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  1. Captain obvious I summon thee, is this real or am I being bated 50p?
  2. Youtube is a cesspool for wana bes who think anyone cares about their oppinion, nothing new in this video, ignore and move on. In all honesty, youtube should stop monetization of things like this.
  3. She is currently one of the better designed frames, since: 1. She is versatile and can fit more than one role (Tank/DD/Debuffer/Healer) 2. She can be built in various ways to similar effects (E.G. QT+Flow/UV+UI for tank, melee/ranged/caster for DD) 3. Her abilities complement each other (4 into 1, 2 into 3...) 4. She has a coherent theme, which her kit focuses on *stares at Revenant mumbling "-and what are you supposed to be"* 5. She barely has mandatory stats, so there isn't a meta hardcore build like Saryn with max range Honestly, the only change I thought she needed is +5-10 crit chance on her talons, but ever since I touched their build a bit, she kills packs of active 160lv bombards in seconds, so I'm having second thoughts. Your idea is a completely different frame and Garuda is barely an year old, I don't see DE reworking her any time soon.
  4. You don't need to convince me, I'm sold, if this comes out tomorrow I'm getting a week off. Also being able to complete each raid once a day may be the perfect gating.
  5. Really nice idea, I love it. Only thing that I'm wondering is, how would the community see something like that. At one hand, everyone will farm the *excrement* out of it for a month and then continue with the usual: no endgame/trivial..etc. On the other, if it's made with WoW-like raid lock outs I fear most would lose it.
  6. Is forma not easy enough as it is? Relics, Plat, Plague Star, Lua... adding this would: 1. Give more reason for people to complain not enough creds are rewarded 2. Completely devalue forma if the bundle is anything under 130 creds as @Datam4ss mentioned 3. At best it would end up being something like 1 for 50 creds Crack a few relics, sell the garbage and just throw plat at it, that's what I do.
  7. It was obviously meant to provide more incentive to play, while being a proper guide to newish players, but everyone saw the umbral forma and went mad. I just hope they don't undertune S2 too much.
  8. This was so appreciated. Ever since I ranked 30 in NW I went from MR 21 to 25, can't wait for S2 and Jupiter.
  9. It's not a valid excuse, if grinding sucks for you go do anything else with your oh so valuable time. Grind has existed in almost any online games and WF's grind is far from the worst. For reference, classic WoW is coming soon, go check out the actual meaning of grind: slow mob respawn, densely populated areas with few mobs, loot tapping, split loot, single mob focus, 0.1% drop chances... and it's actually subscription based. So before you have at it with more empty words about "standards" why don't you give me an example of the game matching those "standards".
  10. Please Help! Ever since Nightwave is gone I don't have the needed Nitain to log into WF. Please donate to: Herewegoagainwiththiscrap@mindbogglingidiots.mygod 2nd here. Can anyone give a valid reason for hating NW, other than because society has sponged off too much of DR House and believe they can critique anything and that makes them seem intelligent? Because the excuse "it's grindy" in a grinding game is laughable at best.
  11. Because we are clingy, lonely teens with abandonment issues. But honestly, all I want, nay... need, is for Cephalon Sark to narrate my every action.
  12. 1. You don't have to stick to the clan, event or not. Whichever clan you're in will still get it's participation rewards. 2. I doubt that the rewards for the 10% will be anything but cosmetics. 3. The score will not be based on how many runs, but on best run (whatever that means) 4. If they do implement a Glaxion Vandal BP the same way they did with Ignis, as long as there isn't a requirement for the entire group to be from a single clan, I'm just going to find 3 tryhards in solo dojos like myself and spend the Sunday in the mission.
  13. 1. The UI reflects max possible values of the buffs, not current active values. 2. She is indeed one of the least played frames in the game by official statistics.
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