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  1. You broke Loki - was doing sortie, 3rd mission - spy, cloaked, entered operator for energizing dash, returned to frame and cloak gone, but cloak timer still active - ie: no cloaking Enemies aggro to me as an un-cloaked Loki - an UncLoki DE, Pah-leez
  2. Void dash does not stun them.
  3. Regarding the controller issues: -besides the loss of aim glide functionality, I cannot use void blast either, which disables the ability to stun/disarm kuva guardians.
  4. Please fix the appearance of the Lenz when equipped with Bow Dryad Skin: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/943965392589798745/7460EDFAFF7C90DFD7C22501E35C5A5BB45013F2/
  5. Since the "Joyride" in-game challenge was added before the accompanying Steam achievement, those of us who already have the in-game challenge completed don't get the Steam achievement to pop. All I really need is another game that is impossible to get 100% achievements - like L4D2
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