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  1. Well, I checked again, apparently there's nothing on my twitch, for some reason, no drops in this "inventory" thing. In warframe no drops either. And I literally watched the whole thing... I even relinked the warframe to twitch. Upsetting to say the least, I was really exited for this one TennoCon/Live rewards-
  2. So, I have my twitch linked to my warframe, for years. And I never had any issue with the twitch drops until now. I literally watched the whole TennoCon and TennoLive, and no armor, no gunblade, and most importantly, no Loki Prime. I watched it all through, idk why I didn't get anything, and it's honestly upseting. Does anyone know any sort of way this can get sorted out?
  3. This and also the fish ephemera. We need it. (And maybe that canister with the hand trying to get out from the concept art, would be a cool nod to the undertow ability, keeping enemies inside a water canister)
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