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  1. My cousin is not playing WF and is not getting any umbral forma!!!!!! PROPOSTEROUS!!1!1!! Bloody p2w
  2. Looking at the forums these days I believe that the current social situation worldwide is putting people on edge and they're venting or losing it over the most insignificant of issues.
  3. It makes complete sence. If ability X should last N seconds with given energy, it should last longer with added duration.
  4. Holy hell. What is the point of your entire post? Why don't you use some punctuation or paragraphs? I'm surprised the forum whiners came up with an offense not coppied off youtube with the buss jab this time. But: The new RJ missions don't suddenly remove Grineer RJ missions, which focus on space combat. What restart, on my 2nd mission I got an armoring, used one of the twelve rush drones and was back exactly where i was. The buss thing, I don't know what you all are smoking but half of the mission is ships/POIs outside, before you enter and even then the RJ
  5. Is grineer RJ gone all of a sudden? In exactly a week when corpus RJ isn't shiny new both will have exactly the same weight in the grand scope if that's your worry. And it doesn't have to be just you, there's always this one guy who claims an update to be "the worst ever".
  6. I was being sarcastic, at least I can give a point to op for admiting he's venting, because all of his points, apart from the usual complaint of "unplayable because of bugs", which apart from scarlet spear has never been the case, are all down to personal prefference.
  7. How is every release the worst ever and this game still going?
  8. Ofc you know better than the devs, it's even more anoying that you write as if you're some kind of a messiah of balance. Somehow, however, in my head fixing balance issues when melee trivializes every consievable content that 99% of the playerbase would face by buffing ranged is not a solution. Might be just me...
  9. So let me get this straight... I ground through all the rare mods over 150k endo 2 umbral formas ~15 regular formas (for an entire loadout) 50 mil focus 42 arcanes and when I've finally completeded my 1337_360nOsCoPe_420_P***y-killer_69xXx build your solution is: "Don't use it"?
  10. I've made 10s of thousands of plat and I've never even opened trade chat. Considering you are aware of WF market I am wondering why you ever had to. But your sell of those 2 items doesn't come from the bad chat. They're cheap for a reason. The market has been oversaturated in those BPs for quite some time. For now it might be worthwhile sucking up that 8 plat which you're not gonna make and keep them, since they got reciently vaulted and sell them later for greater profit. Or just sell them as primed junk.
  11. Please no. I couldn't care less about OP's sentiment, I just dont want to ever have to go back to those.
  12. I like it all but one thing. Survival - to me its the physical manifestation of the expression "are we there yet"
  13. Every single frame since Octavia, I've usually had building on the day of release, but I can't be less excited. Also, I don't know where the mass oppinion that she's OP comes from, the only situation in which she would outdo other frames is a solo long afk-survival, in literally every other game mode she's outdone by conventional nukes or melee spam.
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