haven't used a ton of the frames yet so I do not know.)
  14. If you want tanky then I suggest an Inaros using one of the following builds. (Note that both of these builds make use of the full umbra mod set and as such require 3 umbra forma to make them.) Max Health: Kind of a gimmicky build as it's rather overkill on the health and 1-2 mods here aren't the greatest, but if you're wanting to go full tank this is your go to and various versions of are actually common place and 100% viable. If paired with a Companion that has Link, Hunter Recovery, and to be able to do high damage, the only thing that can kill this build is you're own stupidity or inability to play the game. Crowd Control: This build is more for those who are wanting to tackle a more team supporting role as well as those who want to dominate the battle field while still having disgustingly high health. It has increased ability stats across the board as well as a bit more of an energy pool to allow for more frequent use of abilities.
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