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  1. I'm so addicted to caffeine at this point I drink it just so I dont get a massive headache all day. It does nothing to keep me awake. But I guess it's better than the other C word. Anyways goodmorning tenno.
  2. Yea I was hoping they'd be custom, but I doubt it.
  3. How about a couple more open worlds
  4. Awesome! About to build/mod my first primary kitgun
  5. This is ridiculous THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.
  6. I think I'm gonna finally do it.....I'm finally going to kill this lich I've been ignoring since the update came out.
  7. So in conclusion I winnnnnnn
  8. Ah ok I fully understand now. yea that's a bad situation. I'm sorry.
  9. @sweatshawp I can speak to this. I have major social anxiety and clinical depression. Havent had a job in about 3 years. It's a huge struggle to keep a steady work flow with these type of conditions. Trust me on this that the subject is terrifying for her as it is annoying for you. And to be honest she will always be like that. You cant change it. So if it's not for you now it would be better to just leave the relationship. Also it just seems like from what I read you dont really care too much of this person?
  10. that was a sarcastic answer lool yea it is sometimes. cant just pull it out of thin air.
  11. I randomly have a 6 day credit and affinity booster? My 2 year anniversary was a couple days ago. Does DE do stuff like that? Or is it for everyone?🙃
  12. Well I had a dream I had a gf and then I woke up single so...idk be happy with what ya got? Lol
  13. See that's my problem I'm a tall stocky individual and when it comes to anything whether it be meds or drinks or other it takes a lot for me to get a good effect going
  14. Yes but virginia just recently last couple years made it easier to gain access to it for people who need it. Also the devil's lettuce will be decriminalized in july here.
  15. I havent tried CBD but VA laws are becoming more relaxed on the subject so I'll give it a try soon 😁
  16. I have prescription stuff all those over the counters I would have to take too many
  17. Thankyou! Hope your day went well too 😁
  18. I think I need new ones. My body doesnt do anything with my painkillers now. Back pain is so bad.
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