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  1. As the tittle says, trying to claim and name a companion from the app just results in a "cannot have profanity in the name" error. This occurs regardless, even if there is nothing vulgar in the name, for example, 'blue' or 'green' or 'kitty' or even just a single letter. All the names are accepted in the game itself and pets can be claimed in game, so this is probably something to do with the app coding in particular. Might be something to look into fixing eventually, thanks!
  2. Gender is random, just so you're aware. If you want a specific gender, you can rebreed (imprint the adult cat, incubate using same imprints) until you get the gender you want.
  3. Hi! Looking to sell various kitty imprints. Please drop me a message on discord (Cari#2303) as I tend to be afk in game (or if you message me in game I'll get back to you asap) if you're interested in any of these (Australian timezone, GMT+10). Here is a quick list, images are below, some more to come 🙂 All prices listed are for both imprints. I am currently interested in buying or trading imprints for: Tuft/guppy with regor green in at least 1 slot. Cyan/White/Silver energy is a major plus. Smeeta: Egg: Tomato: Eggo: Sold! Milkshake: Kool aid: Adarza: Tuna: Chocolate: Nerds: Dragonfruit: Sauce: Sold! clones: Thyme:
  4. I've had this happen a lot (I do kavat breeding) what usually works is just restarting the game, it's a pain in the ass, but it lets you claim the imprints or pet until they fix the issue. Hope that helps.
  5. Having this happen to me currently, this isn't the first time. Fist encountered this issue two days ago, thought it was an issue on my end then. Hope there's a fix soon!
  6. You also have to have finished the quests before Simaris will sell the parts. This was intended to be for those who completed them then sold the frame/blueprints and had no way to attain the frame again aside from plat purchase. It's not a bypass for the quests themselves. If you've completed all the quests (eg. Limbo Theorem, The Silver Grove etc etc) then yeah, report it as a bug.
  7. Your first tuft/mermaid you can price 150-200 for the triple, its a common colour and not great tail but it is a triple, so use your own discretion. Your fennec arrow is regor green base, dragonlily pink secondary and accents, and executioner grey tertiary. 130-150p approx price bc of traits. Hope that's helpful!
  8. Maybe I'm a little extra salty because i used 2 formas 1-2 days before nightwave started and while I have lots, I have no plans to forma any of my builds. I would like to see this go too, it's just kinda unnecessarily annoying, MUCH less so with the catchup system now, but still a thing. I think the pool of challenges is large enough to not suffer from the removal of just these two, so hopefully that gets changed with the next full nightwave season.
  9. -finisher is also fine, if the weapon is for a frame that isn't finisher heavy like say Ash. Like previous people have said, it depends a lot on the weapon type to determine what is "best", and even then it can be variable.
  10. Enemies do drop cells, and Nekros is a good choice with despoil augment. I usually farm on Ceres or Saturn, do the dark sector defence infested survival (Gabii, Ceres or Piscinas, Saturn) because it has innate resource drop booster. RNG is a cruel mistress though, I have gone runs with 0 cells and then 10-20 cells the next run, so you gotta just keep at it. Some people also farm them off bosses on those planets, or Phorid if the invasion is on a planet that drops cells but I personally prefer to just do the dark sectors.
  11. In addition to the above: Terry (Eidolon Teralyst) also drops articula Nakak on cetus sells thumper floofs for POE resources Teasonai sometimes sells a caged condroc/kuaka for POE resources (daily rotating stock) Ticker in Fortuna also sells decoration items in exchange for debt bonds (also rotating stock) Baro sells a decoration item for a million credits (not guaranteed stock) You can place filled ayatan statues in the orbiter Sands of Inaros completion gives you a burial urn decoration (bought from Baro)
  12. As the title says, I'm looking to sell this beauty. He is a natural solid colour Adarza with a lovely appearance and pink energy. Due to the relative rarity of regor green (<4%) and the desirable traits, I'm asking for 1100 for him (both imprints), Please note, gender is not passed on through breeding, only coat colours and physical traits. I'm more than happy to negotiate prices, and I will consider mixed trades, especially for other double/triple coloured cats! If you're interested you can contact me on the forums or in game, I do live in Australia (GMT+10) but I'm sure we'll be able to sort things out 🙂
  13. Nyx and Rhino were just unvaulted very very recently (specifically mid-late last year), it's unlikely that we'll be seeing them again anytime soon. Because of the recent unvault though, prices for parts might still be on the lower end.
  14. At the moment in the app you can claim and craft stuff in the foundry (which is fantastic!), and you can preview companions and take them in/out of stasis. One thing you can't do though is to claim and start a new imprint. Not sure why that's not available to do, but it would be a really big quality of life improvement if that was implemented. Thanks!
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