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  1. Dojo decorations that are fully contributed and currently building seem to be invisible now, they are still there and can be interacted with in the decorate mode but they don't aren't blue holograms anymore.
  2. Redeemed on steam warframe using instructions, got some plat and a variety of boosters. No skins or palettes. Just FYI
  3. You can't fill those spots in the way it is now, as you have to leave all at once and don't have the option to continue. This system won't enable leeches any more than it currently does, in fact I'd say it helps deal with them, you can leave now and requeue and they can't stop you from extracting. The host migration this is a good point though, it seems like every time I host migrate, I end up dying or losing object health or life support % before I can get back. I have also noticed the "impulsive" nature of features added in as of late, though I don't think that's the word I'd use to describe it. Proactive or enthusiastic is how I'd describe it. Small changes being added on whim, seemingly. As I see it, if they pan-out they stay, if people don't like it they'll probably get reverted - but all the changes have been great so far, so we haven't seen anything like that.
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