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  1. Exactly my thought when I saw the Empyrian Icon below the navigation: "Another mini game just like kuva lich!!???", only played 2 missions of railjack, not because railjack is good or bad but the feeling that it;s just a separate game mode dissuades me from playing. That moment just gave me the vision of the future of the navigation screen with so many many buttons which really worried me. They need to consolidate them into the main starchart, not adding more more mini games on top just to save time and effort.
  2. I think I made myself clear in my post: "Im not against making other ways to achieve umbral forma", but not this way. Umbral thing is a part of the new war, so far, this railjack only concerns grineer, nothing related to sentient, so the reward is a thing to make people play rather than the gamemode is a good experience itself. Guess u didnt see the point i was making. Ego is the logic mind, logic mind creates opinions and ideas, which then become believes which then create experience. Yeah, in a sense, the way umbral forma is introduced in this railjack contradicts with my opinions, so it can be said it hurts my ego. I accept that. And you should know too, because you replied to my post that way, my opinions already contradicted your opinions, then they already hurts your inflated ego. So, next time, talk out your opinions, because when you judge other's inflated ego, you are in ur inflated ego too, be conscious about that.
  3. What you said is not the same thing with me, really. Hema research is ridiculous, I have been playing for nearly 2 years and only got about 1500 sample for that research. what i were saying is that DE made things with good premise, then made them cheap or tradeable later on to incentivize people to play things. And i wont argue if u like to buy all things with plat, if that;s ur playstyle.
  4. It;s not what i meant, RNG is an important part of gaming, but it;s about how to use RNG. If you get everything right away then there is nothing to do, that;s why people often complain about content drought, then complain about RNG. So that;s why DE made lich system with RNG inside RNG, yeah, that;s worse.
  5. I liked the game very much, enjoyed the game very much, until now. Why? Because you gave out good ideas at first, but destroyed them later on just to keep players playing and try the make them "forget" all about the bad sides... but in fact, it just makes them quit. The idea of keeping people playing is the EXPERIENCE and the experience needs time, and the playing time makes it worthwhile. First, it was the ephemeras (and many other things before this first thing mentioned here). They were said to be the symbol of experience, no trading, no buying, and players need to earn them through time and experience, and at the beginning they needed a lot of resources to craft. And now, they are nothing but cheap cosmetics, became tradeable because of the lich system is so bad that it needs some "incentivize" to keep people playing. And now, the umbral forma has become the next in line to be ruined. It was a good thing when it came out, an exclusive reward of nightwave and it was precious because players had to do multitude of tasks in over 2 months to get 1 of it. But now, it is a random reward from railjack mission hiding behind the door named RNG, players can never get it or get it in just a few minutes. And the crafting requirement is TOO cheap that it makes all the 3 previous umbral formas from doing nightwave are just a JOKE. And all for the sake of: HEY, UMBRAL FORMA IS IN RAILJACK, LETS PLAY IT AND IGNORE ALL THE BAD SIDES OF IT. Im not against making other ways to achieve umbral forma, but this way, it;s so UNTHINKABLE. Why not making another kind of forma like EXILUS FORMA or UNIVERSAL FORMA that can be used for all mod polarities. A good game is a good balance of THE ADDING POINT SYSTEM combined with RNG system, and never destroy the premise of the playing system as the game progresses. But warframe seems not to have this foundation. Things that are worthwhile in game are becoming cheap overtime, and the time invested is wasted as the game changes. The things you felt you earned from playing gradually grows into trash, then what is the point of playing... I am uninstalling right now. Thanks for the good game, it has been my good friend for 2 years.
  6. Make me remember the game Homeworld, the best real time strategy game in space i know, there are automatic drones to collect resources.
  7. I agree that people say DE hasnt put out any big content this year, but they put out new graphic, color, effect and new melee system. Does that require small time to do? No, it;s still new content and people just say it;s no content. Yeah, it;s just cosmetic and effect and playstyle, but they put time to improve it, so it can be said that;s a little set back to improve the foundation before new content. I got a few friends used to play with, now seems like they got their new games, I tried their game and cant get past 30min, and back to warframe because warframe is so much more beautiful, the playstyle is versatile, the pace is fast, the parkour is great, new melee is awesome,... yeah, im not talking about the content or grind tho.
  8. Libpea

    Umbra Forma!!!

    It;s the dev talking to players (a bit sarcastic if u consider it) and it goes over their heads 🤣 "If there's one thing I've learned, Dreamers, it's this: Just when you think you've had it all, seen it all, done it all... there's always more." "Things seem tough, Nora knows, but believe: though it's going outta style there are people workin' to make this System a better place." Why people complain about the fishing a lot, it takes like 5min to do without resource drop chance booster. Mining requires a bit more time tho, can be 15 or 20m, still it;s not very tedious.
  9. Libpea

    Umbra Forma!!!

    You are right, here is my mesa with Umbral forma so to have the exilus slot free, i save the exilus just in case for Mesa's Waltz. But havent really used that mod, I like the style jumping up high then shooting while dropping down 😀 Still, i like that this way makes the umbral forma quite "special", have to consider really carefully before using it, only use it on primed frame and your often-used frame. Just my opinion and playstyle tho, still have the umbral forma in stash and havent known what next frame to use it on .
  10. Libpea

    Umbra Forma!!!

    I dont like aura forma, it should be more useful if it;s for the exilus slot. I use steel charge still because I use melee more than gun, but tbh, aura bonus is not much but give more or less capacity for me, not affecting the build very much, if you are not doing eidolon hunt needin Corrosie projection. Still, it;s the personal diversity you are talking about, I dont have much problem, BUT, actually it has a problem: when using 2 umbral mods, we need to forma all the other slots which means it impedes build diversity when you want to put the augment mods on with that 2 dot polarity, i have a few cases like this. Still, I dont feel the need to have umbral forma outside of nightwave, because then none will play nightwave, which is not intended by DE. I figured out that it'd be better to keep umbral vitality at rank 14, just a bit less health but will give u more build diversity without umbral forma.
  11. Libpea

    Umbra Forma!!!

    Most of the time i dont feel the need to use Umbral forma, not all the mods need to be maxed, but u will need Steel Charge for more capacity tho. And we have primed animal instinct now.
  12. Libpea

    Umbra Forma!!!

    If you do all the challenges, by the end of season you will end up at about rank 44, 14 ranks past 30. Yeah, you dont have to do all the challenges, I neglected the animal captures, cetus bounties and fortuna bounties (anything takes more than 30min, I will past). Umbral forma is exclusive to Nightwave, it;s a good thing, it;s a part of the game, it;s your choice to do it or not. Normally I can do all the week's challenge in 2h, solo all of it, even index or hydrolyst, dont know why people complain so much. So far we got 3 umbral formas, but I only use 2 (1 accidentally on mesa, not needed tho), the umbral forma only useful on warframes with high armor so Umbral fiber can work better. Normally, only 2 umbral mods is needed good enough, and you dont need umbral forma when using 2 umbral mods.
  13. Exactly, not everyone is willing to sell or buy liches, or trade them for missing weapons just for MR. I dont want to do anymore because dont know what to do with those converted liches, will be more of them stacking up if keep playing and losing time for nothing. And, when trading the lich, cant use the search bar for the name of the lich, yeah, need to check every icon for the name wanted. Just gave 1 lich to a friend for ephemera.
  14. Im ok with dying when trying the wrong order of requiem mods, until they made the lich escape after 3 times down - which causes new problem for me: The lich has been down 2 times because of wukong clone or just by sentinel -> Ok, need to mercy it or else have to wait a few more missions to expand the nodes on starchart while the rescue target or mobile defense booth is being shot at... -> die with the wrong mod, and take TOO long just to revive to save the mission. I failed the missions a few times like this. Got all the weapons, maxed them, want to do some more liches for some good elemental rolls... but nah, too frustrated to start, have 13 converted liches right now, what Im gonna do with them, sitting in trade tab for a long time to sell for some plat? better do fissures.
  15. I have been watching fissures in the Void for weeks, havent seen any of it, that;s why Im searching this on internet.
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