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  1. Thanks for the hotfix. Any chance Propa could teleport to the Eidolon ?
  2. Thank you. still any chance that Propa could still teleport to the eidolon?
  3. Thanks for the update. Is there any chance that Propa can still teleport to the Eidolon?
  4. Is there any chance that the Propa scaffold can be fixed? It used to tp to the eidolon when looked at it and close enough, now it just does it's normal "slow" travel.
  5. Hello! I was doing some hunts earlier with a couple of friends and I noticed some of the following issues, also stated in the title: - The Propa Scaffold will no longer teleport to the Eidolon. (1) - [This has been a recurring bug, for a while now] When 3 vomvalysts go into a lure, sometimes it will not charge, meaning it will take 4, or even up to 5 vomvalysts to fully charge a lure. (2) - Ground dash; Virtuos Shadow Operator Arcane no longer energy steal from the Eidolon. (3) Alright. Explanation time. 1: Before the Buried Debts: Update 24.4.0 update, it was possible for players to, when close enough to the Eidolon, shoot the Propa scaffold at it, and for it to instantly explode on the Eidolon, dealing shield, and occasionally limb damage. Now, when you aim the amp at the Eidolon, it will just do the normal "slow" travel. This may have been a bug, but it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. That would be unusual for DE to fix something without putting it in the patch notes xd. For example, in the video attached here: the Propa would instantly teleport to the Eidolon and do shield and limb damage. Let me know if you need further clarification. 2: Again, this has been a recurring bug. I'm sure there's been many other forum posts just like this, but I'll give you a quick run down just in case. Sometimes, when 3 vomvalysts go in a lure simultaneously, or not even simultaneously, maybe between 2-3 seconds of each other, the lure won't charge. Why is this? Who knows. 3: This might've been an intentional fix due to a bug abused by many players. When you dash at around the area of the ground of where the Eidolon dips his head when he screams, you would be able to proc Virtuos Shadow, the operator Arcane that had a 40% chance on headshot that granted +60% Critical Chance to amps. Now, in fast runs, people can't just shoot the Eidolon head, because they're using Madurai's signature Void Strike ability to amplify damage to the shields. So they would dash at the head, and it would count as hitting the Eidolon to get Virtuos Shadow. Although it still works, it will no longer refund energy when executed. Why? This may be because of players abusing Magus Revert and Magus Lockdown, in conjunction with Madurai's Meteoric Dash. Meteoric Dash would do 400 damage per dash, and it would also be able to damage the Eidolon's shields. Players would dash at the ground, so there would be no cooldown between dashes, deal the 400 damage, and the energy would be refunded because of Magus Revert, which would essentially return the operator to their original location before dashing and refund the energy that was used for the dash. As you can probably guess, they would abuse this to spam ticks of 400 damage per dash, and usually use macro's to deal around 20 ticks of 400 damage per second (8000 damage per second to the Eidolon's shield). This is a minor bug, but maybe could be looked into and fixed it maybe Revert / Lockdown / Meteoric Dash did not have this interaction. Thanks for reading xd ❤️
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