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  1. I'm more curious if we'd have to forma the hell out of our entire arsenal... ...again.
  2. I got an incredibly lucky streak day 1, in 25 minutes of Hieracon and a good group (meaning every time an excavator spawned someone was on it) got 5 or 6 Axi A6 relics. Made a chart for myself for relic farm, so here it is, in case someone might find it useful.
  3. Everything with a tophat reminds me of Baron Samedi.
  4. I roll to avoid damage, hence a mod that makes me invulnerable to the damage I avoided doesn't exactly intrigue me. Also, having some added defense to mobility is nice (roll dr), but having your defense tied to your mobility (RG) doesn't feel comfortable. Ofc, that's just my way of playing, to each his own.
  5. I always imagine topics like this coming from some Rhino or Inaros, who couldn't show his 1337 skills at one shotting things with Arca Plasmor. While we're at it, can we make enemy damage deal % of total HP+shields+buffs as well?
  6. Tldr: game has rng, De are the devil. P.s. I got 5 Axi A6 in 22 min of Hierscon.
  7. Hieracon really does fix any and all axi deficiencies. Switching from Xini, it was an eye opener. With a good team, rot C is reached about every 4 minutes and the specific relic drop % is with only 3% difference. Simply put, in the time you get 2 Axis from Xini, you can get 4 from Hieracon.
  8. Am I getting this right? TLDR: "good story, solid gameplay, 5k hours, do not recommend."
  9. I don't get the /s. Sure it may not be you, but every second tool these days can't do much else but mimic a video.
  10. So you suddenly got surprised they didn't drop in on a random Friday?
  11. I haven't logged in since Monday, having given classic WoW a shot and so far, surprisingly, Warframe hasn't called me to ask "where the hell have I been", so there's that. I've also been told there's more to life than video games. Not that I've seen what that thing is. It's not a bad thing to rest from time to time, the game will feel way better after that.
  12. So wana be snappy edge lords like you can come to the forums and complain.
  13. Ugh sounds horrible. Good thing I only play single player games like Warframe.
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