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  1. Yeah, all we need to know is that "Scotty" is working on resetting the isolinear processors in the ionic phase displacement array to be properly calibrated with the magneterium core, so the warp drive can be engaged.
  2. I'm sorry. Your update is in another castle. Couldn't resist.
  3. Oh I see. In other words, Depleted Reload can replace Fast Hands... unless you can somehow fit in both for ultra fast firing rate.
  4. At least for mastery ranking up. I'd more likely stick to the standard version as my go-to sniper. Then it just occurs to me, but what are the base damage stats of each one at rank 30? Or say assuming potato'd and just the serration to work from - is the Prime damage without charged chamber (40%) possibly better than or equal to the standard Vectis with that mod? I actually only have the charged chamber, didn't even know about the primed version for 100% until recently.
  5. Isn't the standard Vectis better though? The single shot barrel makes better use of the Charged/Primed Chamber mod (40%/100% bonus damage on first shot in clip). There is the mod to reduce Vectis Prime clip, but then you're losing a slot just to make the chamber work.
  6. ah, ok then. I'm still waiting for the update to go live so I can get back in, reach my 150 days milestone, and begin endo farming for all the Primed mods I got from Baro. And still playing SOTTR in the mean time. Great game too.
  7. Will this update also be giving us the new Jupiter map reworks shown in the Dev Stream (or maybe it was Prime Time)? Would love to see the atmospheric storm live on my own screen
  8. I'm not even in that much of a rush. After the Rhino Prime unvaulting and getting mine, I've been playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Put that on hold during Baro weekend where I got all 4 essential Primed mods (not the faction banes) and back to my TR game, having recently started my NG+.
  9. I'm more curious to see if this really means how it looks, players can just do continuous primary/secondary switching, fire off a few shots, switch, fire off a few, switch again... and get a near "continuous" +165% damage perk.
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