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  1. Personally I haven't seen many people upset, though to be fair I don't browse the forums as often as others might. I have 17,998 mastery exp until MR30 and I'm really excited. 3 whole umbra forma is rad, and I already know what frames I want to put them on. I don't know what people expected, but personally I was half expecting 31,000 daily stand cap and nothing else. Nothing ever led me to believe it would be anything more. The only thing I'm really upset about is the lack of communication on the topic. Despite the rewards being rather normal, It's still a big occasion and I'd think th
  2. They should register when you leave the necralisk and come back.
  3. I was hoping that Banshee's Silence, when put on Ivara, would allow Ivara to silence weapons for use with Prowl. Enemies can't hear any weapons you use while Silence is active, but I guess the weapons are still technically "alarming" still. (Using an alarming weapon with Prowl disables invisibility while shooting) This is a very specific case, but I think if Silence did make weapons technically "silent" it would allow for some fun synergy with Ivara.
  4. Railjack resource amounts need to be at most 10% of what they are now. Asterite, fresnels, trachons, and nullstone amounts are particularly heinous. As for the non-railjack resources, some of the values are just wrong when compared to the other values in the same category. You can't seriously tell me 30 Grokdrul is equivilent to 300 hexinon. Besides that though, I think the values are spot on. After all, this system was designed for players who have thousands of hours worth of resources sitting around doing nothing. It was always pitched as an endgame system for experienced players
  5. I've been messing around with my necramech for a while now and figured I'd drop some feedback. The arquebex and mausolon are very fun to use. The cortege seems a tad too weak, but still very fun. I'm confused as to why the arquebex randomly has an extra mod slot though. Arquebex affinity is still popping up in missions where I can't even summon mech. Mods seem too rare. Perhaps the mods need to be purchasable from Loid? we'd still need to run iso vaults to get the standing to purchase them,, but we'd get to choose what we need/want. Seriously I've probably completed around 20 t3 is
  6. I've been doing a lot of T5 and SP bounties for daily standing; the bug occurs on more than half of the bounties I try. It seems to happen whenever the Latrox Une bounty step happens directly after the help Garv/grineer step - seemingly unrelated to the exact mission location. Sometimes it won't let us start the step because we have to talk to Latrox first, other times it lets us collect samples but doesn't spawn enough infested. I haven't tried going back to Garv as other players have suggested, I will try that out next time.
  7. Being able to break rivens down into sliver in order to store more of them, saving server space, is an ingenious idea, I think. A nice QoL change too. A system like this would most likely need to be accompanied by change in trade amounts and changes in drop rates. I say this because breaking down a riven into 10 slivers would essentially let you use your riven trades as free transmutations. I'd make 4 slivers = 1 riven. Then, as a replacement for riven transmutation, let players break rivens down into single slivers (same rate 4:1). I would then reduce sliver drop rates to 40% of th
  8. If an MR 29 makes a new account it won't be MR 0 for long, the more skilled a player is the faster they will be able to grind quests, starchart, blueprints and resources necessary to reach higher MR. As for incentives, daily standing/focus cap alone is enough to motivate some players to go above and beyond when it comes to mastery. Really incentives are a moot point, dedicated players will want to test all the new equipment for themselves anyway, and doing so for all the content in the game will result in hitting the current MR cap. DE already asks a bit too much of our time as
  9. Yeah, it'll be a real shock to any player that didn't read the dev workshop more thoroughly. Personally, I still grinded every warframe in the game again (minus simaris stuff, time gated) and have them sitting in my foundry. I look forward to being able to choose my subsumptions in any order, and focusing on the update instead of grinding frames. MR is not an perfect measure of skill or knowledge, but it does strongly correlate. You'd be hard-pressed to find an MR 29 who isn't a walking-talking warframe encyclopedia. MR is a measure of effort, and that effort comes easier with s
  10. This is going to be a disaster, I can see it now. All these players who complained that MR 15 was too high, or too grindy, will explode when they see how resource intensive the system is (or at least how much it seems to be). From the start this system was intended for experienced players - to goof around with and sink resources into. Now players who have played as little as 8 days will be capable of using complaining about this system. Something I constantly need to remind myself of though, is that the helminth upgrade that unlocks this system will be late into the progression of Deimos
  11. I'm really upset to see this system nerfed before we even had a chance to try it out. I doubt it was going to be as crazy and broken as people were speculating. As strong as an ability might be in a given warframe's kit,that doesn't mean it wiil be as strong in another warframe's kit without careful consideration and modding. Besides, most of the nerfs were for abilities that can be shared with teammates anyway, synergies that are already in the game. Slight power creep for solo players? Maybe, but not game breaking. I'm also sad to see the MR prerequisite lowered from 15 down to 8. N
  12. I saw quite a few comments on the new workshop about the MR15 limit, and honestly I don't get why everyone is so up-in-arms. Getting MR15 is incredibly easy. When I started playing around May, 2018 I dropped a few dollars on a starter pack and got to grinding. The plat helped me get a few more slots to start with and the boosters really sped things up. No lie: I got MR15 in my first 15 days, after that things slowed down. To be fair, I did "no-life" it during those 2 weeks, but I wanted to get some mastery locked prime stuff before it got vaulted, and I wanted to prove I was a mad lad to th
  13. People were speculating and complaining all the subsume abilities would be weak, and that the new system would be useless. You add a handful of good abilities and now suddenly everyone is up in arms about the "balance" of the system. you really can't win, can you? DE Don't get me wrong: I have my own doubts about the strength of Roar or eclipse on already powerful frames. Perhaps the answer is to just cop-out and pick the weaker abilities, but you can't please everyone and people will say the system is useless. So I look forward to seeing how crazy this new system is. It's gonna be
  14. If you don't want to dedicate a mod slot to an augment then the simple answer is not to use it. If no one uses an augment, DE will eventually rework it. ... and so the wheel turns.
  15. Lots of the frame farms in the game are excruciating, and I'm not looking forward to doing them a second time. If selling prime parts and buying the frame using plat is more enjoyable than the farm in question - then DE seriously needs to adjust the farms. I don't expect, or want, to just be handed the frame but I really shouldn't have to spend the better part of a day just to get a second copy of Khora or Protea. What worries me more than anything are the quest specific frames. Limbo, Mirage, Chroma, Titania, and Inaros (among others). I don't know if anyone's brought these up, but grindin
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