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  1. Yeah I was trying to figure out the multi-quote function, I pressed the "+" on both of you. I didn't see the quote my reply box, then I hit the Quote on one of your replies because I thought it wasn't working.
  2. Hmmm I came back and refreshed the page a bit later and it all of the sudden started scaling properly. Probably just a bug.
  3. This wasn't working correctly for me until sometime shortly after I made the post. Maybe it was just a bug.
  4. So I have since figured out what is happening, you were using a mod called vaporize and I was using assault mode. For whatever reason assault mode doesn't work while you're invisible but vaporize does. However vaporize has a 10 second cooldown and there is no changing this no matter what you do. So, at least I have figured out a way with your help to at least still have the ability to benefit from dethcube. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hmm I cannot get this to work. could you try it with Dethcube's dethmachine rifle? Thank you for the replies btw, much appreciated.
  6. So it seems that you fixed that really fast haha. Glad I was a help BUT the tau damage resistance percentage scaling is incorrect still.
  7. Interesting, I personally just use the rifle for proccing energy genrerator and a stat stick for vigilante set. Vile Acceleration, Speed Trigger, Vigilante Fervor, Shred, Vigilante Offense, Vigilante Armaments, Vigilante Supplies, and Primed Fast Hands.
  8. Well without a sentiinel weapon, and the Vaporize mod on Dethcube, energy generator cannot work. That's kinda the issue.
  9. Yeah I see your point but without sentinel mod rivens I cannot see sentinels and their weapons actually being powerful enough to kill even mid level enemies unless you have a sentinel riven mod specifically for it. I'm more just wanting Dethcube's abilities to be useful on stealth frames.
  10. Not sure if you are aware but umbral mods are not scaling correctly on your website. For example, Umbral Intensify is showing that at max rank it starts at 55% instead of 44%. You get the point. Also another thing I might add that really isn't that important but aura forma isn't an option on your warframe build screen yet. That last one isn't by any stretch of the means "a big deal". Just pointing that out aswell.
  11. Can DE please make it so that if a sentinel has hush equipped on the weapon that they would shoot while invisible please and thank you. Currently this makes some sentinels and their abilities kinda useless for some stealth frames.
  12. Got all the other ones but just not the new Ivara one. 100% purchased before the inbox message date. does the prime access have to be over in order for the prime noggle to be a thing maybe?
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