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  1. Only thing i hope for lavos adjustment right now is, When he got Energy orb, it's will reduce ability recast timer.
  2. I must say Void Strom now is not much worth to do else of farm for Sevagoth and his gun. Compare to time useage Railjack mission always take longer time to finish one than normal relic mission.Only one that fastest Railjack mission to finish is Exterminate, but you can just choose to do in normal Exterminate one, so we no need to bother about Ship fight part. And if we talk about requirement to do Void Storm. it's require a lot effort to finish it , even need more in high lv Railjack content. I got suggestion to make this balace with the time and effort of player. Please allow each playe
  3. Ok, i got very excite to touch this new frame Sevagoth. Here is my op. after i test in in various mission. 1.Sevagoth is really have trouble in Steelpath content. I know that he got various of survival ability. But in fact even with that all, it still can't help him surive well enough. His armor is too thin for enconter with Steelpath, i try to use Adaptation, Arcane guardian also Umbra vit. and intens., but he still encounter with death back to back. His armor is very poor so after shield gate run out 1 or 2 shot he will die. Adaptation can't build up with this high damage hit, also Arca
  4. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: [Crushing Speed] mod rank 9 and rank 10 is no increase in mod effect VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just there EXPECTED RESULT: Max rank of mod must give more stat boost on the Crushing speed mod. OBSERVED RESULT: Lv9 and Lv10 give same stat. result of no use to max it. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  5. Confirm this happen to me also, do 2 Anomaly first round process as normal, but after that go to next Anomaly spot without go back to Dry Dock. No objective was list, got objective mark on Grineer's base but no crewship pop in the area and Grineer minion ship is spawn endlessly. Try finish everything, Grineer base sabotage, Anomaly Investigate. After that it's stuck there minion ship will keep coming without crewship pop. So need to return to Dry dock, and sadly found that everything that get during farm on 1st round which success run is now disappear, just got 1st round end mission reward not
  6. I also encounter this bug sometime, mostly happen when lets' crew take pilot seat, after back to ship engineer already take care of the hazard but it's effect still there for a big while. Its happen with Cold hazard also. .
  7. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Player using gamepad,controller can't active "Flush Heat Sinks] - Gunnery Rank 9 without keyboard on PC] VISUAL: [-] REPRODUCTION: [Since get Gunnery Rank 9, On X-box controller we can reload with (X) botton. But on railjack it's defind to dismount form pilot seat. So everythime you press (X) you will dismount instead of cooldown turret. But even we reassigned Dismount form (X) bottom to D-Pad (Down). (X) still not active for "Flush Heat Sinks" same to all other botton. Only way to active this right now is [R] botton on keyboard.] EXPECTED
  8. I'm sorry if i miss something, but for Rank 9 Gunnery - [Flush Heat Sinks] was said use reload to instant cool weapons in 0.5s, For X-box controller (Play on PC) (X) mean to reload weapon, but in Railjack (X) mean to dismount form pilot seat. I try to change dismount to other free botton (D-pad : down) but it still not work, Also try all other botton it's not working also, Am i miss somthing?
  9. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Crew can't equip Right Saturn Six shoulder Plates and Shi Shoulder Plates] VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: [On crew's appearance menu, choose right shoulder - we can't target Saturn six and Shi Shoulder Plates. If we put mouse over it the target will still stay above or under them] EXPECTED RESULT: [-] OBSERVED RESULT: [-] REPRODUCTION RATE: [everytimes]
  10. I love to see AI more flexible on fight. Just today i addcidently add 2 gunner and forget to change new crew roll, so he set as defender crew instead of Engineer. After fight no enemy on the ship but ship is got attack by serveral hazard. that crew just hold the gun and walk around even ship going to blow aways. I can understand for gunner crew that may not step down to fix that. but Defender while not on fight why not let him help on engineer work on lower priority. Engineer role, he will maximize on fixing and if Ordinator and Dome run out, he will target to refill it. he wi
  11. Gunnery lv 10 is real problem here. It's got someone who love it and someone who hate it. The function like this i suggest DE add some option to turn on or off after unlock it.
  12. confirm this while doing NW on this week. Kubrodon lure not show on Lure wheel. We still can use it, if you set it up on Gear Wheel. But it's will not show on Lure Wheel.
  13. It's already distributed, I'm also quite sure that i got full upgrade avionics grid, and got like 20+ T3 turret, 10+ T3 engine and others but for some reason i got only tier 2 reward =/
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