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  1. I kinda agree, all I'm saying is their best might be not enough.
  2. Wow, I never imagined you would agree. I guess we hope for the best. Seeing my clanmates once per year because they can not let all their invested time go is quite depressing as it is.
  3. I can estimate it, yes. And do you realize that a well organized software development team does not see much impact from home office? I don't give squat about marketing, I only care about the quality of a product. And that's at the same level as old WoW private servers, it was the last time I saw these many critical bugs, but if that wasn't enough DE has a knack of breaking stuff they fixed a few patches ago. Like it or not, they can't code well and it seems they like to ignore guidelines (they intertwine) see today's patch announcement: "Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.108 is
  4. Since we can no longer hope in quality content, this is all what's left.
  5. *looks at the 5 year old game breaking bugs still present in the game* Yeah, not happening, bro.
  6. There's a general lag in all and every aspect of the game since the last major version iirc, even transference as the host.
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