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  1. Phoenix Dynasty is now expanding our community with our second clan being Phoenix Kings. We are looking to bring more players to have a more Competitiveness, Fun, and Helpful community where no one will feel alone and have someone to help them out! We have grown exponentially and have 1000+ members already! Our sister clan has grown to moon clan in less than 3 days because of the active players we have recruited, and we wish to do the same with Phoenix Kings! We put caring members into our staff who put lots of their time into this Clan. The Clan has been built with one goal for the future. That goal is to have a loving and caring environment, and we want YOU to be apart of it! ♛ The founders of Phoenix Kings are ImHeroic and Shai ♛ 1.) No spamming in-game chat (that's what our discord is for xD) 2.) Be kind to each other 3.) Help when someone asks 4.) If you are inactive for 10 days you will be kicked (Can ask for re-invite if in discord) 5.) Be a good member of the community. You represent us now and not just yourself 6.) No buying or selling in clan chat OUR BROTHER CLAN - Phoenix Dynasty This clan has an MR 7+ requirement, for more information join our discord! Our New Sister Moon Clan! Phoenix Vanguards This clan has an MR 0+ requirement, for more information join our discord! Phoenix Paladins These are our newest moon branch! We look forward to having you join the Phoenix Family Accepting MR 5+ There are 2 ways you can contact us to join! 1.) Join our discord and ask a Knight or above from Phoenix Kings for an invite 2.) Fill out this form, and we will invite you when we see you online! Please post your IGN, rank, region, and type of player: Casual or Competitive below if you're interested in joining the Dynasty Family. Example: IGN: Minecraft69 Rank: 5 Region: USA Type of Player: Competitive. 
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