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  1. One thing I've noticed is that enemy fighters are sometimes invincible. They appear to heal SUPER fast, even with MK III guns, you can't get them to go down faster than they regenerate. I don't know if this is some sort of intentional mechanic or a bug, but it's VERY distracting shifting from fighter to fighter and going through potentially a dozen targets before you find ONE that takes damage properly. If this IS intentional, explain how it is supposed to work so we can figure out how to accommodate the invincibility. Even one shot kill munitions that do 10,000+ damage don't scratch them. I actually had to tell somebody wasting munitions to stop shooting at the invincible Outrider because it was bugged or something. Another thing I've noticed is very strange happenings in regards to avionics. Sometimes, avionics are missing, but reappear later with no changes to railjack. Also, the values of upgraded avionics sometimes don't update the statistics sheet on the left. When I upgraded the shield recharge avionics, for example. I keep having the number of missiles in Seeker Volley changing from 38 to 44 or 50. The Last Stand avionics mod changes the displayed damage value between 72% damage bonus and a much smaller number (I forget how much, but it was like 28% or something SIGNIFICANTLY lower). Also, two different houses had different cost of avionics capacity, but both showed the 72% value, but I can't tell which is better because they are identically bugging out with shifting values, but they have a disparity of 2 avionics capacity cost. I can't believe they would be the same one one is just cheaper. The drop chance of munitions-based weaponry seem nonexistent so far. I haven't seen a SINGLE munitions-based weapon drop and I've cleared all of Earth Proxima, all of Saturn Proxima, and all of Veil Proxima (and several repeats of each). I got one from dojo research, but it's only a MK I and literally EVERYTHING else on my railjack is MK III. I have had multiple of EVERYTHING else (besides some avionics which also seem rare). Also, avionics mods in general seem very obscure and confusing. Partially because the avionics values keep changing for no apparent reason and then changing again later with no apparent reason/changes. The houses don't seem to be like incrementally better. Some of the houses have less upgrade slots, but as we get better quality, they should either require more DIRAC to upgrade (preferrably), but cost less capacity, OR cost the same capacity, but have higher output value. Ultimately, even with +52 avionics capacity MK III reactor, I can't fill out the avionics slots because I need like 20+ more avionics capacity than my MK III reactor has. I also don't know what the highest avionics capacity reactor has because I have only seen Lavan and Zetki houses and those focus on etc, etc, but the one that is missing (Vidar) seems like it would focus on avionics capacity, but sacrifice flux capacity (what I would need to fill out avionics page). I also notice that Tether (battle avionics) doesn't seem to do the damage it states. It says 200m radius, 10 targets, and 3000 damage IIRC, but it only seems to tether and permanently paint them with a bright green aura. I haven't seen it actually do any damage to anything. Considering that that damage would obliterate any fighter... I would notice if it did anywhere close to 3000 damage. Another thing is the forward artillery. I shot at a crewship once and it did a 100k red crit, but it didn't blow up the crewship. IIRC, it didn't even take any health off the red diamond indicator. I have only used it once because I assumed it was bugged and prefer to manually destroy crewships with archwing sling shot or manual boarding because it doesn't cost resources. Also, I have gotten stuck in the archwing sling shot before and I couldn't get out except by using the tactical pop-up and using transference to get out of the bug. However, after I got out of the bug/stuck, the archwing sling shot wouldn't work for anybody, because the game probably thought it was still occupied. To purge this bugged state, I had to reform the group. Relaunching from dojo to another mission didn't fix it. As I'm sure you probably know from multiple other things. Having any crew off the ship (possibly dead and out of revives) while navigating causes bugs. The railjack won't launch until that person leaves the squad and sometimes, that isn't viable as it *could* be the host. Additionally, it is frequent in Veil Proxima to have objectives not display the yellow marker so players actually have to fly around in archwing and manually check possible locations. Intentional or not, there are some turrets that shoot missiles at the railjack that take 0 damage and are invulnerable to attack. It was on one of the objective bases and I'm not sure if it's intentional or bugged.
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