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  1. What's the plan for NW S2's replacement? Are we going to have to wait for another Intermission like we did with WoSS? That pause caused a lot of issues with regards to Nitain drops. I'm not even asking for a separate Intermission, but a post-devstream/Prime Time alert for some Nitain would be appreciated for the new players.
  2. So uhh. There are a LOT of bugs this time around. I only played for like half an hour before I had to leave for work, but some of the bugs that I encountered were 1. Game window minimizes after pressing "Play". It doesn't switch over to the cover art screen, but minimizes it until it's ready to show you the login screen. 2. Game update was not as fast as prior updates. It took my 100 Mbps connection, and slowed it to the crawl of a 2 Mbps connection. 3. Lighting in general is just really really bad. 4. Volt's "Speed" skill doesn't seem as fast or effective as before. 5. Volt's Discharge lightning looks like the blur animations you see on Grineer Manics, not the standard lightning visuals.
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