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  1. It's happen for a while, but after the last update i think this enemy detection range is increasing in incredible rate. As i run in PoE, I found that enemy can detect us like 100 m + aways, it's happen on ground unit not flyer one. it's start shooting even i not yet notice them. At first i think it's may got some near one enemy alert them but after try for a while it's not that problem. it's just happen sometime that enemy will found us in incredible range of sight. In the normal mission which got less space, some enemy can detect us even they on other side of room. This make almost impossible to stealth for attack of pass through if we on their sight even it so far aways. After a bit test i found that it's randomly happen to some enemy but not all of them. If i compare to what game use to like. it's like those enemy always on alert stage which will attack us on very far sight but in fact that's happen that it's never have alarm on.
  2. With ability to rerive member, now it's bring another problem to us. An Leecher. So far i encounter on random player will got someone who really keep die again and again, Why not, he keep afk he not bother on death cause ppl will rerive him, or some who is really not ready for Abrit.,One round i rerive same ppl for 3 round in 20 turn of infest excavation. Then i notice why he down so often, so i keep eye on him and see he just stand there no move in abirit! Somthing that plan for help ppl turn to somthing ppl use for rest while other work harder. This system must be limited to Friend only or Invite only. Take it off form public cause it's lead to more problem than merit. What happen now is if got someone die, some ppl will leave than keep going and let's dead one rot there no matter it's accident or not, unless you found really good ppl. Idk this idea can happen or not but I suggest my idea on down in Abrit. If ppl down on Abrit, He will be on Shade mode, On this mode He still can attack mob, and mob still can attack him. But he can't progress on mission if he solo, or not get any reward if mission progress on team mode. What he need to do is collect a token himself on rerive! Yes let's ppl who down get punishment on burdern team work, not let's team work harder for someone mistake. and if he die again during shade mode, he lost one obtained reward for each time down. No more rerive if no more reward to pay. So this will be fair, one who make a mistake can recover if he really want to be. not punish their teammate on other mistake.
  3. Dear DE, As just a average player, not hardcore one. I must say since Arbitrations release, I avoid it as much as I can not because of it's permanent death but it's too boring to keep going to get rotation C for reward that I want. Please understand that If you want Arbitrations is tough, it's not mean to make it as long as possible like some recent Alert or Nightwave. (Which suddenly I complete this season ~ No, I don't go to do 60 Min of Surviving, IT's not that tough but it's will boring as hell since I done it when release for first time. The real problem is here, I'm not sure what is your team was think about adjustment of events, now no matter events that you want to make it tough, you make it longer. Like Thermal Fracture events when release its need like 20 min for 7 point if our team was not do switch those thermal tank. I think it's is quite fun at start but end up I'm so boring cause it's take too long to finish one that why i'm really thank that you adjust it make we can finish it in one point. even it's too late for me. Back to Arbitrations problem. I know that you don't want people to spam this too easy to keep ppl play. But actually it's already limited by 1 hour mission rotation, So no matter people finish it in 30 min or 15 min both need to wait until next mission rotation come. So It's not better to make people no need to pay attention for too long. So people can enjoy it's more than pain to do it? It's sure time on mission is one burden that make mission feel tough. But it's also have one point that tension become boredom cause ppl will keep weight that is it still worth to do it or not. Let's take example New Arch gun riven that need 25 VE , if not exc. Mission most of them is 10 min for 1 VE, so it's about 250 min of Arbitrations, If got good team that can stay at least 30 min, you talking about 9 round for only 1 Riven. And you need to stay full 30 min for 8 round plus 20 min on last round. So If ppl who want that arch gun riven bad for some reason, but he is just have time to play like 1 or 2 hour a day. You asking them to sinking half of their play time on Arbitrations even that their still need 5 days or so to complete one that riven. that is calculate with all good bias , no fail run, no sh-t host migration, no attention on other events (cause you have 30 min left on each hour you can play before new mission rotation land) Now I think you can catch idea why people keep asking for shorten it's rotation time. It's not about people think it's tough but it's boredom and take too long time that better to use for do other contents. And also with no need to remove perma-death. If time limit for each rotation back to 5 min. Ppl who die will likely can wait for end of rotation than leave with no need to bother about death method, I really think ppl who leave only one reason that they need to just wait for almost 10 mins. Yes you can make some long run events, but for rare events like special alert or weekly, monthly events. But please not for something that need spam to farming. Very little of your customer enjoy pain to stay on survival mission for hour every day or several times a day. So conclusion ~ it's about you want to make Arbitrations for just Hardcore people who have tons time to play and have good team to keep along, or make a chance for some average player who join random party which some of them just want VE and keep say they will leave on 10-20 min no matter you try tell them 30 min will got good item rotation but they just want to leave cause it too long.... PS. As I say about Nightwave 60 min survival, I'm not dare to call my friend to do it again since last time he say he need to rest his hand cause he need to keep slash enemy for 60 min... I only can say ppl who think it's good idea to make this 60 min survival not care about player's health at all.
  4. Is it any possible to make companion work like sentinial? It's so sad that we miss a chance to use fun pet cause we need to stick with very useful one. Even it's already adjust to take very little time to switch pet, but it's still not work like sentinal which we can register it to each loadout.
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