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  1. 10/10 for effort, presentation looks good. The build, however, lacks focus and some of the (almost) mandatory mods, like range an GP. Empower and roar, I'd only take on a melee build, which yours might be, but you have overextended for some reason. You should also add the rest of the mods for the build, being a guide and all.
  2. It's not trash talk, I'm just saying, if it's weak for you, then something is wrong with the build. I had no issue 2shotting in the steel path dailies. As for builds, there are plenty on overframe that do the trick.
  3. If you think spore is bad, you didnt build it right.
  4. Things come and go. Catchmoon went. Sporelacer came.
  5. Agree with most of what you said. But if its the new kill 30 bounty, I ask you to stop killing and you proceed to tell me I'm toxic, I'm not the issue. I don't expect everyone to know what to do, but if someone gives me an instruction about an event I'm unfammiliar with, I tend to take note.
  6. Is Stadia still a thing? I thought it was sent to keep Google+ company.
  7. This needs further explanation indeed. Yesterday we grouped up and had no idea, other than that we had to do ISO first. The other issue that needs addressing is: do we really have to complete ISO T3 every time, so we can do the 3 new bounties, and if so I'm not touching Deimos ever again. Having to do an unfailable mind numbing 20-30 min mobile defense, so I can do another mind numbing 20-30 min mobile defense, so I can have 50% chance for the reward to be endo and 7% what I actually want is not my idea of "time well spent" playing a game.
  8. It pains me to say that I have to agree with most of this. ISO T3 is just a 40min mobile defense (you know, one of the most unliked game modes) Infested kitguns sparked my interest and I will try them out Nechramechs... I honestly don't know what people like so much about those. Other than an overkill for an exalted the other skills are utter crap and leveling them 6 times against lv40-50 infested..... yeah, no. Tink issue got fixed fast, so nothing to discuss there. What I find absolutely disgusting. So far I've been giving a break to some releases, becaus
  9. Sure, I'd love to subsume all the frames for ther passives. AGAIN.
  10. There's always this one clown that's gonna make the dumbest of claims just to sound elitist.
  11. Wasn't the reason of a black friday discount to clear up storage space of unwanted inventory? Following that logic any discount over 1% for any digital product is generousity. Having said that, wouldn't mind a huge discount on the accessories bundle.
  12. I agree, it's fun, but after you get the 2 weapons the only thing left to do it for is some MR. The poor mode is in a desparate need of expanding.
  13. Sure, there's no problem on your end, it's DE's fault. I, myself am running between 100 and 120 fps on a laptop, but I bribed Steve for that.
  14. I swear, every week for some months now. But maybe DE will look at your post and throw everything out the window for Nidus prime.
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