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  1. Well, if they only have 5 hours left, I wouldnt have much hope for today's release. See you on Steve's stream tomorrow.
  2. Dont mind me, I'm just reading the thread like:
  3. I started playing TQ last week when they said they might release the update. I finished the Greek part, now I'm in Egypt and I really take my time with it. I almost finished it yesterday. By the time DE releases this update so I can play Warframe, I will finish Ragnarok. 🤗
  4. Doubt we will get the update today. Tomorrow is more realistic, and I'm honestly hyped for it.
  5. Any news about Tennogen 16? Will it come shortly after this update?
  6. I'm not really the befriending type, so I doubt I will get anything, but I sure will going to give the few people I have something, especially since one of them is too young to be able to purchase anything in Warframe. Happy Tennobaum!
  7. You guys really do hate Ember's Deluxe...
  8. Please, update the avatars as well. The latest designer glyphs are missing, I'm using the Lotus one. Thanksie! 😺
  9. They were on a holiday in Europe, atleast Reb was. Since she's a key figure in every devstream, not least the community director at DE, they couldn't do it.
  10. Can't login either, hope to see it fixed asap.
  11. I'm on it, the new Relay will look nice judging from the image. I don't really care about rewards, just let me Fashionframe on the Relay once it's done. 😺
  12. Did you guys really not fix the black glitches all over the Plains? It was literally posted multiple times in Feedback and Bugs forums.
  13. At one point the plat messages stopped, I tried to write it too to see why they stopped and it said it's against moderator settings. Not sure what that means, but not long after people started spamming plat again. 😄 I honestly enjoyed the stream, we got to see some Venus action, and Spacemom's glorious aiming skills. P.S.: New to the forum so hopefully I dont mess up the editing tool.
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