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  1. The new Lich taunts are terrible, but the new voiceovers are unbearable cringe-fest. I would rather replay The Jordas Golem then have to listen to the new Lich vo. Don't fix what isn't broken. Garuda's Seeking Talons skill is broken AGAIN. Cannot swap polarities on Sevagoth's shadow. Nikana Zaw sheath will Netflix 'n Chill in some random location in most scenarios. Keratinos w the Deimos Claw Skin causes the claws to be positioned incorrectly *IN MISSION OR SIMULACRUM* Sword and Shield weapons should all have the shield throw gimmick when attacking mid-air.
  2. Yes, tyvm much for this fix. Still unable to cycle to Operator/Transference whilst in the Mech. I don't use the ability 'wheel' - rather, I cycle left/right. Of equal or greater concern, is the functionality of controllers in Railjack - All I can do is basic flight, fire standard weapons and boost, that's it. Cannot use Avionic based abilities No access to Intrinsic sub-menus Please look into this, I want to keep playing the game.
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