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  1. Is it an issue with the game freezing then minimizing and crashing for any mission? I may be having the same problem.
  2. This. This anecdotal hogwash of an argument is the worst way to even attempt a point. 🤨
  3. *Yawn* you do realize the free to play grind is how DE makes money. Players who don’t want to invest time do so with money. Your endless prattle consists of the least thought out argument. You don’t want to invest time you want it now for free in a free to play game. That’s your argument paired down to its core. I liked the wait and anticipation. It made getting it that much sweeter to me. The fact that you don’t even understand I originally wasn’t addressing you, lambasted your goofy response to my preferred play style, and you still persist is quite telling. Not in a good way.
  4. The view must look very nice from your ivory tower.
  5. Fix nuke frames that can stand still and destroy an entire map with the press of a single button and the problem you’re describing will fix itself. Nobody will come to Hydron with and unmodded banshee and Beaton mk-1 ever again. I refuse to play ember, Saryn, and other frames like them specifically because it’s so dull and it’s worse when I’m playing a run and gun game with one of them.
  6. I’m still pushing full on raids with big bosses that require actual tactics, some smart modding, and fun rewards. I see nothing wrong with having a hard game mod for players that are willing to commit the time to learning. Eidolons are a good start for tough bosses but they’re not really tactic heavy and there’s no real danger. Make wiping a very real possibility. Make players earn cool rewards.
  7. I’m less annoyed by the Kuga farm than I am the absolute menace that is the current state of the Riven market. Let me preface this with “I do not buy Rivens, but I do sell unrolled ones for reasonable prices if they’re for a weapon I don’t really care for.” Rivens are just a massive money sink for something that should be a bump for an otherwise middling weapon. DE needs to allow players to keep stats they like when rolling. I’d even support having the stats of successive rolls being negatively affected for the number of ones you decide to save. It would tank the absurd 4000p costs of Rivens now. People shopping for a mod to boost a beloved/popular weapon shouldn’t have to deal with that mad pricing. Volt Prime, arguably one of the most popular frames, usually sells for around 350p (down now due to unvaulting) is expensive, but far more versatile than any Riven you could get for “God tier Phasma Riven” that goes for 5600p. I’m fine with the Kuva farm being a slog. Fix the real problem with Rivens though.
  8. I played a year and a half before I could get all of the parts to build regular Vauban, and I still Think it was okay. A grind is a grind.
  9. I think it is the responsibility of the player to learn about events if they wish to participate in them fully. DE releases them with update information in the forums. I hope it’s just a never ending stream of events that eventually start overlapping though. DE can add new rewards to older ones, coming back around, to incentive veterans to play. They can also offer choices. Maybe it’ll get o erwgelming to the point that players will have to make a choice. Do that want to work on A, B, or C? Forcing players to make real decisions is always a win in my opinion.
  10. I could understand for a few unit types, but not all of them. It’d make survivals really tedious.
  11. No primed mod has ever done something different from its non primed variant.
  12. I got something like that when I cracked my glaxion riven as well. I rerolled it though.
  13. I am one of the vets who placed in the top with my previous clan, and I don’t care. The event finished ages ago. Let everyone else get access to it now. DE has only said o e thing is “exclusive” anyway. It’s been more than a year. People can probably just ask around in trade chat and get it for free anyway. As a vet I want things to do. I could care less about old rewards coming back.
  14. You don’t sound like much fun.
  15. Doesn’t understand the power of the furis.
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