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  1. Does anyone know when Chroma Prime, Gram prime, and Rubic Prime will be added to it? I am wanting to do some testing of mods for my Rubico Prime, and while i can use the normal rubico to get a rough estimate, the actual info is off do to the difference in base stats. Ignore this just found the comment about the cold.
  2. Umbra crit melee build max level mods for all but life strike which should stay unranked. umbra: steel charge, handspring, umbral virtuality, umbral fiber, umbra intensify, gladiator resolve, primed flow, armored agility, vigor/primed vigor, rush, 2 arcane fury. dual keres: carving mantis, primed fevered strike, blood rush, life strike, berserker, drifting contact, condition overload, riven with starts improve cc, cd, and dam, and neg puncture, impact or cd on slide. method of attack: quick successive attacks to build up combo. Bigger the better. Use life strike to restore health as need (recommend when health drops to 300).
  3. Finally Excalibur will get a helmet and skin that isn’t just a different color of a previous. This will tie his deluxe in comparison. I will have to make sure to have my play ready.😁😱
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