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  1. I use to feedback on Voidstrom once. And i don't think add holokey in them is fixing Voidstrom. The "FACT" for farming Relic for ppl is, How efficiency run relic mission. Which mean Reward/Time, It's was only reason and will always be. That is the reason ppl choose to farm relic when fast pact mission is available. Such as Capture, and totally avoid time sink mission. Because it's will lower their efficiency. To put Holokey in Voidstorm is just temp method to push ppl in Voidstorm. After they done farm holokey. It's give no meaning to stay doing relic in there since it's not efficiency ways to do them. It's very easy to understand and make me wonder why DE not try to fix it at the core issue. Time you use to do voidstrom = 2 x time to use on normal Void mission = 3 x Void capture mission. So in same amount of time we can done 2 or 3 relics while finish 1 round of voidstrom. While voidstrom is high-end mission require you to build Railjack and mod them. While you asking for more condition to access, setting up longer time to finish one mission but end up only 1 reward. So? is that not very common sense here that ppl not want to do them? As i use to suggestion, Holokey is not function that help voidstrom. it's just temp method to force ppl in that why ppl want to finish it as fast as possible so they can just stop doing it. On the conclusion. I still suggest the same ways as i use to suggest, Make Voidstrom can choose to equip 1-3 relic for each ppl in each round, ppl need get 10-30 reactant base on how many relic was equip during mission (It's will overflow anyways if you talking about railjack mission.) So make us can unlock 1-3 relic in each round. This will make it totally more efficiency with out need to add some sugar-coating to force ppl do them. So they will end up not feel forcing to do bad mission for farming holokey and waste their time. Make holykey as a bonus than target. Anyways I'm the one that already got all Tenet melee and already get 3 replica to boost stat and get another stat. with 40 holokey still on stock. So I'm almost feel i'm done with voidstrom soon, no matter what fixing is going to land. So trust me i'm the one that keep farming even it's very horrible drop rate. to just finish it and forget about voidstrom until if anything new add. I'm have none of positive interest increasing during my time on voidstrom cause it's was time sink and negative efficiency ways to do relics.
  2. Please make Requiem Ultimatum tradeable or/and more drop chance. I finish all tenet weapon and new lich weapons also done with ephimera form that I got only 1 R.U. totally. i got 4 form compensate on first day and form previous lich compensate, but only 1 form drop that all. This completely insane drop rate for item that you hope will help to finish Lich/sister system. This item can use only 1 time to force lich pop only 1 time. It's no need to be restrict that much on usage. Now sister is quite balance on time but Lich is still have a problem on Lich spawn rate (I complain this since Lich release but seem DE never care to take a look on it). while i do new Lich weapon. I finish 3 Req.code with just 1 time of lich pop. and it pop while 1st code still not complete. After that it's not pop at all until i grab all code and need keep do mission again and again to make them pop. As i use to say many time Lich pop rate is real problem on Lich system. It's must have some force pop mechanic that balance with total mission clear or number of Thrall killed. I can't believe that i almost clear all node in one planet still not see Lich pop and when it pop it's like to pop when mission going to end like in Defend mission same to Acolyte. Ask anyone around ppl say same thing Sister is more fair on pop rate than Lich. Lich's mummer is also come on slower rate than Sister, but Lich spwan rate is way more more more horrible. So since DE not willing to change that. Just make Req.Ultimatum more common. Make them tradeable so we can have a choice to do so.
  3. Also I found this while testing them in test room with AI turn off but this hound keep down time to time and sometime I also got damage form some source. So i keep eye on him until found the this. Actually with this skill combo with Synergized Prospectus, it's sometimes do suicide by drain spark orb in and blast himself and me in same time.
  4. Too bad, DE forget to adjust poping rate of Kuva lich to match with mummur rate. You still possible to clear out almost whole node to make them spawn. I once finish 2 code before get first lich spawn after this update. Too bad i never see DE reply to this problem.
  5. Watch whole stream, on tennocon relay, wait like hour before it start, got count down with tons ppl. I'm not got any warp to showcase scene just stuck in relay until tennocon end same to many ppl in same relay. No armor or sword skin. I wait to watch this until 4-5am my time. I will so mad if not get it.
  6. Ok after a while on testing Yareli, this is my op on her. Overall, Her kit is quite interesting and fun to play with I quite fun on playing her. But i found that her kit end up full of lack of "Power" It's not just about damage but also it's no contain any special effect on them. 1.SEA SNARES - I know most ppl are feel this skill is far too weak cc and not good, but for my op. This skill is best on Yareli's kit. It's was cc that can deal some damage. Imo this kit is good enough for 1st skill energy value. But what i may ask is to increase speed of bubble, it's far too slow to catch enemy around even it's homing is very nice but it's take several second until it's can hit enemy. 2. MERULINA - The bad point of this skill is very clear. K-drive is not good to use inside building. Most of area is too narrow and too many obstacle around. Yareli need this skill to get extra HP and damage reduction. But it's end up we keep stuck everywhere inside normal mission. The core idea to make own K-drive is good. but it's seem you already forget why you not allow K-drive to use indoor. The fact is I never good on K-drive. It's hard to control enough in open world, no need to mention indoor zone. But we can't avoid to use it, since it's give Yareli Def kit. At least please make "Prime sure foot" prevent her got knock down her Merulina. this will make me more comfort to use this skill indoor. 3.AQUABLADES and RIPTIDE - This is the one of weakest 3rd skill so far, unless you combine it with "viral". Skill itself can kill just low level enemy. It's got no profits form Range, it's weak even after buff. and the worst point that i feel form this skill and 4 skill is it's just deal plain damage on that type. that all, no buff, no debuff, no special effect just slash proc. it's only good when we use it together with Melee, or we need viral proc on 2ndary weapons to combo. But in the end just that, only damage. Same to Riptide, It's may feel like Zephar's tornado, but it really worst. Since you use it, it's freeze Yareli on the action until skill done. This mean it's no use to combo to anything so far, I try to combo this skill to weapon, other skill. nothing really sync with Riptide. And since Riptide itself just draw in and damage. so it just that. 2 of Yareli skill is just plain damage. It's can't synergy to other of herself skill, it's not give buff, debuff to profit her more than damage. But it's damage also not that good. skill 3 relay on other source of damage to get average damage, skill 4 relay on Tons of enemy around to boost up damage. That why this 2 skill is become weak point on Yareli kit for now.
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