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  1. Okay, so... as much as I like the team playing kinda thing, there's a big issue regarding kuva lich spawn in public missions. Since one person's lich can't spawn until the corrently lich is killed/converted or failed, it feels wrong that if a player simply chooses to ignore their lich we have to leave the squad if we want our own lich to spawn. . While I agree that we can't force people to do what they don't wanna do, it feels like we are being forced to play solo (which has a WAY LESS spawn rate for thralls) or leave the squad, potentially loosing our progress and rewards (like requiem relics and murmurs), because of players like that. That being said, there is some actions DE can do to prevent this from happening: Time limit: if the person who owns the lich don't attack it for 1~2 minute(s) it will automatically disappear. Solo thralls hunt: increase the spawn rate for thralls in solo missions, giving us an option to do those hunts and not having to deal with players that think only about themselves The lich system is a very fun thing to have in the game, but it can be a pain if we are matched with selfish people and we should not be punished by that (which is exactly how it feels right now, like we are being punished and forced to lose the work we had done).
  2. Ikr? I was already starting to have a little panic attack thinking my account was hacked or something lol
  3. Yeap happening to me too! I was trying to buy from baroo and it kept failing. Than I procceded to re-log in the game and now it wont accept the correct password.
  4. Yeah, same happening here. Hope they fix it soon 'cause the skin is so beautiful!
  5. Yeap, same happening to me. Ps.: sorry for the quality, I still can't figure out the proper way to upload images on this forum lol
  6. Thank god it's not my internet. I really can't handle any more frustration today :'( thank you for the heads up!
  7. So, earlier today I started to work again, but I only played like 2 missions. I'll try again later, but glad you found a solution, if it doesn't work I'll try that.
  8. So... I was trying to play earlier today and tried it again a few minutes ago and I kept having the same issues with matchmaking. Everytime I tried joining a random squad, like fissures, sortie and SO, it would start searching for it (which would take a while doing that), but it would never match and I would start alone. But, once I was in the mission, people seemed to be able to join me. Normaly this would not be a problem, but sometimes my internet gets all messed up and that can be a trouble for other players when I'm hosting, which is why I avoid doing it whenever I can. I would like to know what is happening, specially since I already did some tests and eveything was normal. You can check what I did below: Restarted the game; Restarted the PC; Restarted the internet; Changed regions ; Changed the ms limit (300, 400 and no limit); Checked if my internet was working (it is); Checked if the place was empty (it wasn't, once I tried entering the plains directly from navigation and it had more than 30 open squads, but it wouldn't match); Tried to change to solo than public again, same with invite and friend only; Deleted and created another session (that thing that happens everytime you open and close navigation); Opened another segment like froundry and then tried to join a squad (that was a clan mate idea, he said whenever he was having trouble to find a squad, it would be fine if he did that); Went to a relay (and dojo), back to orbiter an tried to find a squad; Tried to cancel the search and start it all over again The printscreen below is an example of how it would stay for a while and after almost a minute it would just start with only me in the squad. I really wanna know what is happening and what can I do to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes, please! It looks so amazing with Nidus Deluxe but the fact that it doesn't affect the syandana that comes with it is so weird :c
  10. Here's some feedback: remove the revives and take out those new rewards from the drop table. Just put them on the vitus store and done, it will be much better and actually worth playing.
  11. Sure, because everyone looooves Conclave and have nothing else to do in the game. If people actually enjoyed playing Conclave, it wouldn't be dead.
  12. You won't have to loose either if you can't even join. Conclave is dead, people should just face it already.
  13. Sure, for whoever is lucky enough to even find a match on conclave. Very fair, very " accessible"...
  14. So, if you're going to remove the universal medalion for conclave, you might aswell remove it from the game.'Cuz since one tweet is enough conversation for y'all, I think one coment here is too. I grinded a lot of my stuff with Vent Kids, Cetus and Fortuna. If I did, it's only fair that everyone does too, because that's the point in removing it from Conclave, right?
  15. The color in the game looks so baaad :c All my dark tones are ruined now and I used them in pretty much all of my stuff. The darker black availabie is just grey. Bring back the colors, everything is just dead now.
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