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  1. I've explained this already to someone else, but here we go: - I do less damage while buff is active. - Even if this is intended, it changes the color of the damage numbers, making it a visual bug. -- I don't use a Smeeta Kavat for the critical buff or any of the buffs except for affinity. Therefore, this does not change my mind about which companion I choose to equip in missions. Hopefully, though, it will educate your mind.
  2. I am doing less damage while buff is active, how is that working as intended? And, even is it is working as intended, the fact that the damage numbers change color is STILL a VISUAL BUG.
  3. Thank you for all the content and hotfixes. Please, please, please look into the Smeeta crit buff having a negative effect on melee crits/damage. For example: red crits become orange, etc. This has been bugged since the melee rework 2.9ish or w/e.
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