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  1. its not a bug i see now ...in fact i was my mistake i wasnt fulmin build its weapon atrax of an carrier. Realy sry guys ... i think was to tierd PS: many thx for additional info!!! Please close the topic.
  2. realy?!!! i show u a link that its not only beam weapons . thx for info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZAOH3JHTtk look at this video and u will see that it uses SINISTER REACH in Fulmin build ... so why at me its not working?
  3. Hi i want to report a bug i can't equip on my primary weapon this mod . When i search it i can't find it on the arsenal. But when i search in modding i have 56 mods called SINISTER REACH. Thx please help https://ibb.co/3kDv1gZ https://ibb.co/bQbGjJ2
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