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  1. I can confirm you did indeed get 3 Scintillant. The Inbox message on Console doesn't properly indicate multiples - working on a UI fix for that.
  2. The Twitch Drop fix for PC has been deployed with Hotfix 30.1.1. Please relog to receive your Inbox - if you do not receive it right away check back in ~5 minutes as it may take a moment to fulfill the backlog.
  3. Call of the Tempestarii: TennoGen: Hotfix 30.1.1 Railjack Changes & Fixes: Added the Nautilus Blueprint and Components to Rotation B and C of Corpus Railjack Defense on Neptune. This was added to give endless-mission minded players a way to acquire the Sentinel without having to only do non-endless missions. Changed how Fire Hazards impact Railjack Armaments: instead of making Forward Artillery and Ordnance require 2 charges per shot they now lock-on at half-speed. Regular Turrets are left unchanged with Heat Accretion cool down being h
  4. The fix has been integrated and will deploy with our next PC Hotfix, as this only affected PC users, which could be as soon as this week. I will update this thread again after the Hotfix is deployed. We'll be monitoring to ensure that once the Hotfix is out that players receive their Drop as indicated. Thank you!
  5. Hello! We've found the backend culprit that has plugged up the Drop pipeline and are actively looking to resolve this Twitch Drop issue. Once we have resolved, everyone who has claimed on Twitch and is waiting for the Drop to be fulfilled will receive it. I will update this post once we've resolved - thanks!
  6. Thanks for tuning in! See you tomorrow for Devstream #154!
  7. Call of the Tempestarii: TennoGen: Update 30.1.0 TENNOGEN ROUND 20: PART 1 TennoGen Round 20: Part 1 brings you 15 stunning new items - featuring our first-ever Protea, Grendel and Revenant Skins! Launch Warframe through Steam to purchase and support your TennoGen artists - they receive 30% of each sale! WARFRAME SKINS Baruuk Shiraan Skin by Lubox Grendel Moloch Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus. Inaros Ozymandias Skin by matzan481 Nidus Technocyst Skin by Master Noob Octavia Youkai Skin by
  8. Hello Tenno! We received reports that the TennoCon Digital Pack was incorrectly providing 475 “Free” Platinum (untradable) instead of the intended 475 “Paid” Platinum. We have since fixed this for future purchases. In addition, we have just run a script that will convert the TennoCon 2021 Digital Pack 475 Platinum to the proper “Paid” type, allowing you to Trade it as you please! If you’ve already spent the 475 Platinum or parts of it, the remaining balance will be corrected. Apologies for the mix up!
  9. We've reproduced this issue and are looking for a fix - stay tuned and thanks for reporting!
  10. We have reproduced this issue and resolved it! The fix requires a Cert build to deploy - we're working on that build now!
  11. Hello! We're trying to reproduce this issue on our end and could use some more information from those experiencing this. What specific settings are you changing (if any) We have tried turning off Auto-HDR through managing the game in the library, but if there's another way please let us know! What changes are you seeing before that you're no longer seeing to indicate you're playing in SDR only Are you using a 4K TV Thank you for your help!
  12. XBOX Prime Vault: Zephyr & Chroma Prime: Hotfix #5 Fixes: Corrected French localization for Prime Vault: Zephyr Prime Accessories reading Armure Tibor Prime instead of Armure Imugi Prime. Known Issues: Wreckage Markers persisting and Zekti Component Wreckage unable to be picked up. We have resolved the issue of being unable to pick up Zekti Component Wreckage from Gox units on Playstation - a data fix that we were able to push through faster there. Results have shown success with picking up Wreckage, so we are looking to pus
  13. Call of the Tempestarii: Prime Vault: Hotfix is now live! Fixes: Fixed inability to complete the Heart of Deimos Quest due to no enemies spawning. Fixed script errors that could occur in Cambion Drift Hive encounters.
  14. XBOX Prime Vault: Zephyr & Chroma Prime Zephyr & Chroma Prime Vault Take to the skies and unleash the full power of the elements! Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime return to the Origin System along with their signature Weapons and Customizations for a limited time. Zephyr Prime, Chroma Prime, Tiberon Prime, Kronen Prime, Rubico Prime, and Gram Prime Relics have been added to the drop tables! These Relics have replaced the Banshee and Mirage Relics in the drop tables, Bounties, and Relic Packs. Zephyr and Chroma Prime Blueprints and components h
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