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  1. I have some from all breeds, including regular hyacinths, hybrids, and pure vasca appearances (referred to as Naberus/Maned/Spiked in order of head/body/tail). When buying, you will receive 2 imprints of the kavat and it will be taken off the sales list, I do NOT sell copies as I feel it detracts from the uniqueness. All extra imprints will be/already have been mixed into my other projects. If you'd like to negotiate on prices or work out a discount for multiple purchases, feel free to drop me a message! At the moment I have a pair of gorgeous solid regor twins with beautiful cyan energy. Prices are as listed for the individual twins, or if you'd like to give them both a home, you can take both for 1800p! Smeetas: Apple (sibling to Beet): Beet (will be printed on request, sibling to Apple): Cherry Tomato (Please note that ONLY this cat is not a unique set, a collector has opted to purchase a copy of prints at reduced price. I am selling only one other copy of the cat, and prices have been dropped drastically as it is no longer unique. Come pick up a fantastic deal if you're okay with that!): Sorrel: See twins above 🙂 Adarzas: See twins above 🙂 Vascas: Chives: Vasca not red (Vasca with Hyacinth appearance), prints on request: Amanita (NOT a solid, triple executioner grey with red energy) - 250p: Kubrows: Huras purple/navy/purple 1.6k
  2. Randomly guessing the first rune of your Lich will jam your progress. I got lucky earlier, guessed the first rune, next thrall kill my bar showed 2 rings (second rune). Great, except as I kept going I noticed that it was not progressing at all. Restarting the game seemed to fix this and it's now increasing again, but 1. it seems to be moving very very slowly for the second one, more like at the speed of the 3rd, and 2. the bar filling animation is not playing, it's just a static image that's marginally more full.
  3. New thing that happened today? He spawned in the ceiling. Corpus ship tileset. You can see his shadow near where the crosshairs are, he was just totally stuck in there, could not get him out for the life of me.
  4. Killed my first Kuva Lich for the weapon, a few missions later he spawned as an ally. Weird bug I thought, sure. except that he forcibly removed my teammate from the mission and essentially replaced them. Him spawning: -caused both my game and my teammate's (husband, closed group of only us 2) game to freeze -forced a host migration where he was removed from my group (I was hosting) This has happened 3 times today on the following nodes and situations: -Marduk, on the way to extraction -POE, midway through the Hydrolyst (the most infuriating one) -Kuva flood on Eris as the last braid died (Husband managed to reconnect, but only received the relic and none of the other mission rewards like kuva/drops) As much as I like the Liches, and will convert some in future, I like my husband a lot more so I'd really like at least the host migrate issue to be fixed.
  5. I'm looking to sell a variety of beautiful natural solids, if you're interested in buying multiple kavats, drop me a message and we can work out a deal 🙂 All listed prices are for both imprints.
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