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  1. Still no ^^ For example, if I have 20k plat in my acc, it doesnt matter if i keep that number or buy things from market with plat, DE wont receive anything, and i just open and access the contents that are already in the game, in my hard drive which is controlled by server what things i can access. So, it all comes down to trading between tenno and tenno. I think it;s your perspective as players who buy platinum with money and use it to buy things, so it;s the yes: spending plat = spending money. And through the 1st trading with other tenno, the plat becomes in-game currency and spending this plat later on doesnt mean spending money anymore. And my previous post was talking about "end game players" who mostly dont need to buy plat with money anymore and can get plat just by selling in-game items, and in this context, spending plat or not wont give DE anything.
  2. The holster position of Tatsu on Oberon and Oberon Prime is different from other warframes. https://imgur.com/D5jBDYD
  3. I nearly got all the stuff in game, and have ton of plat. But i dont call myself "endgame players". Endgamers are not the main point of the game, it;s the whole system of all kinds of players. When so-called endgamers spend plat, does it give money to DE? No. The plat is from new players (who bought it with real money) to buy things from experienced players to progress up. But so-called endgamers have experience in game, helping posting bug and issues to keep the game better. So, in the main picture, every has their role to keep the game going. And people often miss that picture and keep complaining everytime the devs put something out. The definition of endgame is a subjective thing in warframe, none actually makes it up. Some people call them endgamers when just having and maxing all the weapons and mods. But that definition is very versatile, for example: Finished all game's challenges? Got all weapons, mods, arcanes, captura scenes? Finished codex? Making my own dojo, doing all research, decorating and participating in dojo contest? Got at least 150 hydro captures? Got at least 4k hours in game? Built all warframes and weapons, and experimented all augment mods? Got maxed all syndicates and got all of their stuff?... And as long as DE is still developing the game, where is the end?
  4. Many posts are like this, are endgame players the main point of the game? Many endgamers, or at least they consider they are, are selfish complainers that just care about themselves, learn to see anything as a whole community comprising of all players, new and old. Based on your comment, i guess you have no idea how to make a game. And if u want cosmetic, u can buy tenno gen. And learn to be thankful.
  5. In Kuva mission, Kuva braid is the thing players cant do damage to, but when wielding melee and hitting enemy near the braid keeps making players land finisher on the braid, which is useless and can cause death sometimes due to the high amount of enemy around, especially Kuva flood with high level enemy.
  6. This problem has been lasting for a few days for me, dont know if anyone experiences this. I live in Asia and in the past few days I cant connect with players from Europe (I can chat with them but cant invite or join their session), and mainly for the trading purpose, of course. I met this problem before, it was the time when server was being upgraded. I dont know if this is problem regarding my local internet or server itself.
  7. Just found out about the new map and been playing with a friend for more than 1h on this new map. This new map is beautiful, but it really sucks, too big, too many obstacle, hard to find enemy, the upper floor none sets foot on, not even enemy, i only realized there is a upper floor after a few runs on this map. This new map takes 1/3 - 1/2 longer time than the old map. Everytime I and my friend see this map, we only do 1 round, and just wish for the next run with the outdoor map that hasnt been changed.
  8. Do veterans buy platinum with money or do the new players? Yes, yes, u can say u buy cosmetic otherwise. When I began to play, i bought plat a few times, bought some tennogen, and when i reached endgame, I havent spent anymore money because i can sell many things for plat, and for fashion, i dont mind very much after all, so it;s all down to gameplay in the end. And the point is, new players are the main source to keep the company alive, for DE to continue making the game, not the amount of time that veterans play the game. I still have many complaints about the game, but i see the whole picture rather than just sitting and complaining about some small things that is pretty much personal opinions or desires. Btw, Im mr 27 and i still need endo, and many still do. And arbitration is the first main mode for people to get endo now, if u have redundant of it, just max some mods or primed mods then sell them. And again, mastery rank DOESNT say anything, stop saying outloud the mr before saying anything, as well as put "prime" or "umbra" in the player's name doesnt make people know everything about the game, the 3D industry and the global economy.
  9. Can't agree with u more. If devs think put low chances in RNG to keep people playing more then it's really a big mistake. 3-5% chance is acceptable for me, lower than that, i dont even touch it no matter how good it is, because the goodness wont cure the long frustration. I started the second account before nightwave began, then i can confirm, nightwave really screws new player. Before nightwave, u can just get normal weapon blueprints, nitain, potatos and cosmetics for free and fast, if u r online to get it. And after nightwave? What will new players buy with wolf cred? They can barely buy enough nitain to craft things, let alone those potatos, normal weapon bp and cosmetics. And you have to do nightwave in a week to have more than 50 wolf cred which is just enough to buy a normal weapon blueprint (cost 50 cred)?? So unacceptable. Yes, nightwave messed up with new players more than veteran who will have a lot of excess wolf cred and nothing to buy, except those aura mods just for sale. I would just buy lato vandal and braton vandal and be done with it, but it will be nothing to do after if you just buy all the thing. But the ESO is so, so, so unbearable, just looking at the loot table alone can drive me mad. Too much items on the list and the drop chance 1%? For weapons that not many people use and make it just for mastery rank. Can just shorten half the relic then cycle them through hour mark like in bounties and increase drop chance for all. It's not fun, not rewarding and still wonder why many people doing it. Or can just add the system just like arbitration: gaining point with each rotation and use points to buy things from simaris aside from standing like mods, weapon bp,...
  10. About program coding, It's faster to put an item on the existing reward lists with drop chance rather than making new codes about keeping track of things players do from time to time. It;s a fact and I dont want to insinuate anything.
  11. I really want the game to work that way 🙄 but It doesnt count how many runs u have done, it only counts the only run you are doing and the chance is always 1.01%, and that;s all, RNG system doesnt care about ur time and effort XD.
  12. This topic is created out of the ephemera items, of course, and I'm not complaining because I haven't really spending any time to farm them, for with anything less then 5% chance to drop, players can go frustrated easily. The premise of ephemeras is that they are non-tradable so people will have to spend time to get them, to earn them. That sounds really nice, does it? But look at how it goes now, people get shock step, cold step, blaze step or seed step at their very first tries, while others cant get any of them out of hundreds of runs. Yes, that's how RNG works and I'm not complaining. The only ephemera which meets that premise is the blood ephemera, which players have to play many hours to get the points to buy the blueprint and to craft. That is what I think when I see people using the blood ephemera: "That's their effort and time". And for the rest of the ephemera, I cant decide, it's maybe luck at their first tries or maybe their countless hours to get it, which doesn't reflect the premise of ephemera at all. RNG is the thing that makes the game fun, but we need to consider all the aspects of it, so as not to ruin players' experience. So, with items having low and really low drop chance, make it tradable, and most of the rare items are tradable so far. And if non-tradable, raise the drop chance or change the system into gaining points-buying with points, if not, there will still be people grinding all their life and not getting any of them. And until then, I wont be spending any time grinding those ephemeras, but luckily, I got the smoking body ephemera in a random run and I didn't expect to get it, which doesn't reflect my time and effort to get this ephemera at all.
  13. Like all the update except the arcanes now can be bought directly with standing - which is a bad thing with fortuna (making the game too easy and fast to complete), now it;s just like that in cetus. Why would u change that? It took time to make those arcanes, yes, but the time make them worthwhile. I spent a lot of time to catch fishes, mining and farming cetus wisps, to make 4 rank 3 Magus Elevate, 1 Exodia force for the market, now with this update, all effort is loss, Im so sad. Now all the game is easy, i can get nearly everything in game with just about 300 hours in game. And there is no point in asking those materials back, they r useless now just like materials and fishes in fortuna.
  14. Clan name: Evisnary Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: https://imgur.com/a/3b8pAi8 Video tour: [/flash]
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