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  1. Make Shedu event less toxic? If I host and don't bee line to the sentient ship everyone leaves. If they don't get the loot they need they leave even if other got parts they need. Joining other and host leave 99.9999% of the time if they don't get the loot they need. Guess I'll do clan farm only atm since pubs are useless atm
  2. Melee 3.0 hit the shelf, crit mods got a massive buff and then some so they can compete. And now "we" start to whine because crit is better than status? Bloodrush/weeping wounds was among the strongest mods before 3.0 and now they're not. Bloodrush is still good on a number of melee, weeping wounds not so much. If you want to use bloodrush/weeping wounds use a riven/mod where you get "initial combo". Corrupt charge gives 30 initial combo (x2 start at 20). Focus energy gives 40% combo efficiency so you don't get reset to zero. Zenurik - Inner Might gives 60% combo efficiency. Lots of ways to keep up the combo multiplier but it cost damage mod slots. I have no idea why so many ppl want 100000 damage mod slots on the weapon so they can do 1000 000 000 000 000 dmg/hit and kill a mob 100000 times over. Lots of people complain that there's no challenge in Warframe and another group are yelling that their favorite weapon is not utterly insanely overpowered. Just look at the drama when Pablo said on stream that "Saryn is the most unbalanced frame atm so DE MIGHT want to look at it in the FUTURE" "NO HE WAS NOT WORKING ON IT". Yes I watched that stream and how the S#&$ hit the fan from "We might look at it in the future" ..... 1 month ago lots of streamers/build guru stopped using primed pressure point because CO was better. Yes, if you hit a target dummy for 1 minute and you can reliably keep 2+ status effects up it's better. 1 shot a mob and CO is useless ( without status effect CO gives 0% damage ) but for those who bother killing the crewship grineer/base mobs slash/Viral/corrosive CO is by far the best setup I've tried. And why should condition overload be the best melee mod in the game? Very hard to get and if it becomes a multiplier again it's hands down the strongest mod.
  3. nothing about intrinsics after mission 😞 "lost" 20-30 the last 3 missions Post mission says 61, back in dojo and I got 48 and that from 1 Veil mission
  4. Me and clan buddys did the Bendar cluster mission. They got completed mission but I got failed. I hosted, my ship and got completed mission on the map but failed when we traveled to drydock.
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