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  1. Why don't people use Wu? Maybe because they have Limbo
  2. Don't take it as I'm bashing on you, but usually when Limbo slows the fight others might view it as trolling. I suppose you're referring to the axi hydron, which (if you dont have to slow down for reactant) takes 4:30 to clear. Overall the true art to playing Limbo is to leave your allies feel like you're enhancing their experience.
  3. If you believe shotguns are bad, wait till you get to assault rifles.
  4. That shows how often I see a revenant 😕 Too bad, looked nice. Thanks for the info.
  5. Yes please, make those 2000 hrs I've put in irrelevant because some scrub can't comprehend the normal power progression of every video game ever.
  6. Got the Heartwood armor, mainly because Titania's deluxe was an upgrade over the (lets call it diplomatically) unpleasent look. Turns out the Heartwood armor is also pretty nice and fits some frames well. However, during a railjack mission some effect grew out of them. Searched the internet on how that happened, no result. So I'm asking, has anyone found a way to consistently replicate the effect?
  7. I agree with 99% Valkyr is just ew right now Wu moved from my most used frame to gathering dust, because his entire kit complemented his 4 and now that... Baruuk is...ok? Excal is the best of the bunch, but even against sentients a Tipedo with Saryn's 3 does more. I don't exactly agree regarding Garuda's talons, however. Sure, they can use WW and BR, but they need a revision. 10% crit doesn't exactly scale well, even with the gladiator set and they're rather slow and with range you wouldn't write home about. Basically all they have going for them is slash and status.
  8. We've come to the usual conclusion. Fashionframe is endgame.
  9. Im getting this just to resell it at some point if it goes away for another 5 years. Approve the price as well, not everyone and their mom will buy it.
  10. You'll get better results and be able to coppy it in game chat. That said, I don't disapprove of this thread.
  11. Weapons, ok. But the murmurs are not an incentive. Also, imo, the system only delays so it doesnt do much for me. But my main idea was, that if the lich only stole items of little value, then there would be no point in this mechanic at all. Either leave it as is or remove it.
  12. The only way I see this happening is if the BP is obtainable by defeating Nx10 liches or... you know, maybe, 5k mutagen. No way any developer would trivialize content this way without the propper investment.
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