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  1. Ver1dian

    Anyone liking MOA companions?

    On Inaros my cc focused Moa with 12k hp is quite useful
  2. Ver1dian

    Make Mesa Ultimate interesting

    *holds breath for 10 seconds*... ...No. Your idea is nothing but nerfs and in effect you're describing any fast firing secondary. Just use prisma twin gremlins instead of regulators. If I want to feel rewarded for my awesome skills with a gun I play Harrow.
  3. The kind that doesnt die every 15 sec and gets out of my way. So often enough, anything but Limbo.
  4. Ver1dian

    How can I improve my Nekros build?

    The question is what do you want to achieve? This build will never achieve the effectiveness of either tank Nekros or farmer Nekros. However I do have a hybrid build for OV that works better than pure farmer, since pure farmer can get killed by one knockdown.
  5. Ver1dian

    Need fashion for my Nekros

    Cant post a screen atm, but what I did is make the main colors black and then the accents and energy either dark purple or orange, with Vetala armor for everything but the chest, for the chest riv elite and either a rift or arbitration sigil. A bit mainstream, but if any frame gets to be emo, that's Nekros.
  6. Ver1dian

    Ugliest Frame

    My god man. Are you trying to go blind?
  7. Ver1dian

    Ugliest Frame

    I didn't mean to hurt your feelings 😛 You did well I must admit, but that egg they used for a torso haunts my dreams.
  8. Ver1dian

    Ugliest Frame

    Not mine, but:
  9. Ver1dian

    Ugliest Frame

    Read carefully. Ugliest, not fattest. 😄
  10. Ver1dian

    Ugliest Frame

    Going through my load outs I marveled at some of my fashion frame. Until I reached some frames, so ugly that death would rather pretend to be cutting grass than face them. Naturally it's all up to personal taste, so I want to hear opinions. Which do you consider the ugliest of frames? My personal top 3 are: Inaros - One of my mains, but without the Ramses skin he looks like a phasmid Ivara - The head is pure beauty, but the rest, ugh... The shape burns my eyes and the inability to color parts and the "ghostly gown" are the icing Wukong - Who thought that giving a frame the round shaped monkey torso (no matter how consistent with the theme) is a good idea Honorable mention to Baruuk for that bowl cut of a head.
  11. I do believe that fixing her passive alone can bring her up to a viable level. Something like: For every 1 sec. an enemy is affected by fire damage from Ember, she gains 1% strength for 10-15 seconds stacking to 35% and converting equal % of her damage to true damage. Max 3% gain per second. Maybe even at max charge (35%) using world on fire consumes the buff, halting any range reduction. Oh, and maybe Fireball's base damage should be like the current charged, so charging Fireball should increase the range, with a charging mechanic like Garuda's Dread Heart for some hilarious range.
  12. Ver1dian

    Mesa build

    You've dipped too much into the duration + efficiency combo, can't go below 3.75 e/ps anyway. I'd get rid of Streamline for more duration, you'll still be over dipping, but at least you will have less windows of vulnerability, having to recast Shatter Shield. I personally think she deals so much damage that focusing too much on it feels like overkill, some extra defense is nice to have around, for that I keep her range.
  13. Ver1dian

    Saryn Weapon Of Choice and Proc

    One heals your pet and the other heals you. Their synergy comes in the way that you complement each other with heals, but if you want to you can equip only 1. Life strike needs to be chanelled. Meaning you have to equip a melee and hold the fire button. Winds of purity is a syndicate mod, cant recall which.
  14. Ver1dian

    Dps frame nerfs

    When a frame has one strong aspect and you gimp it, the frame can't stay competitive to other frames, that's how you get Ember, at least Banshee has that damage debuff, which is apparently useful on level 500+ enemies. I've always thought that if the damage of AoE frames is nerfed, then so should other frames' main aspects take a hit, to enforce balance between the roster. Now imagine a Rhino whose Iron Skin absorbs 50% of the damage or Ash/Loki with 4-7 sec invisibility with max duration, Limbo not being able to hold more than 10 targets in cataclysm. It would be the same for people who enjoy playing those frames.
  15. Ver1dian

    Vauban the interception GOD

    You spelled Nova wrong. And let's not forget our resident pest exterminators Saryn and Volt. One last thing, what is this Banshee main? Is it food? The only time I saw a Banshee was in IO. I was that shocked of seeing one I remember it to this day.