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  1. Whenever I play Index since the Rising Tide update, we always meet the problem that the timer shows 100+ seconds at worst, but the Index match still ends. Even if we have way more points than the brokers. Because of this bug, we can't get to 75+ points or 100, which means we don't get the credit reward. Quite annoying considering we need millions for Railjack.

  2. After the mission ends and I get back to the orbiter, I can hear me moving around on the ship, but it's just a pitch black screen. I have to restart the game in order to fix the issue. It doesn't happen a lot of times, but it does happen and that's the problem.

  3. What annoys me the most is that if you use the abilities a few times, Immolation maxes out in a second, making it impossible to maintain and balance in a desired level. You can spam 3 all you want, but the moment she finishes the casting animation, your Immolation meter is once again maxed.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Skaleek said:

    Yes i think they need to take a look at gunblades again. I'm sure they will. It's been brought up quite a few times about how clunky they feel to use in comparison to their old incarnation. Just take it easy and try to be constructive while the feedback rolls in, yeah?

    I know it can be hard to get your favourite toy gutted or ripped up, but its an important time right now. If these things dont get fixed at their inception/very early on in their release, its very likely DE will leave it for years until one of their signature 'reworks'.

    Spin2win was going away. Everyone knew it from the day people started doing it (many years ago). It just took a while, and people got comfortable.

    The problem is not that spin2win went away. The problem is that many meele weapon that was amazing before the update is almost useless now. I really hope DE is actually reading the feedbacks and makes changes in future hotfixes, because the nerfs are really not balanced. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, LSG501 said:

    likely because your mr3 brought the value of the wolf down to around level 20 (his level is based on squad and level you're in).... he's fairly easy to kill at lower levels, it's his scaling at higher levels which can cause struggles with the time it takes.

    He spawned in higher levels as well when I was in a full squad of several MR higher than me (Im MR13, the rest was between 16 and 23). We got him down quick as well. I was with my squishy mag and my polearm zaw that, I admit, does insane amount of damage to any enemy, so maybe thats why I find him easy.

  6. Heyo!


    I'm not sure if it was reported already, but the Successor Tennogen Talons revert back into the default skin once I join a mission. It might have been like this from the start, but I honestly only noticed it after the latest update.


    On mission:



    Not on mission:



    Edit: Seems like the Talon Successor skin only works, when I'm a host, otherwise (as a client) the skin still reverts back to default.

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