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  1. Is anyone else experiencing a bug which doesn't spawn the focus yellow snowflake thingy? I've no idea what happened. Was in PoE, did a sortie and nothing. No prompt for focus farming. Only thing I did was to Aura Forma Nekros Prime and forma the Zaw I just made. After that, poof! No prompts for focus. So far tried to use Nekros Prime (Madurai), Loki Prime (Zenurik). I've restarted the game but still no change. Help! Edit: Right. I've hit a cap. Haven't done that before so I'm surprised :)
  2. Very unpleasant to hear about Itzal's possible nerf. It's fun. This game is supposed to be fun. I have fun with Itzal. I get so confused with some of these changes. Steve will say something like: "We like you to have fun.", or "This game is a power fantasy." and then you folks proceed (in certain places) to take away the fun or the power.
  3. For what it's worth, I love your jokes, Steve. Peace.
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