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  1. +1. I fully agree with OP and have had the same experience.
  2. I'll have to wait and try this out to see how it actually affects damage in practice. Currently the weapon is weak, so thanks for attempting to buff it. You didn't do anything for the Ghoul Rush combo though? So that's still going to be just as bad as it is currently... I'd also really like some additional changes besides just damage, such as increasing the hitbox range of the Ghoul Rush combo, and letting us ride on the ghoulsaw with Rip 'n Ride for as long as we want.
  3. I agree. I just want to use it on my Rhino, but it never seems to activate because of Iron Skin. Feels bad man. Changing it to "on kill" would be fine. But really, at this point in the game, with all the flashy ephemeras and wings and sparkling syandanas, they might as well just let it be active all the time. I don't see why it needs to have some special condition.
  4. I just thought I'd make a post to point something out, as I haven't seen anybody else discuss this yet. We recently got Galvanized mods and new Merciless, Dexterity, and Deadhead mods added to the game. These mods have increased the total possible amount of base damage for guns, and made it easier to get that base damage. People are aware that this has diminished the value of mods such as Serration or Hornet Strike, as well as riven mods with the base damage bonus. What I haven't seen anybody discuss is that this also diminishes the value of Chroma's Vex Armor, as that also acts as base damage for weapons. I've done some calculations personally and they suggest that Vex Armor is now roughly half as effective as it was for damage. The exact number will depend on your weapon build and power strength, but regardless, it is a significant loss in ability power. Chroma's already been in need of tuning for a while. Vex Armor is a pain to build, a pain to maintain, and is easily wiped out by resets or nullifiers. His first and fourth ability are both fairly useless. This new issue further adds to the problem. By no means is Chroma terrible — there are much worse frames in the game, like Hydroid. But still I'd like to get some eyeballs on this issue.
  5. I wonder if part of the reason for the low stats is because it's been in the works for years and years and years. Maybe before the melee 2.999999 changes when all the melee weapon stats got buffed? It's probably using low stats based on an old system because they forgot / didn't think about it, like usual. Either way, I want it to be buffed. It's such an awesome looking and unique weapon that would be fun to use if it was effective. Buff its stats, buff its hitboxes, massively increase the number of ticks, and let us ride on it continuously.
  6. I agree with you about the head spinning being awful. I wish they'd change it. I also agree with you that giving feedback is pointless. I used to be optimistic and enthusiastic about it, but over time I've learned that they don't care and it's really a waste of your time, physical energy, and mental energy. They won't listen and nothing will change.
  7. Agreed. Separate button for Melee Heavy Attack, which pulls out the melee weapon if it isn't already out and then immediately uses the heavy attack. Separate button for Gun Alt Fire, which pulls out the gun if it isn't already out and then immediately uses the alt fire. They should also let us hold the regular melee button to attack continuously, instead of causing injury to players by forcing them to mash the key repeatedly, or otherwise forcing players to use auto-fire macros.
  8. Agreed. It really should let you ride forever. That would be fantastic.
  9. Same reason we still have these awful restrictions with archguns (cooldown, reduced aim glide, no melee), as well as no arcanes, no exilus mods, no Galvanized mods. They forget they exist / don't care about them.
  10. No feedback is worth posting. DE won't care nor listen.
  11. I really hope this thing gets buffed in stats and altered in combos somehow. I was looking forward to it a lot. But I don't expect much from DE. Melee stances and animations are almost all terrible and they made a lot of them even worse last time they did a rework.
  12. I'd like an update on this. I was really looking forward to it when they first announced they were doing this. However, I think they've just given up on the idea. They let us use them in Railjack missions and that's probably all we're going to get.
  13. Same issue here. Really affects my mobility.
  14. I noticed this and was wondering if it was my imagination or not. Guess it's real since you're posting about it. Please fix.
  15. I'd like more loadout slots. But more importantly, I want the system to be changed so they're loaded and saved separately. Other games work that way. The problem with the current system is that you can't make temporary experimental changes without permanently altering the loadout, so you then have to remember to go back and undo them later. The system would be a lot more intuitive and easy to use if you had one button to save a loadout, and another button to load the loadout.
  16. As the title says: Enemy health bars do not show when enemies have the Lifted status. Tested using a Pennant two-handed nikana with heavy attacks. This is very frustrating as it makes it difficult to tell if the attack was enough to kill the enemies or how much health the attack is taking off.
  17. Agreed. But just for your information, a single sword with no stance also behaves similarly. It takes a lot of Forma since you lose mod capacity by having no stance, but it's another good option.
  18. I strongly agree. At the very least, remove it in Defense. Hydron is a popular grinding node and it has what appears to be a very small map. And yet if you move away towards the corners to clean up mobs in this "search and destroy" game mode you lose affinity, unless you pop a Fosfor. I find that absolutely ridiculous, and it encourages leeching because you get better affinity just sitting around in the middle of the map instead of roaming and killing. The same goes with Sanctuary Onslaught. I didn't read the whole thread, but I skimmed through it and I see people disagreeing because it would apparently encourage leeching. Maybe in Survival, but not in these single-room search and destroy modes. It's actually the opposite, with the current affinity range system encouraging leeching because players are afraid to step away from the middle and lose affinity. The enemies are not in the middle; they're hidden around the edges of the arena, walking incredibly slowly towards the objective and/or getting stuck on things. Generally you need to step away from the middle in order to contribute to the objective, but doing so sacrifices affinity. I see it 100% of the time in Hydron and ESO runs. Affinity range is so incredibly stupid. It's quite possibly one of the worst things in this game, and there are many bad things in this game.
  19. I support this. Probably not the Reach mods though.
  20. Is it intended that you can't aim and shoot directly down while riding Merulina?
  21. Invigorations was a bad idea. It's not good for the game.
  22. Oberon's a beast. Overwrite his fourth ability with Roar, and use both the Phoenix Renewal and Smite Infusion augments. High power strength and Hunter Adrenaline. He's super tanky, great support, great damage.
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