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  1. It affects enemies on sight only. She has 3rd ability for CC. WoF is still better. But buff it with current rework, the spreading thing.
  2. Why World on Fire has to go..? WHY..?!.. My poor Ember... I love that ability. It's her signature. It has to stay. As for the lost of energy when overheat, I don't know, man... it's just too punishing and not fun. Why not just make it so we can cast her ultimate only when overheat, consuming the heat. And if we don't cast 4th ability when overheat, it will consume energy. For her ultimate, it has to be World on Fire with some buff from the rework.
  3. My one and only favorite is Excalibur. But I have fun with all frames.
  4. Riven is a luxury item and sometimes a useless item. Either you grind hard to get god tier, or buy it. I don't see any problem with its system.
  5. they're twins. Just like scarlet witch and quicksilver.
  6. I'm sure you have unlimited supply of ice cream.
  7. This is the only game that I happily spend money to. More than spending money to buy new games even. One tier 3 prime access is more expensive than AAA game price. But I'm happy.
  8. Definitely will buy the accessories.
  9. But I prefer them being siblings or twins than scientifically related in real life.
  10. My genuine fun, I just play any missions I want while leveling. Void fissure, farm for vaulted relics in The Void, anything. Sure it will take longer, but it's fun. Yes, leveling in Helene/Hydron or SO/ESO is boring. That's why I don't do that, except if I want to level up faster while focus farming. I forma my equipment when I need to. That's why I don't do leveling that much. When I get bored and have nothing to do, I just do fashion frame and take some pictures in captura, or just shut down my PC and go to sleep. Any fun game mode in any game if you play over and over and over, will be boring. Take a break, do other things, and get back when you missed it. That's just my genuine fun.
  11. Gauss Mag helmet, Mag Gauss helmet... Are they siblings?
  12. then, can we call the warframe Gilgamesh?
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