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  1. I think they're more determinated than patient haha It took me a lot of determination to stand a 6hr+ non-stop grinding for that Zetki Bulkhed.
  2. I'm serisouly thinking about waiting at this point. I've almost burned out from grinding stuff for railjack and I'm already getting tired from grinding the new PA (I curse that ivara chassis). It doesn't get less frustrating tho, because it looks like a fun weapon to use and I really like the concept, which is why I really wanted. I just hope it doesn't become something like the War components.
  3. I think I've used that thing too many times lol I'm always getting back there for something.
  4. Oh sorry, I think the way I said wasn't clear, my bad. I was trying to say that the game (inside of it) having it clear when it will spawn, we then can use those outside sources (if we wan't to) to keep track of it while we're not in game, i case you want to enter the game just for that. For example, I used to use warframe hub to keep an eye on bounties and stuff whenever I wanted to farm some relics and even for eidolon farm. It really helped me because I didn't had much time to play, so I could manage my time using it.
  5. Agreed, that would make things better since we can also use some sites to keep an eye on it. I'm glad they added the mark, but it's still quite annoying to keep a track on it.
  6. You have a good point there. We'll have to see how this whole thing plays out. It could start as a quest which unlocks the system or maybe the quest was this new one. Either way we'll only know for sure when it drops.
  7. Could be too. At this point it's all up in the air. There's is something about a spear, so... who knows.
  8. They stated - I think on tennocon - that this weapon would play a big part on New War. If it was just a weapon I wouldn't even bother rushing it haha But you see, you can only access the new quest with Paracesis, which means they could do something similar with Shedu. But they could have changed their minds about it and might be working on something different.
  9. Sure, because Ivara is the almighty savior. I'm done with you lol
  10. I did 6 runs today, all with khora + nekros + hydroid. No parts at all - mind you that we had drop booster on. Also a clannie did more than that and got only one part. But please, by all means, keep going.
  11. I agree with you that it will become easier, specially if we can go to a mission only to fight sentients (which is what I'm expecting to see with New War). But the whole point is that New War, as far as we know, is nowhere near to be released - not when Railjack needs so much attention as it needs now. So, why add a weapon that was long waited and very much talked about and lock it behind something that we will have to wait maybe months to actually get it? - which could very much be the case for casual players that don't have the time to be 24/7 waiting the anomalies or don't wanna buy it from other players. If Shedu was released with New War, I'd hardly have any problems with the farm, but it wasn't. Also they stated that this weapon will be very important in this new "chapter" of the history. So, unless they've changed their minds about that, some players might not be able to enjoy the content when it drops because some part of it might be locked behind having that weapon. This is an expeculation, or course, but it is a possibility.
  12. And that can happen. I've also been playing for a couple years and I didn't get that many blueprints - only dread ones. The thing is that a personal good experience can't be taken as the general experience. You'll probably find more people that had bad luck with rng when it comes to Stalker than people that had good luck.
  13. But the thing is, are we sure that there is a Tau System? As far as what was shown, the new sentient tileset is situated inside sentients ships. We know that with New War we might get more missions and probably will, but it is more likely to function like Kuva Fortress, a big ship flying around that have mission nodes we can complete (but maybe in railjack territory) or objectives inside railjack missions (like it is right now) than a new whole system. I don't doubt that with New War's release Shedu components farm will become easier, but we don't have a date for it yet. In fact, it was supposed to be shipped this year but it was delayed because it's still a work in progress. So, considering all this and the fact that I do respect everyone that has a different opinion that I have, I think you can see the frustration I have with how this is working right now.
  14. Are you tho? Because right now that sounds like "I got something easily, so that must be the general case", while in fact I see people getting the new weapons (Quellor and Pennant) way easier than they're getting Shedu components - either because you can access the boss anytime you want or because the weapon blueprint drop chance is more than 2x the drop chance for Shedu components. But okay, you're the guy who "has been playing warframe for a long time", so you must be right. :D For anyone that wants to know, it's a 10% chance to get a weapon blueprint for each one of the captains/commanders. You can find the drop table on: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html
  15. If the ships didn't have a 3hr cooldown to respawn, the drop chances wouldn't be much of a problem (at least for me, don't know about other people that share similar thoughts as the ones I stated in this post). It's not about having it now, but the system not being friendly to players that can't (or just won't) play 24/7. For example, nightwave was changed in a way that makes both dedicated and casual players more or less happy, I don't see why that couldn't be done with other stuff too. Imagine yourself getting hyped about something that is available in the game and other playes are getting it, but you can't get it because it's locked behind RNG that it's locked behind another RNG. This is - as least - frustrating. Also there is a disconect between the cooldown and the timeframe for the farm. 3hr cooldown for 30min playable time, with missions that could take 20min+ depending on the crew you have. So unless you have dedicated friends that could help you do the mission super fast, you'll probably run twice (max) every 3 hours. Ps.: I know that they added the mark but so far I haven't seen it. As for the cooldown, they didn't said anything about it, so I'm assuming it's still the same. If they changed I apologize and hope someone can share here in this post. Could very much be like that, but how long is it gonna take for it to happen? For example, the only reason I got to do the quest was because a clan mate shared with the clan the location of the ship few minutes before the cooldown started. During the mission, I found a single Symbilyst in the whole thing, which means I had one chance to get a drop that is 4% chance. Considering the hype that was made behind the arm-cannon and it finally coming on the game, I think you can see why its frustrating when we don't have any idea of when New War is coming with the new tileset. Yeah and I think Stalker is a broken and wasted system. I got all the weapons pretty quickly, but I too know people that still haven't got some of them. I was hopping that with Stalker Mode that would change since it could lead to a more frequently appearance which could potentially give players more chances to get the weapons, but seems like that project is lost in limbo now. We'll have to see if New War will bring anything new for Stalker - I hope it does. I got Pennant in my second run. That doesn't actually mean anything, since RNG is a gamble. Someone getting something fast is not a rule, it's most likely the exception (just see the stalker discussion going on in this same post). To be 100% honest, I'm more frustrated about the quest itself being hide in RNG than the drops. The weapon components are just the cherry on top of the big pile of frustration I had and have with this update.
  16. Please fix imperator reload bug! Enemy ships are already fast enough for us to even deal with this reload speed bug.
  17. I think the Mimic Queen stuff is more like "she's the strongest of them all and lead them", while Erra's line implied some royal status. @FRTE_Ret5o
  18. Yes, it could be that too, but Natah was the queen like Erra stated, so by that logic she would be the mother. They said that the big sentient ship would be a live system, so I can also imagine that it would be the mother of all sentients, including Natah and Erra. This could also make sense with the trailer down bellow that a fellow tenno reminded us.
  19. Since that line is from the old war, I'd assume that by now her mother is reconstructed (which explains the "Mother, I'm coming home" from the start of what will become New War).
  20. I'll try to make this quick and clear. Not only the quest itself is locked behind RNG since you only have a 30min timeframe to find where it is before it enters a 3 hours cooldown to move to another node (acording to players), but the shedu components only drops from one of the new sentients and it's a 4% drop. I have to ask if no one at DE saw the problem behind this, because it just feels like they're mocking us right now. I don't mind the grind behind railjack components (weapons and stuff) because it's nothing that I'm not used to do specially since MMORPG basically works like this - and the gameplay itself is not that hard/exaustive, but there's a limit that should not be crossed. This needs to be fixed ASAP! But yeah, I know that only complaining isn't gonna do anything, so here's some sugestions I have: Sentient Ship Spawn Either lock the spawn to a single node or gives something that marks where it is currently; Reduce the cooldown to something similar to day/night on PoE, for example: 40min timeframe to farm - 30min coolddown before it goes to another node. This way casual players can actually do the content. Shedu Either make it drop from all the new sentients or increase the drop change for something between 10~15% (since the Symbilysts don't appear that often). I get that with New War we'll probably have more chances to find those sentients, but I see no point to adding the weapon in the game if you're going to make it almost impossible to get and we don't have any idea of when New War is actually coming.
  21. Its fixed actually, I didnt get anymore after yestrday's hotfix.
  22. So, I tried looking up about this and didn't find anything, so I assume it's a bug since it's not mentioned anywhere (at least that I could find). Sometimes when I'm running railjack missions and I use my operator, I'll get a 3 seconds cooldown 'till I can use it again, which means I can't press 5, void dash for zenurik energy and quickly comeback to my warframe to continue what I was doing. This is seriously annoying, specially when I'm invading the crewships and I need some energy or heal and my operator will be insta killed since I can't go back to my warframe fast enough because of the cooldown, leading me to have a hp penalty on my warframe and sometimes dying becuse of it. I really wanna know what's this about. Hopefully someone here will have the answer. Thanks in advance!
  23. Okay, so... as much as I like the team playing kinda thing, there's a big issue regarding kuva lich spawn in public missions. Since one person's lich can't spawn until the corrently lich is killed/converted or failed, it feels wrong that if a player simply chooses to ignore their lich we have to leave the squad if we want our own lich to spawn. . While I agree that we can't force people to do what they don't wanna do, it feels like we are being forced to play solo (which has a WAY LESS spawn rate for thralls) or leave the squad, potentially loosing our progress and rewards (like requiem relics and murmurs), because of players like that. That being said, there is some actions DE can do to prevent this from happening: Time limit: if the person who owns the lich don't attack it for 1~2 minute(s) it will automatically disappear. Solo thralls hunt: increase the spawn rate for thralls in solo missions, giving us an option to do those hunts and not having to deal with players that think only about themselves The lich system is a very fun thing to have in the game, but it can be a pain if we are matched with selfish people and we should not be punished by that (which is exactly how it feels right now, like we are being punished and forced to lose the work we had done).
  24. Thank god it's not my internet. I really can't handle any more frustration today :'( thank you for the heads up!
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