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  1. Aesthetically this may bug you, but it will probably never get "fixed" (as investing work hours into other problems pays off more). Unintended, but works. I'd rather see all the game breaking bugs sorted out that force the player to alt+f4 and that will happen more likely if employees aren't overwhelmed with low priority issues like this.
  2. You missed something on parazon and it remains unpredictable. Heavy units still immune to (mercy) finishers by performing knockdown, flapping arms by being on fire. Undocumented change: no longer able to throw multiple Exodia Contagion projectiles before landing. Why did you kill this? There is no balance reason, it just made the arcane more dull by being monotonous and overall less fun. Various melee weapons can't perform finishers on certain enemies, which would be normal but it varies from weapon to weapon. Fatal Teleport is unenjoyable, more so as a client. Railjack ships the usual game breaking bugs, mission vote traps, infinite travel time, forever stuck UI, missing objective markers, etc. Can lose control of character when picking up something (like datamass) for entire mission. No abilities, no transference, no guns, no melee, no archgun, nothing. I was on an Earth tileset with no chasm to jump down and no way to die. Still can't start Isolation bounties outside the Necralisk and support denied help from me. So step up, please.
  3. I kinda agree, all I'm saying is their best might be not enough.
  4. Wow, I never imagined you would agree. I guess we hope for the best. Seeing my clanmates once per year because they can not let all their invested time go is quite depressing as it is.
  5. I can estimate it, yes. And do you realize that a well organized software development team does not see much impact from home office? I don't give squat about marketing, I only care about the quality of a product. And that's at the same level as old WoW private servers, it was the last time I saw these many critical bugs, but if that wasn't enough DE has a knack of breaking stuff they fixed a few patches ago. Like it or not, they can't code well and it seems they like to ignore guidelines (they intertwine) see today's patch announcement: "Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.108 is coming in 1 minute! Fixed Point of Interest/Loot Dungeons handing out the same rewards when running consecutive Railjack missions without returning to the Dojo in between. It's like those 'Participation Ribbons' you've been gettign your whole life.". So the excuse worked for 8 years. But it became popular and made top 50. I think they either got to step up their game or their garage project will return where it belongs. I'm complaining in the hopes of being heard, getting changes so that I won't have to abandon this game.
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