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  1. So what exactly do you want? 1000 platinum? smh So, you're special?
  2. I'm so happy with Wisp. One of the best frames out there. But, can we have custom animation for her melee? Make her floating or something.
  3. this happens to me also. Several times. I don't know what triggers this bug. Keyboard doesn't work, controller doesn't work.
  4. even the mastery rank for kogake is gone
  5. so it's not just me. From 27 down to 26. The problem is kogake
  6. Enabled 2FA, no Fae Path Ephemera in my inbox... is it supposed to be available now or after the update?
  7. So, it's server issue... I don't have mains, so I use any warframe depends on my mood. Basically there's no warframe i never use. Maybe except Wukong, Harrow, Nezha, Atlas because those frames are not in any loadout. My loadout is every warframe has spesific task for missions on A B C build. Like my Inaros has build for Corpus, Grineer, and Eidolon. Or my Mag Prime has builds for strength, duration, balance. So I can use whatever warframe for whatever missions. That's why I want every one of them to be in a loadout slot. It's my preference. I want to use any warframe with set of weapons anytime without having to go inside a loadout and equip something again... And for articula.
  8. I maxed out my extra loadout slot.. But why there's a cap for extra loadout slot? I would love to have every warframe in loadout. Please add more extra loadout slot... but don't make it unlimited. Add an extra loadout slot when there's a new warframe released (normal version. Prime version doesn't need to add more extra slot). Sorry for my bad english.
  9. oh man.. i would never bring another warframe beside inaros to arbi now.. this revive thing is not fun...
  10. I knew it was going to be Loki Prime. Only need Loki Prime systems, Bo Prime, and Wyrm Prime components. At last.. I can complete my prime collection
  11. Oh no no no no... permadeath is the main attraction of arbitration. The only thing that annoys me is the duration. 10 mins survival for a reward is too long and boring. Please just rework the duration and let everything else as is.
  12. it's cool... But what I really want is just infinite extra loadout slot. One loadout for every warfame would've been great.
  13. i hope the next one would be Loki Prime.
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